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Yivliminare Mosque

Antalya, Turkey
4.8 / 85
It was built at the beginning of the XIII century at the direction of the Seljuk Sultan in honor of his victories in the conquest of coastal lands. For 8 centuries, it has not changed. It has a height of 38 meters, is visible from anywhere in Antalya. Inside is a staircase of 90 steps leading to a balcony. The structure has an unusual, corrugated shape - consists of 8 half-cylinders standing on a square pedestal. Crowned by its conical lead roof. Nearby is a mosque.
Address:Selçuk, Selçuk Mah
Phone:+90 242 244 75 50



Mersiha Omeragic
MashAllah, a beautiful historical masjid that was built in 13th century. The Inside is small, but so beautiful. They do have head scarfs and skirts for women who come in shorts, but not for men, and you can’t get inside while wearing shorts (me.. Read more »
Nilufer Usta
Located in Kaleiçi (the old town centre), this mosque was built by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Kay Qubadh I. It is part of a complex of structures, which include the Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev Medrese, Seljuk and Dervish lodges, and the vaults .. Read more »
Christof Vercammen
A historical place and one of the typical symbols for Antalya, go and visit !
Adeel Muhammad Yousuf
It's a beautiful masjid in the heart of Antalya old town, almost 800 years old built by Seljuk Sultan Alauddin keykubad
Dario da Silva
Wow MashAllah the most precious mosque I’ve ever visited. The carpets are extremely soft and clean. There is so much history in this place and one can feel it. This mosque is very accommodating and hospitable towards all. Anyone can come and le.. Read more »
Ahmed Shamawi
Very peaceful and historical place in antalya,you feel peaceful in your heart ❤️ ? ?,The Belding is about 700 years old,there is also too much information about Islam and God,if you're in antalya you have to visit this historical mosque ? specia.. Read more »
Daniel Kubiczek
Calm and monumental. Amazing architecture. Walk without shoes there:)
Shaon Hussain
Nice mosque however some guy who said works for the mosque told us to go to the museum just up the stairs. He took us there and showed a room with 3 imam, he then asked for 10 euros for giving us a "tour" no-one else was around and told him.. Read more »
Altaf H. Sario
A 13th century Seljuk period Jamai mosque with flute architectural designed minaret. It was one of first old city mosque build near coast. In its verandeh, a Madressa was also built to train pupils in Islamic jurisprudence and fiqeh. Though most of M.. Read more »
Zia Azam
Historic masjid with architectural marvel of that period ,Yivilminare. Darvish lodge nearby gives a glimpse of sufi daily life.
The museum around the minareth is pretty small but you'd better visit it. It's not so crowded and there is no entrance fee.
Taniyyus Syed
Absolute piece of marvel. Built in 1373, the most is well preserved. Cobbled street will lead you to the mosque. There is a small market place selling hand made jewelry of Seljuks and Roman era. It is a must visit. The area near the mosque also have .. Read more »
Mohammad Mostafa Sabti
It is considered one of the oldest mosques in the world and is distinguished by its strangely shaped minaret and dome, and the building is beautiful
Naveed Naz
A historic place to visit there Very beautiful masjid and surrounded by old Istanbul and beautiful views.
Salman Elahi
We offerred Juma prayers. The surmon on Namaz by Imam sahib was felt in my heart. The minar and the inside structure gave us spirit and we praised the architecture work in and outside the mosque.
Saad Siddiqui
Masjid are most peaceful places and to offer prayers to one and only true God (Allah). God of Adam , Ibrahim, Musa(moses), Essa(Jesus) and last prophet Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM)
Hussein Al
Beautiful and very clean. It one of the most important places that recommended to visit especially for Muslims. Very well built and maintained. Very quiet and not crowded for such an iconic remarks.
Mib Makkawi
Very old like 800 yeas back Nice good looking camii Spiritually elevating
Wseem Hourani
Nice mosque with a local small bazaar/souqe
Amjed Al-Fahoum
An old mosque looks like a piece of charming art..
Betino Miclea
Nice although it was partially under construction
Dmitry Zhilov
Interesting and beautiful, unfortunately don’t know if you can go inside as a tourist
Mosque and madrassah next to one another, lovely place to visit in the old town. A lot of history associated with it, the local guide said the minaret mosque is over 600 years old and still using the original building blocks. Which was amazing to s.. Read more »
Mr. Meer
Beautiful and very nice mosque ma SHA Allah. Will visit next time too. It's near to the town so when you visit old town you can visit that place too. You can do both places in one day. This whole are was clean and wonderful. People were nice and.. Read more »
Ankitt Patel
The Anatolian Seljuk Sultan, Kayqubad I (1188-1237) ordered this mosque, which was destroyed in the 14th century and reconstructed in the 1370s on the foundations of a Byzantine church. An abiding part of the Kaleiçi cityscape is the 38-metre.. Read more »
Olive Tree
Burasi simdi Cami ama yapi başta Kilise olarak Inşa edilmiş. The building is currently a Mosque but the main building without the additions(Minaret,Mihrab,some parts of the building) was built as a Church.
Taha Cansızoğlu
Nice mosque. It is also has an interesting history. It can be visited by tourists.
Beautiful masjid Ma Sha Allah. Felt very calm and peaceful in there.
Otaku boy
If you see too many mosque in Turkey, this mosque is nothing special at all. 1. This mosque is special because of its tall tower overlooking the whole Antalya. 2. Apart from the tower setting it special, the interior is not that special at all. Just .. Read more »
Abdullah Elasmar
I loved this house of Allah. It’s at the perfect location to stop in for a cold drink and pray 2 rakaats, and maybe even take a nap during the hot day.
Kevin Lock
We ordered the duck too share only 3 pancakes each and the duck overcooked plus a chocolate taste sauce very strange taste, ask if any other sauce or dip said yes tomato sauce no duck sauce? We said we like some sweet potato fries these came in a flo.. Read more »