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The United Arab Emirates is a modern, rich, developed state of the Arabian Peninsula. For several decades, thanks to oil revenues, the well-being of its inhabitants skyrocketed, and the country itself turned into a fabulous caliphate, where colorful eastern bazaars and glass skyscrapers, Bedouin tents and villas worth tens of millions of dollars exist side by side.

Sheikhs of the UAE seem to have done everything to attract as many tourists as possible to their country. Six-star hotels with rare finishes of stone and wood are built here, comfortable beaches are equipped, and collections of all world brands are presented in huge shopping malls.

Emirates surprise even the most moody travelers. Amazed by the scale of the ambitious construction of luxury villas and skyscrapers on artificial islands. The amount of money invested in tourism infrastructure. The number of the most expensive cars in the world, everyday passing through the sunlit avenues. Holidays in the UAE are a quality and expensive trip to the snow-white shores of the Persian Gulf, shopping and enjoying impeccable service.

If you ask yourself the question of where everything is "most": more, luxurious, luxurious, signific..

2Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi

The luxurious capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, has grown amid the barren desert in just a few decades...