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Belarus cannot be called the most popular country among tourists. However, this attitude can be considered unjustified. Of course, there is no sea here, but there are a lot of beautiful corners, historical places and comfortable resorts, hotels and pensions for travelers.

The nature of Belarus is beautiful. The cleanest lakes and rivers, deep forests, green fields - the country is simply created for green tourism and is actively developing this direction. The poles of a vacation trip to Belarus include very affordable prices. In comparison with Russia, there are very inexpensive products. You can rent a cottage on the shores of a quiet lake at very modest prices. In addition, the Belarusians themselves are a hospitable people who are always happy with the guests.

What you should do in Belarus is to go hunting or fishing, see one of the old castles, visit the famous Brest and wander along the modern streets of the center of Minsk. You can not forget about the local cuisine - it is worth trying traditional pancakes and local Zubrovka.

The architecture of the Belarusian capital is a combination of styles and eras. Streets and squares ..


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