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Arriving in this hospitable, vibrant, beautiful and so different country you understand - in Greece there really is everything! This country is rich in sights, is always glad to guests and is ready to offer many interesting things.

When going to Greece, think about what purpose you are traveling on. If you just sunbathe on the beach, you can pack your suitcase starting in May. The holiday season in subtropical Greece lasts until October. However, during this period the territory of the country is too hot, besides there are a lot of tourists. So for sightseeing and cultural activities it is best to choose April or October, when the number of tourists decreases, and the temperature is set at the most comfortable level for walking around the city.

First of all, many tourists travel to Athens to see the famous Acropolis, local museums and other interesting places. The island of Crete is also rich in sights, with which there are a lot of legends and myths. This island allows you to combine a beach holiday with a cultural holiday, which is why it is especially popular among travelers.

What else is worth doing in Greece? Of course, try the local cuisine, rich in meat and seafood, appreciate the taste of Greek fruits and wine, try coffee and sweets. You can’t miss such famous places as Mount Olympus and Athos, the ancient Palace of Knossos, the picturesque island of Rhodes and the temple of Poseidon. In fact, to see everything that Greece is rich in during one trip is simply impossible, so we will try to briefly tell you about the most famous sights of this country.

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