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Zamek Ujazdowski

Warsaw, Poland
4.6 / 72
The former residence of the Saxon elector and King Augustus II, an exact copy of the building of the XVII century, which was destroyed during the Second World War. Since 1975, the castle began to be restored from the very foundation, in 1981 the Center for Contemporary Art opened on its territory. Nowadays, Uyazdovsky Castle has become a venue for numerous creative festivals, screenings of auteur cinema, art salons and photo exhibitions.
Address:Jazdów 2, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 628 12 71



Mateusz Rydzak - Moc
Bardzo miła Pani Paulina sprzedała nam Fajne bilety na wystawy. Alles Gutte von Danzig. Thank You very much Ms Paulina for good service. All best from Danzig. Exhibition korean great for kids and quick. Norwegian Odd N. Very controversy and hard pa.. Read more »
Iryna Panina
One of the most interesting art galleries for me) It is located between Uyazdovsky park and the Botanical garden of Warsaw University. At first glance, this building is a former palace with a distinctive interior. On the other side, this place looks .. Read more »
Anne Josef
Ujazdów Castle is a castle in the historic Ujazdów district, between Ujazdów Park and the Royal Baths Park, in Warsaw, Poland. Its beginnings date to the 13th century, and it was rebuilt several times. Like many structures in War.. Read more »
Andreas Ehrencrona
Like other museums in Poland, it is now an instrument of the government's war on contemporary culture. So if you appreciate conservative cultural polemics it's a good destination.
Great exhibitions, restaurant, garden grounds and book shop. I visited two exhibitions already, one about the situation in Ukraine and one about the political situation in China, very interesting and informative. The bookshops is amazing, looks chaot.. Read more »
Pruthvi Shah
The perfect traditional old place but theater, cafe, library hidden inside. Must visit palace 🥰
Inese Purmale
Lovely building, interesting exhibitions & excellent Cafe.
Joy NK
Truly wondeful place. Ujazdów Castle is a historic castle located in the Ujazdów district of Warsaw, Poland. The castle was built in the 17th century as a hunting lodge for King John III Sobieski, and it has undergone several transforma.. Read more »
Konrad Krupiński
Worth a visit if you have some time during weekdays or weekends. Please remember as it’s always better to buy the tickets in advance.
A ticket to all exhibitions costs 16 PLN. In total there were three exhibitions that day. One, dedicated to Ukraine, was great, very atmospheric. The other two I don’t even remember, they were a complete disaster. There is also a bookstore .. Read more »
Jacky Devis
The interior is very scruffy, the chairs were old and broken wooden chairs or wobbily plastic ones. The service very friendly but slow. In the summer is fantastic sitting outside. Reasonable prices for cocktails. The menu looked fine but I did not tr.. Read more »
thay stone
Great park. Great expositions inside rhe castle.
Mukul Bhatnagar
This is a small museum beside the famous Lazienki park. Has paintaings and video films that are based based on the communisty times in Poland. Thursday is free day. There is also a bookstore where one can find many a books on Poland's political .. Read more »
Ben Hunt
Cool modern art museum in beautiful park
Michał Paradowski
Interesting art installations and exhibiotions. In the Ujazdów castle itself, apart from the modern art gallery, there is also a cinema, a café and fine dining restaurant with a view of the western part of Łazienki.
Konstantin Konopko
It's a really good place of contemporary art in Warsaw. Also good food in the entire cafe.
Deniz Yıldız
It offers a beautiful view of Warsaw as it is on a high place. It also has a hotel and restaurant inside.
Kateryna Pokladova
I did not enjoy the exhibition but cafeteria is good. If your experience will be as poor as mine you can make it up with a tasty bite ?
Dominika Glińska
If someone is keen on modern art, probably it is an interesting place. I personally would prefer a historical related exhibitions in a such building.
One of the beautiful castles in Warsaw. Each season is different and very nice! For many years it witnessed the rise and fall of a city.
Alexander Averchenko
If it's chill go first half of a day. If it's hot - second.
Steve Wright
Beautiful and peaceful, must visit when going to Warsaw.
Dmitry Lvov
Beautiful building with very questionable art inside. This is not for everyone to understand.
Eylul Beyazit
Great museum! We spend like 3 hours here and totally worth it!
Emma Hämäläinen
Interesting place, but usually crowded.
Paweł Dygas
I always enjoy contemporary art installations displayed here.
Przemek Pyszczek
Great place, too bad it’s being ruined by a right wing director that was hand picked by the government! Enjoy!
Eghor Ferrendotti
artistic place next to the beautiful park of Warsaw.
Zenon Zolek
Wonderful piece of history
Jim M
Must see park and castle. Nice interior with interesting details.
Helmut Dons Olieslagers
Very beautiful place in the park. A beautiful park for walking with family and children or alone. You need to visit this place in Warschau for sure. The palace is awesome and the park very big.
laimutis vaicys
Easy to come and park a car, very interesting contemporary art instalations, very delicious cafe at the cafeteria and book store, where you can find many different art books in polish or english languages