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Wieliczka Salt Mine

Krakow, Poland
4.9 / 31
The Wieliczka Salt Mine is an awe-inspiring place that leaves visitors speechless. With over 800 years of digging, this mine stretches an astounding 200 kilometers long and deep underground. The main working chapel within the mine is nothing short of magnificent, with its beauty being indescribable. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the people who built it, and a true marvel to behold. The mine features stunning salt sculptures, including statues and elaborate carvings that are made entirely of salt. The tour takes visitors on a journey through the mine's underground tunnels, showcasing its rich history and impressive structures. The mine is surrounded by beautiful gardens and buildings, further adding to its charm. It is a designated World Heritage Site, a well-deserved recognition for its extraordinary features. The tour guides are knowledgeable and friendly, although it can be difficult to hear them at times due to the group size. It is important to note that visiting the mine requires a significant amount of walking, and the underground temperature is around 14 degrees Celsius, so appropriate clothing is recommended. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the mine offers tours in different languages, with the Polish language tours being cheaper. Overall, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a must-visit destination that offers a fascinating glimpse into history and showcases the incredible achievements of the people who built it.
Address:Daniłowicza 10, Wieliczka
Phone:+48 12 278 73 02



I am literally speechless ……. 800 years of digging 😳😳😳 200KM long and deep Mine and so many Chapels ….That main working chapel….. Is just MAGNIFICENT!! The beauty of this Chapel is unexplainable …. People worked so .. Read more »
I was speechless, gobsmacked, 200km of underground tunnels, whole Cathedrals built, all statues made of salt.... A lot of walking, surprised me a half mile walk from tour end at 135m underground to the lift to go back up, confusing on exit as needed.. Read more »
Great place to visit. Be aware, You need to walk a lot, also underground is +14C , so check Your clothing. Depends of guide, some speak very quiet. Polish language tours are cheaper.
Much more interesting than I imagined. With such a long history too! We walked down about 50 flights of stairs and through various mined caves and connectors on our tour. Happy there's a shaft elevator to bring you back to the surface at the end.. Read more »
Wow! I was so impressed by how old and deep it was. The tour was great too. I really loved the way people carved the elaborate statues all made from salt. You were even allowed to taste the salt! If you're going to Krakow, this is the first plac.. Read more »
Beautiful salt mine with hundreds of years of history. It is a long walk with many steps (around 800) and takes two hours to finish, but it is worth the time. There are many beautiful chambers, small lakes and sculptures.
One of the best things we did while on holiday! Was absolutely brilliant took about 3 hours, they have a shop half way through that you can get a few snacks in and a restaurant at the end if you needed a bigger meal! Lots of stairs to walk down at th.. Read more »
brilliant. not too long queues, lovely salt art, sculptures & very interesting content here - i would gladly recommend this. you could pretty much taste most rocks here. it was cool (in temperature of around 17-18 celcius) during the heat wave of.. Read more »
Beautiful place with some stunning rock salt sculptures. One of the first inscribed UNESCO world heritage sites and you can understand why. Well worth a visit. Note this is not accessible friendly and you are on your feet for the best part of 2-3 hou.. Read more »
A UNESCO World Heritage site with some amazing sculptures in the various chapels. Nice and cool during the summer months. Various tour choices, so check the website & easy to do on your own as easily reached from Krakow .
Its an alright day out. It is very long roughly 3 hours.The tour groups are roughly 30 people so not to over crowed. I would recommend a good pair of comfy shoes as there is a lot of walking and a light jacket. Plenty of nice things to take picture.. Read more »
This is an amazing experience that’s totally worth the time and money. If you want to you can taste the walls and water that runs through the mountain. There’s a small resting time after a while where you can buy souvenirs, something to d.. Read more »
We did a half day trip here. Chose the 8am pickup, and we were in before the bigger crowds (were even first through), and back at the hotel by noon. The tour talks about the mining machinery and how the mines were created. And then we saw 3 of the i.. Read more »
This is a truly breathtaking experience! The underground salt mine is absolutely extraordinary. Incredible craftsmanship - fascinating sculptures which were carved out of salt rock that shine like granite, and there were also logs that had transforme.. Read more »
Great experience! Would highly recommend the group tours rather than an individual one. Very informative and interactive too. Our tour guide Joanna was amazing. He made it super interesting and fun. suitable for all ages! Very impressed with our tour.. Read more »
This was a very impressive experience. I saw a short video of this salt mine 7y ago on IG and wanted to go and visit. It looks so much more impressive in real life than in a pictures. This involves a lot of walking. Very busy all the time. The tour g.. Read more »
Visited over years ago. Amazing tour. The caves were well ventilated and cool. The salt sculptures were beautiful. The attention to detail was very evident. Take at least half a day to enjoy the mine. An elevator will take one back up but the walk d.. Read more »
Amazing experience. The salt mine is absolutely beautiful. We spent around 3 hours underground and reached 135 metres deep! There are many chambers. Everything is very safe and well put together. The guide was also knowledgeable. The highlight by far.. Read more »
Breathtaking experience like no other. Monumental underground spaces. The tour is around 2,5 hours long. It is by foot on stairs down the mine but there is elevator going up. Buying tickets online is smart especially on weekend visit.
