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Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.3 / 31
Westerkerk is a stunning and historic church located in West Amsterdam. Its magnificent architecture, featuring Renaissance and Gothic elements, makes it a must-see landmark in the city. The church is known for its spacious and bright interior, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. One interesting aspect of Westerkerk is its connection to Anne Frank's life, adding a significant historical significance to the site. Additionally, the church regularly hosts free organ concerts on Wednesdays, providing a delightful musical experience for visitors. Another notable feature of Westerkerk is its towering bell tower, which can be seen from various points in the city. Fun fact, the church tower is the tallest among all the churches in Amsterdam, reaching a height of 87 meters and adorned with a distinctive blue crown. Inside the church, you will find the final resting place of the famous artist Rembrandt, whose burial adds an extra layer of cultural significance to the site. The church also offers free entrance, allowing visitors to explore its ornate and impressive interiors. Overall, Westerkerk is a beautiful and popular church that offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city, making it a must-visit destination for anyone in Amsterdam.
Address:Prinsengracht 279, Amsterdam
Phone:+31 20 624 7766



Very spacious and bright inside.The church is mainly used for commercial purposes.I was here for a concert.
Rembrandt's burial, what an amazing experience to be at his final place of rest. You'll see all the people buried there engraved on the church floor, .. Read more »
A protestant church that 1. has a link in Anne Frank's life; 2. regularly conducted free organ concert on Wednesdays; 3. Rembrandt was laid to rest so.. Read more »
a beautiful church whose bell tower can be seen from many points in the city
Historic church to visit right next to the Anne Frank center as well. Free access. The ornate plaster organ infrastructure as you enter offers an impr.. Read more »
Beautiful and most popular church in Amsterdam that has hosted royal weddings in the past. It was built in the Renaissance style with Gothic features .. Read more »
This church is the best place to be when it’s quite hectic at the nearby Anne Frank house. Spend a good few minutes in solace and was in awe of the st.. Read more »
I think it was the prettiest church we saw in Amsterdam.
Closed for no reason with an unfriendly staff member at the door
Beautiful historic church in West Amsterdam. Pass through it regularly when walking ot cycling to centrum, and every time it catches my attention with.. Read more »
Great if you are interested in listening to organ performances
Beautiful place for a wedding!
One of (if not) the biggest "Kerk" of Amsterdam. Located nearby the Anne Frank Huis Museum. Both beautiful from the outside and the inside. Anecdotal .. Read more »
Beautiful architecture and a nice spot surrounded by the canal and very close to the Anne frank museum.
Big, spectaculary and closed church.
Arguably the most beautiful Protestant church in Amsterdam. Regrettably it was closed during my visit today but am determined to return and admire the.. Read more »
all so quiet
Top view of church
What's not to like about this place. It is free to enter (touchless donation options available) - bright, airy and beautiful! So much history. Right n.. Read more »
Visit for nice views of the city
Beautiful architecture!
Does is really needs to ring all night long?
Closed for renovation. No end date posted :(
The view is amazing from the top and our guide was SUPER friendly! I do recommand!
Very nice church where Rembrandt is buried along with his son. Records of which tomb he is in have been lost but his son is in 143. Very limited publ.. Read more »
View by the canal is amazing, very nice walk along the sides.
Nice church..close to Anne Frank House
Its tower has the best view of the city! You should definitely climb it to have a 360° view of Amsterdam from above! They are making guided tours at c.. Read more »
Amazing that Rembrandt is buried here. The tower climb and resulting city view was a cool experience. Great place to go if you don’t get tickets to th.. Read more »
Beautiful piece of history and an iconic sight in Amsterdam. Adds a lot of character to the surrounding area and can be seen clearly coming from any .. Read more »
Warning: DON'T go on the tour of the bell tower if you are claustrophobic, unable to go up and down extremely steep staircases (there are 6 steep flig.. Read more »