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World Museum

Liverpool, England
4.7 / 88
Natural science museum dedicated to the biological, archaeological, ethnological and physical history of our planet. The collection began to be collected in 1851, many exhibits are so unique that they have no analogues in other museums in the world. The library is located in the same building. Initially, the book collection occupied a separate room, but after 1860 it was housed in the monumental museum building.
Address:William Brown Street, Liverpool
Phone:+44 151 478 4393



Katalin Faludi (Kati)
Very nice museum, walking distance from Lime Street railway station. Extra like: they have a little wildflower meadow to help pollinators. The planetarium wasn't open due to a technical problem, but the rest was great. Each storey has a differ.. Read more »
tony morris
This museum is free to enter, so please donate a little something when you are inside. 4 floors of exhibits , which are always changing, from space exploration to ancient Egypt. We'll worth a visit to pass a few hours away. Several exhibitions .. Read more »
Ash Imya
Worth a visit if you haven't been before, but beware the warm claustrophobic overcrowding of families on holidays and weekends! Multiple tiered building, so you can either take the lift (which would most likely be packed) or the hundreds of stai.. Read more »
Laura McClure
Amazing, we paid for the planetarium which was awesome (maybe too relaxing🤣) we paid to see the war of the gods exhibition too, but that was far too much money for the 20 minutes it took to wall around, it really wasn't worth the 16 for 2 adults.. Read more »
Sue G
Great museum. Exhibitions are over 5 floors and Still operating a one way system up and down the stairs (or may be they just hadn't removed the stickers) but it flowed well. I only saw one lift and there were queues on every floor. Exhibitions w.. Read more »
Mishka Lofthouse
Visited the museum this week and loved it! There's so much to do and see, I was pleasantly surprised how many floors the museum has! I especially loved the large Egyptian mummy exhibit, and the aquarium. The cafe was also very good with lots of .. Read more »
Trina Ferns
Great museum, free entrance, kids and adults really enjoyed every floor. The only issue was the lift, it wasn't just being used for those that were unable to use the stairs which then meant those who had to use the lifts were waiting quite a whi.. Read more »
Nick Lake
Beautiful building and free to enter, although donations are appreciated. Fun little aquarium and the eygytian exhibition was amazing. A bit thin on the "dinosaur" section as its more of a generic 'animals of the earth' section bu.. Read more »
Jonathan Lawrence
What a fantastic little museum, with a bit of everything that kids have loved for decades, from ancient Egyptian mummies to even more ancient dinosaurs, to a planetarium to see above the planet and an aquarium to see the depths below. I would comment.. Read more »
Poom Settha
I liked world museum and would go again on a rainy day. There is a cafe and plenty of toilets too. They are clean regularly. The best part is the aquarium on the first level. What a joy to see the fish. I liked the moon jellyfish the most. Free .. Read more »
A vast and diverse museum with exhibitions on 5 floors. The entrance was free. The experience is quite interesting doe both adults and kids. Some parts are a bit dated, like the dinosaurs area. The cultural heritage part is very cool. Also, it is qui.. Read more »
Laura Sallemi
This museum is amazing. You could easily spend a whole day here. I would mark a star down for the lift situation but that's down to people not having common sense and courtesy for those with wheelchairs/buggies etc. We waited a while for the lif.. Read more »
*free* entry apart from the doctor who area , though everything else was really interesting! multiple floors with different types of topics like dinosaurs, space, and even a aquarium! there is a gift shop and cafe on the left side of the museum, an.. Read more »
Jennifer Smith
I enjoyed this place more than I thought I would. Yes it’s far too kid-friendly for me. But the Egyptian exhibit is great and was of keen interest, having been to Egypt myself earlier this year. The exhibit on Benin is also quite interesting bu.. Read more »
Sarah Gibbs
Most interesting and stand out exhibition of Egyptian artifacts...the displays are eye catching and stimulating to engage with younger visitors and there is a wealth of information to go along with those displays. Lots of "wow look at this".. Read more »
The Stringfellow's
Excellent family day out. Most expense was the near by car park. The museum is free to enter with donation boxes around. 5 floors of great artifacts and historic items as well as much more with a cafe on site and gift store. Toilets on most floors an.. Read more »
Martin Edwards
Visit World museum Liverpool today, I was pleasantly surprised ?. The museum is much improved from the last time I visited many years ago. There are lots of interesting exhibits with many have am interactive elements. Highly educational and an id.. Read more »
Françoise Scothern
Really good, the aquarium floor is fascinating and every one has detailed info. There's a Egypt history floor which takes you through all the dynasties very well set out, easy to follow and so informative. Will definitely go back to explore more.. Read more »
Amanda Derry
A wonderful, educational experience. We really enjoyed the Planetarium cinema experience. A well designed building with good views. The cafe area has very nice decor too. However I feel drinks in take away cups and food which doesn't look very i.. Read more »
ste mac
So half term week visit for us ( Thursday ) Nice greeting from the staff when we entered which was nice. Very busy but to be expected as it was the school holidays. Lost of exhibits here for you to explore and look at which was great! Well signed an.. Read more »
Z Absar
It's small but it might be the best among small museums...at least in UK. Awesome collection of Egyptian mummies. And prehistoric collection is really good too. The staff: so respectful, decent, kind, soft spoken. Esp there was one lady at the e.. Read more »
Kerry Edwards
Amazing museum. It is very well organized and has great exhibits. There are so many things to learn and see. The Egyptian and Dinosaur areas are my favorites, but they all are truly great. A lovely member of staff gave me a souvenir penny out of her.. Read more »
martijn p
Absolutely amazing museum. Thematically layered in a really cool way and very informative with great items to view. So many different things to see and learn. I would recommend the Egyptian and dinosaur area the most, but all are honestly great. Lov.. Read more »
Ian Anderson
Incredible place. Very interesting and there must be something for everybody here. Well put together displays and nothing was heavy going like some museums. No entry fee just donate what you can afford. Well worth a visit.
