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If you think that Romania is completely a country overgrown with forests, in which, then, there are medieval castles here, surely inhabited by vampires, and there is nothing else in it, then you are deeply mistaken.

Modern Romania is a classic European state, in no way inferior to its map neighbors.

Of course, the country keeps in itself national legends about the mystical prince Dracula, and gloomy castles resting on the sky with its spiers also exist in it, but the Gothic component is not all Romania.

The majestic Bucharest boasts grandiose buildings of the Soviet era, small Transylvanian cities - the medieval history of the country. Numerous museums in Romania abound in picturesque, architectural and weapons collections. In the Carpathians there are ski resorts, on the Black Sea - places for a beach holiday.

Romanian shops are open from nine to six on weekdays. In major cities there are 24-hour markets. The main souvenirs of the country are numerous wines and handicrafts with a "Dracula theme."

Romanian cuisine is represented by dishes prepared on the basis of meat (sausages “michi”) or corn (“mamalyga”). Local cafes usually serve fruit tea, while plum tincture is served in bars.

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