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Bulgaria is a European country with a rich cultural heritage, warm sea, sandy beaches and picturesque mountain peaks. The mild climate makes it pleasant to relax here at almost any time of the year. And although sandy beaches are not so attractive in winter, ski resorts are able to give a good rest to both lovers of active pastime and lovers of natural beauty. More and more often, among our compatriots, Bulgaria is associated with an inexpensive, but high-quality vacation.

We should also talk about Bulgarian cuisine. Traditional cooking recipes here have their own unique national flavor. The presence of a large number of vegetables, fragrant spices and seasonings, fruits and cereals - without all this, it is impossible to imagine the traditional dishes of Bulgarian cuisine. In addition to sweet desserts, sheep’s cheese with a glass of red wine is also served as an appetizer.

There are many small private wineries in Bulgaria. Today there is even such a thing as wine tourism. Depending on the region you have chosen, you will be able to try one or another sort of wine. For example, on the coast there are good conditions for the growth of white grapes, and in the south of Bulgaria the Mavrud variety survives better. Developed infrastructure, high level of service, the presence of a large number of architectural monuments every year attract more tourists to this country. Most vacationers want to combine business with pleasure: boat trips and swimming in the sea with visits to interesting places. Bulgaria in this regard is simply an ideal option.

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