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Zhytomyr Regional Museum

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
4.3 / 71
The Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local Lore is a good place to visit, but its exhibition is small. There may not be enough space to accommodate all the exhibits. The museum building itself is beautiful and has an ancient appearance.__However, one of the reviews indicates that nowhere was it stated that vaccination was required to visit the museum, which led to a loss of time for the visitor. This should be taken into account when planning a visit.__Most visitors liked the atmosphere of the museum, its tranquility and attractiveness. The museum staff has an excellent knowledge of the history of paintings and minerals, as well as their desire to share this knowledge with guests.__The museum consists of two floors. The first floor consists of several rooms dedicated to modern and ancient fauna. The second floor includes exhibitions of Ukrainian embroidery and paintings by foreign artists. Particular attention should be paid to the hall with paintings, which, according to reviews, deserves special attention.__The museum is recommended for visiting, especially the second floor with paintings. There, visitors note the staff's attention to the paintings and the opportunity to play spies. There is also a cheerful atmosphere when visiting in a group. Visitors consider the museum a cool place and recommend not to pass by it.__One of the reviews notes that in addition to the local history museum, there is an art museum in the same building.__The museum is characterized as small, but with an interesting exhibition. The funny facial expressions of the stuffed animals are noted, which arouse interest. The exhibition of the museum of fine arts on the second floor is assessed as small, but each visitor may like it differently.__The museum staff is attentive and responsive to visitors, which causes positive reviews.__In general, the Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local Lore is considered an interesting and educational place for a visit, offering the opportunity to learn about the history of the Zhytomyr region and enjoy works of art.
Address:Zamkova Square, 1, Zhytomyr
Phone:+380 412 470 656



Today, the museum is located in the premises that belonged to the Church of Saint Sophia. Until about 1965, the museum was located on the corner of Olzhycha and Starovilska Streets (a two-story red brick building). The Soviet names of streets Pakhome.. Read more »
The schedule is incorrect, please update. We came on a Sunday and it was closed. They drove in vain
Interesting exhibits, especially animals and birds, which live you will not see even in the zoo. Price 30 hryvnias
Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local Lore is a museum of local lore in the city of Zhytomyr, one of the oldest in Ukraine [1]. As a branch, it includes a number of other museum institutions of the regional center and the region. The central building is .. Read more »
A small museum, you can visit once, but the toilet for visitors for some reason in the basement, where you have to go through the second floor. During the visit to the museum, the newlyweds were photographed in the painting hall, which made it a litt.. Read more »
I liked it very much Nice atmosphere and peace Beautiful women who will gladly tell the story of paintings and minerals There are not many such museums left in Zhytomyr Go before it closes
Overall impression: friendly staff, even without a tour, explain to you where to go. Adult ticket - 30 hryvnias, you can take photos on your phone for free. The museum itself is somewhat different from other local history museums where I have been. .. Read more »
Great place for a cultural holiday. Unfortunately without a mammoth ?
The museum consists of 2 floors. The first floor consists of several rooms and is dedicated to the modern animal world with stuffed animals, mammals and the remains of ancient animals. On the second floor, there are all kinds of original Ukrainian em.. Read more »
If you are a connoisseur of paintings, it is worth a visit. People are friendly, despite the fact that I came in an hour before closing.
A small museum with an interesting display. I have not seen so many stuffed animals with "stoned" expressions anywhere else))). In general, this is even funny. On the second floor, one wing is set aside for the Museum of Fine Arts, the expo.. Read more »
Hello. Today we are going on excursions with children. I liked everything very much. The tour guide is very pleasant. Thank you
The Episcopal House (Museum of Local Lore now) was built in 1909 and stolen by the Soviets in 1919. Since independence, the authorities have been in no hurry to return the stolen premises.
Good collection of paintings. The historical exposition is small, as for a museum in the regional center, even modest. A palpable master's hand - no dust, every thing in the right place, glasses in a row, stuffed animals of the 1930s are as well.. Read more »
Very interesting museum. A large collection of paintings, as well as exhibited everything that used to be in the Natural History Museum. Friendly staff, very few visitors. If you are with a child, the exhibits of animals, birds and insects will defin.. Read more »
I want the staff to be more polite. There is a not very nice person sitting at the box office, who can spoil your mood at the entrance to the museum. Also, the staff does not really understand their pricing policy, some said that the photo is include.. Read more »
There are 3 halls, if not more, very interesting and informative, from insects to large animals. There is a hall with paintings, but it has a very creaking parquet, it was really stressful.
The exposition is small. I really liked the gallery of paintings on the second floor. Now the ticket costs 30 hryvnias. If you want to take pictures, you will have to pay another 10. For your money - very much. I highly recommend it to those who do w.. Read more »
Cool place. Workers are very polite and will always tell you if you have questions. The museum itself is small, nothing more. On the second floor is an art gallery. The facade of the building was very pleased with the lack of air conditioning and oth.. Read more »
Surprisingly good art collection in 2nd floor and they really did a good restauration of the building (compared with the limited available funds).Also interesting exhibition about the history of the area around Zhytomir in 1st etage.Well worth a visi.. Read more »
I like it very much,epich architecture.
Great museum. See the photo. The museum closes at 17:15. Entrance fee for November 19, 2016 is "10 UAH." Separately paid photo shoot "20 UAH."