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Zaporizhya Art Museum

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
4.2 / 40
Zaporizhya Art Museum is a hidden gem that houses a diverse collection of over 17 thousand exhibits, primarily paintings. While the museum itself may be small, the staff makes up for it with their friendly and polite service. The museum frequently organizes special exhibitions to celebrate the anniversaries or arrivals of renowned artists. The exhibits on display change regularly, offering visitors a chance to see different masterpieces from various genres and styles. The entrance fee is affordable, only 10 UAH for an adult ticket, making it accessible to all. Additionally, there are souvenirs available for purchase, allowing visitors to take a piece of the museum's artistry home with them. Although the museum may appear neglected from the outside, it holds a wealth of artistic treasures waiting to be discovered. If you happen to be in the area, it is definitely worth a visit to experience the beauty and inspiration that the museum has to offer.
Address:Nezalezhnoi Ukrainy Street, 76Б, Zaporizhzhia
Phone:+380 612 862 757



The museum has good funds, it seems that it deserves a more artistic and aesthetic facade. The potential for development is also felt. The museum staff is friendly.
The exhibition "United by the Dnieper" has been opened in the exhibition hall of the Zaporizhia branch of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, which citizens have the opportunity to view for a month. This project is special in its own .. Read more »
2 stars …. Very small and neglected .
Great staff, always ready to meet your needs. The wife took references for her paintings to travel abroad. Many thanks to Tamara Filippovna, she helped incredibly in this matter. Despite the fact that the museum is practically not working now. Highly.. Read more »
A modest but interesting museum. Very friendly staff, even the security guard. The prices are cheap. I would like such cultural institutions to develop. To have a separate large museum building, good repair, decent salaries.
This is the camp of Meotid, he is cool there are cool counselors, the bosses and the chefs there cheerfully cook deliciously. Every day there are activities with different tasks and funny discos, I love and will love this camp. He will always be in m.. Read more »
Very small Museum a bit run down. Looks like an apartment building from the outside. Cheap to visit no English spoken. Worth a visit if you happen to be nearby
A wonderful hidden gem.
The butterfly exhibition was surprised by the fact that butterflies fly and can be photographed with them. There are also funny birds that sing, drink, bathe and eat, big parrots, reptiles. Cheer up!
The museum contains more than 17 thousand exhibits, mostly paintings, but the premises of the museum are (so far) small, so the management decided to organize exhibitions in honor of the anniversary / arrival of one or another master or artist. The e.. Read more »
It's fine, but disappointing: only three tiny rooms with works at artists whom LIVED in Zaporizhia, but not originally from here