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Spain can’t but love, just like the sound of the guitar and passionate flamenco, don’t know Don Juan and Don Quixote, don’t dream of the Canaries, even if you have already visited. Nothing is half here, red and black are always together, feelings are always to the end.

The Spanish temperament is a bullfight, which in our time causes a lot of controversy among animal advocates, but remains the main entertainment of the country after football. The famous "ole ole" is also a Spanish cry. The mecca of Barcelona football players will be interesting to tourists as a cultural and historical center. Be sure to visit the fountain of Montjuic. At night, water and light work wonders. About three thousand people worked on the creation of the masterpiece for a year.

Hovering between Europe and Africa, Spain gave the world a unique painting and architecture. The Prado National Museum has much to be proud of. Collections of paintings by El Greco, Velazquez are the largest in the world. All objects created by the architect Antonio Gaudi are protected by UNESCO, and the paintings of Salvador Dali, Picasso showed the world new directions in painting. Spain opened America to the world, equipping Columbus, and gave its language to a huge number of states. The country to this day remains a monarchy, and even retained some of its colonies. For example, a paradise - the Canary Islands. Spain is famous for Madeira wines, gourmet cheeses (buy a piece of jamon home), shop villages where you can buy genuine leather goods at reasonable prices.

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