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Well of Armenia

Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine
4.7 / 35
The Well of Armenia is an intriguing architectural monument located in Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. Carved into solid stone at a depth of 55 meters, this well has a rich history and is well-preserved. Although it was closed during the visit, its construction is worth exploring for those planning to visit. According to local guides, the Well of Armenia is considered a symbol of medieval corruption. It is said that funds allocated for water supply were used to construct only a well instead. This interesting backstory adds to the fascination surrounding this monument. The well features an elevator, which is a convenient addition for visitors. Additionally, it is adorned with beautiful backlighting, adding to its charm and appeal. Situated on the Polish market across from the southwest corner of the town hall, the Well of Armenia follows Western European architectural traditions. It is also known by other names such as City Well, Armenian Well, Central Well, and Turkish Well. There are varying opinions regarding the construction history of the well. One suggests that it was carved in 1638 by an Armenian named Narses from Kamenets. Another theory claims that the Turks built it during their rule from 1672 to 1699. A third version proposes that the well dates back to 1581, with an accompanying "pillar of shame" on top. It is likely that the construction began in 1638 but was not completed, and the work was finished during the Turkish rule. In the 1760s, an octagonal baroque pavilion was added to the well by architect Jan de Witte. The well itself is 55 meters deep and features a smooth bottom plate without any openings. Water enters through cracks in the rocky walls, resembling rainfall. However, the water is known to be unfit for consumption due to the high salt content, resulting in bitterness. Historical records suggest that the water was occasionally used for other purposes when properly treated. Over time, the building served as a city warehouse and later as a film distribution warehouse in the 1960s. The single-story building stands at 6 meters tall and has a square plan with truncated corners. The walls are made of stone, measuring 0.9 meters thick. The facades showcase baroque elements, with round windows and a doorway on the eastern side. The building is completed with a two-tiered tent roof crowned with a spire. After undergoing repair and restoration work in the 1990s, the well now serves as an exhibition hall for the Museum of Wax Figures since 2014. Overall, the Well of Armenia is a captivating historical site that should not be missed when exploring the medieval Old Town of Kamianets-Podilskyi. With its intriguing history and architectural beauty, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.
Address:Ploshcha Polʹsʹkyy Rynok, 1, Kamianets'-podil's'kyi



Old well carved in stone at a depth of 55 meters
Quite an interesting architectural monument, well preserved. It was closed at the time of the visit. An interesting history of construction - it is worth finding out who plans to visit.
As the guides like to tell, it is a symbol of medieval corruption. When the money was bequeathed for the water supply, and only a well was built.
The elevator is there, and it's good
Pretty and backlit ❤️??
The Armenian (City) well is located on the Polish market opposite the southwest corner of the town hall. It is built according to Western European traditions, which the city authorities were so eager to follow in building the central part of the city.. Read more »
Armenian Well (also Armenian Well, or City Well) is an architectural monument in Kamianets-Podilskyi, located in the center of the Old Town near the City Hall. The well, an underground part of the monument, is believed to have been carved into a soli.. Read more »
Memo medieval Old Town. Will there - do not miss ... I wonder telling numerous guides
A building that's always closed with a sign on it for costume rentals.
On the territory of Krinitsa there is a costume museum, where you can try on antique suits for a completely symbolic fee. And the excursion itself is beyond praise! The guide tells very interestingly, even men do not get bored. Such subtleties, detai.. Read more »
It's a lovely garden in the centre. I really liked just walking around.
A well that has long provided citizens with clean water
Beautiful square with town hall. There are many in Kamianets-Podilskyi.