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Germany has always been considered a model of order and a truly European way of life. This country attracts tourists not with its sunny beaches or tropical islands, but with its rich history, numerous castles, interesting festivals and other cultural events.

In fact, how can you get past the largest country in Central Europe! In addition, the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) is a multifaceted state that includes the traditions and history of such areas as Saxony, Prussia, Bavaria ... It is clear that Berlin, as the capital of the country, claims the special attention of travelers, but experienced tourists are sure that Dresden and Cologne is much more beautiful and interesting in terms of attractions and historical significance.

What can not be missed in Germany? A bright Christmas celebration that turns the cities of this country into one big fair. The largest public festivities in the world are Oktoberfest, where fresh beer is poured by the river, and Munich signature white sausages, pork hams, fried chicken, stick fish and stewed cabbage are eaten in incredible quantities.

You can also visit the Love Parade, the noisy, stormy Walpurgis Night or Witches' Night, the Gothic Rock Festival, the Nibelungen Theater Festival in Worms and the sailing regatta in the city of Kiel, on the Baltic Sea. All of these are widely disseminated events gathering a ton of people every year. However, even quiet and provincial Germany has something to show its guests, because this country is the real center of Europe. We will talk about the most famous sights of Germany in this article.

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