Ian Anderson
Incredible place. Very interesting and there must be something be something for everybody here. Well put together displays and nothing was heavy going like some museums. No entry fee just donate what you can afford. Well worth a visit.
Stefano Delgado
Very informative but great place. Nice and big and something for everyone. Sealife area I felt could have been bigger and with more animals, but it is free to go so I can't complain. They went to a lot of effort with the decorations which was lo.. Read more »
D. B
Free entry! There are shows/exhibits you can pay to see but the prices are still very cheap. The aquarium is wonderful. Many floors with many different things going on, including a new part about A.I. Well worth the trip. It is wheelchair and pram ac.. Read more »
Emma Jennings
Absolutely love this museum, we have been at least 5 times but still enjoy every visit. Put aside a good few hours to explore this museum, great helpful staff. Amazing reasonable priced cafe with gorgeous home cooked cakes and bakes. Definitely would.. Read more »
Shaila Hamid
A pleasant day out with the little ones! Loved the variety of exhibitions on, all spaced out and people respected the social distancing rules. Lovely little picnic area on one of the floors which was handy for my fussy toddler who eats his own packed.. Read more »
Justine Edwards
What a fantastic experience for all ages. friendly staff fantastic Cafe with great food. Each level has its own section even a really cute aquarium has been added! Planetarium show prices start at £3 for adults The whole museum is a free fun da.. Read more »
Kieran Smith
Been visiting here all my life and its always great to learn/ relearn interesting things from history, or current species of animals. My only disappointment is; the space section, on the top floor, hasn't changed very much at all since I was a .. Read more »
Shootin It
Always loved going the museum as a kid so to be able to take my kids and see some of the same stuff i remember as a child brings back some nostalgia. Lots of new things to see too, however a lot of the interactive stuff and some of the displays close.. Read more »
Extensive collections covering archaeology, ethnology and the natural / physical sciences. Family friendly, good learning environment for schools etc with disabled / pram access. Special attractions include the Natural History Centre and a planetari.. Read more »
Asuka Ultrahd
Amazing museum, its free but of course you can donate to charity and buy gifts from the shop. Great selection of exhibitions, from dinosaurs to rockets, to mummies. Great fun especially for whole family that want to teach their children about history.. Read more »
# Johon
Place is easy to navigate and I'd say you can look around everything in about an hour and a half /2 hours. But could probably spend alot longer here, daughter enjoyed herself.
Jennifer Rowlands
Always love to visit here. Came this time with my teenage children whilst my youngest was at school. This meant we had more time to look around and appreciate the artifacts on show. It's a shame all the interactive parts were closed due to Covid.. Read more »
Carys Phillips
My favourite place. I've lived in Liverpool for the past six years and I still love going to the museum on a regular basis. It's split into several floors, including one with an aquarium, a large Egyptology section, and a cultural gallery. .. Read more »
White Beard
So many hand stations absolutely fantastic place a must if you haven't already very covid aware
Ida Latifa
The collection in the museum is very breathtaking, especially the Egypt collection and their mummies. Some floors don't really have a good collection like in the first floor. Some are closed due to covid. The guide is also helpful.
Good variation of free exhibitions. Very covid secure
Brian Gent
Difficult to enjoy while wearing a face nappy.
hadiza adebowale
This is my favourite museum, so many floors and they change exhibits quite often so there's always something interesting to see even if you're a frequent visitor!
This is really good, general museum with loads to see from different parts of the world as well as different land and sea animals and their history (dinosaurs). The museum has done really well with one way systems and limiting exhibits in the virus t.. Read more »
Amanda Carey
Great place for all. Full of interesting artefacts and information.
Levi Cockell
The space exploration floor was closdd
Qasim Hussain
This was a great experience for my young children. And it was free! In the pandemic too. Great find i must say. They had a floor with aquariums sealife such as fish, rays, dogfish, crustaceans and more. A floor with bugs and spiders including a taran.. Read more »
Marshall Waddell
Great museum, free entry even in the pandemic, just need to book in advance. Plenty of different exhibitions so there is something to keep you interested. They have real mummy's, dinosaurs, planetarium (although closed due to covid) aquarium. Wi.. Read more »
Amazing museum, you can spend countless hours in this place. Lots of exhibits, from mummy to space travel. You can gain lots of knowledge out of this place, really amazing. There's also gift shop, the staff are friendly, there's also a lock.. Read more »