Unique place to visit! I really enjoyed being there with my family. My 9 yo sister just loved it. Interesting guide stories about the past of the mine, amazing atmosphere and sense for adventure! We would definitely come back one day!
An amazing experience to walk the halls of such a historical place in Polish history. The mine has been operational for centuries, and its workers have created a world of thier own beneath the surface. The vast chambers and carved churches will leave.. Read more »
Overall great experience here. I took the English tour and it was very enjoyable. It is a very high traffic attraction so keep that in mind. It took about two hours to do our tour of the mine. You only get to see a fraction of this beautiful place, b.. Read more »
Nice tourist spot. Booked the tickets in advance over the website with no problem. This is important to do in advance as individual tourist need to take a guided tour and you should have a look in advance on which time slot you would like to take. Th.. Read more »
Comprehensive tour of one of the first UNESCO world heritage sites. The tour is quite physical and involves a lot of walking - one to keep in mind for those with mobility issues or small children. The guide opens with the history and how the salt w.. Read more »
Definitely one of the best experiences for families in Poland. Easy logistics from Krakow. Unique atmosphere. Beautiful underground halls. As for things to be improved. Part of halls were closed due to covid, it took 30 min to exit, and guide in Russ.. Read more »
What a wonderful piece of history! Some of the artwork in the centre is incredible - they’re almost 3D. Would definitely recommend a guided tour. Our guide was helpful and helped explain a lot of the history behind the mine. Would certainly re.. Read more »
Today my father and I went there (04-09-2019) and we enjoyed our visit. It's a wonderful place. The church is absolutely amazing and the lake itself is beautiful as well. We just loved it! It's probably one of the best attractions in Poland.. Read more »
It’s a magnificent place! Loved it! Unique atmosphere! Our guide was a witty guy who gave us amazing tour! I highly recommend it! It’s the BEST attraction in Krakow and neighbourhood!
Great experience! Would highly recommend the group tours rather than an individual one. Very informative and interactive too. Our tour guide Simon was amazing. He made it super interesting and fun:) suitable for all ages I think. Very impressed with .. Read more »
Can i place 10 stars instead of 5?! What can i say about this place. Its magical. From the beginning till the end the personnel were friendly and helpful. Good English speaking staff. Very clean and beautiful outer space. The salt mine by itself is.. Read more »
Fantastic, unique and varied experience, well worth the short journey from Krakow. The chambers are breathtaking in parts, particularly the Chapel. Our guide curated an engaging and fascinating tour. It is quite long so not one for those that find wa.. Read more »
Today my father and I went there and we enjoyed our visit (04-09-2019). The church is absolutely amazing and the lake is absolutely beautiful as well. We just loved it! It's probably one of the best attractions in Poland ??. We're the visi.. Read more »
The salt mine in Wieliczka was an amazing experience. Very interesting and beautiful exhibition. There was a possibility to make the reservation of the entrance tickets online. On-site everything was perfectly organized. And we were lucky that we had.. Read more »
If you visit Poland, travellers must visit the outstanding salt mine.Salt mine is one of the world's oldest operating salt mines. How was wondered how remarkable polish people are? Mind-blowing. There is a chapel and a reception room that is use.. Read more »
Must visit place in Poland. Without any doubts, just go. Ordinary period, there were so many visitors from all over the world. But these days, it’s more comfortable to visit. Please check whether it’s open or not. Almost 2 hours walk for .. Read more »
Fantastic place to see for something definitely out of the ordinary. Proven artists as well as miners worked here judging by chapels, statues etc. Chandeliers made from salt crystals - it makes you wonder how they knew where to start. You like art in.. Read more »
A really wonderful experience. The guide spoke good English and was very pleasant. The mines are extraordinarily big, and there are many informative and amazing chambers that the tour will take you through. Would highly recommend spending a day here.
Really really cool location and a must see on a trip to Kraków! I booked a tour through Get Your Guide, and essentially all they did was drive us there and get the tickets from the ticket office. The mine provides its own guides. It’s re.. Read more »
An incredible place. So happy to have taken an Uber here today from Krakow (only about a fiver in pounds!), having prebooked online. The 11am English tour had about 20 people. Door to door about 2 hours. Had to wear masks throughout. Guide spoke exce.. Read more »
Highly recommended for a visit. Superb English speaking guide. Very informative. Be prepared for a long walk down and a lot of steps! There is a lift that you catch to take you back to the surface, although it is a bit cramped, its better than walkin.. Read more »
Amazing experience. Must see! Kilometers of underground corridors, mining infrastructures and chapels. It is a breathtaking view knowing that all od that was built with human hands. There are experienced guides speaking other languages. The whole tri.. Read more »
At the age of 36, never visited in my life, honestly I regret that.? Absolutely amazing place to visit, lot of interesting things about our history, Trip take around 3km and over 2h walking, at the exit lot of shop's and restaurants, entry ticke.. Read more »
This is a truly extraordinary experience. Amazing what people managed to build over the past centuries underground. Quiet some distance to walk, so take your comfy shoes. On a hot summer day outside, the roughly 18° C down here were perfectly ple.. Read more »
Highly recommend visiting this beautiful salt mine, it’s one of a kind and there’s no other mine like this one anywhere in the world. The guides are pleasant and explain everything very well and in detail. There is time to take pictures a.. Read more »