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It is unlikely that there will be at least one other country in the world that can be compared with the United States of America in scale, the number of natural and man-made attractions, the diversity of climatic zones and leisure opportunities.

This country is very different. It is one thing to go to the northern, rather harsh Maine state and quite another to sunny California, with its bustling Los Angeles and picturesque beaches. In the United States, you can take a shopping tour of New York's shops and wander through the untouched expanses of one of the national parks.

It is almost impossible to see all the beauties and features of the United States during one trip. Only a trip to New York can take several days, and if you also go to such popular tourist cities as Miami or Las Vegas, your trip will definitely last for weeks.

It is noteworthy that in the United States everyone can find entertainment to their liking. Want to get a dose of excitement - at your service is a well-developed industry of Las Vegas casinos. Dreaming to see the famous Niagara Falls - great, you are right here! Here you will find what history lovers, and citizens who dream to enjoy the untouched nature, and shopaholics, and who want to learn the basics of surfing or just lie on the beach.

Another highlight of the United States - a huge number of traditions brought to this country by numerous immigrants. Here, next to the Chinese restaurant, there is sure to be a traditional pizzeria, near a pathos French restaurant - an exotic Thai establishment. In this article we will talk only about the most famous sights of the United States.
1New York
New York

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2Los Angeles
Los Angeles

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