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Wawel Royal Castle

Krakow, Poland
4.8 / 127
The residence of the 13th century Polish kings, located on the banks of the Vistula River. The construction began to be erected under Wenceslas II and continued under Casimir III the Great. During the Northern War, the castle was burned by Swedish troops, after which it was reconstructed in 1724-28. For a long time, the Wawel Castle belonged to the Austrian Empire, and only at the beginning of the XX century the Poles managed to buy it back.
Address:Wawel 5, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 422 51 55



The castle is a beautiful place to visit and learn about Polish royal history. There are many tapestries, paintings, and antique replicas on display. Make sure to visit the cathedral and crypt, where royals were laid to rest. There are small cafes, a.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful places on the earth. The brilliance of preserving every piece of history is something special about the place. It's definitely huge but you don't feel that because most of the time we are amazed by the things there.. Read more »
This castle is a bit special you need time and some patience to visit. I still cannot believe that entrance to the grounds and garden is free. There is so much to see and enjoy and there is such a buzz about the place. We did not visit the interior o.. Read more »
Must see when in Krakow! The most beautiful castle in Poland! It was a place of great Polish kings, survived many wars and battles. Views are just amazing! Must go!
Came here on a Tuesday and there was a huge line to buy tickets so I would suggest you purchase tickets in advance. As far as the exhibitions I only went to the state rooms which were mildly interesting. I’m not sure I would pay to see anything.. Read more »
I think I expected something different, but it was good anyway. We’ve planned the visit for Monday so it turned out to be a free admission day for some of the exhibitions which was a plus. If you wish to visit, the armoury is a must! Some great.. Read more »
1. Must visit Place. 2. The best city view especially for sunset. 3. The eco-greenery over the walls is mesmerizing. 4. Peaceful place and free arms chairs are available to sit. 5. The localities are very friendly towards foreigners. 6. Romantic plac.. Read more »
It is the most beautiful place in Krakow. There were many people because it was the weekend. You have to go down to the riverside to see a dragon. If you're not busy, you should go up to the Tower of Babel
Absolutely amazing! Very well conserved details. It is a huge castle with public and private areas you can slso visit if you pay for it. It is worthy.
Beautiful castle and grounds, with a fabled dragon and lair. No charge for walking the grounds which in the summer was very picturesque. Good on site restaurant everyone seems to like ice cream in Poland it's like a national craze.
Beautiful architecture from when Poland was under control by several different cultures can be observed in the domes. Besides the long uphill entrance, the rest of the castle grounds were beautiful. You can also see the "legendary" dragon s.. Read more »
No need to buy a ticket, just walking the grounds is enough! Walkative free walking tours also go up to this area on the old town tour and give a lot of historical information if you are into that. Very pretty area with great views down to Krakow cit.. Read more »
The Castle of Babel, or Wawel Castle, in Krakow is a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts. This majestic landmark showcases a blend of architectural styles, from Romanesque to Renaissance. The State Rooms exude opulence, while the Crow.. Read more »
Amazing castle. So much history!!! Understanding the tickets system was a bit complicated. We ended up telling the teller we had two hours and he gave us ticket for the castle tour and the treasury but there were many more options available.
Built in a remarkable location. It's free to go around the grounds but if you need to visit the exhibits then there is a fee. The place looks beautiful at night too. It's a central piece of history to Krakow and is highly recommended. Don&#.. Read more »
The castle was quite interesting! It is quite big so there is a lot to see. My recommendation is go there with time and choose what you're most interested in seeing. We went inside of the cathedral which was quite cool with all their rooms, the.. Read more »
It was snowing on this visit, but the architecture and features were still impressive. You do not need a ticket to tour the grounds, only if you wish to tour the castle rooms, which is done with a guide. These are extensive and together with the hist.. Read more »
Nice castle with many paintings. Not at the same level of other palaces or historical places I've visited, but still worth visiting. There's a river and a dragon spitting fire nearby. It's also cheap and students get a discount.
One of the largest castles in Europe. It’s very beautiful place situated in the center of krakow. People can spend a whole day with the charming view of this castle itself. It stands at the bank of Vistula river so people can enjoy the evening .. Read more »
Admission fee is not low (approx. 20zlt) but you get a lot in return: access to the cathedral, the bell tower with nice views (a unique experience) and the different crypts. It's worth it's money and well maintained. Great visit on a rainy .. Read more »
Firstly, please note, this is not located in the correct place, it is actually located within the Castle Courtyard within the building to the left of the State Rooms, I know, I went there several days ago. It is the Crown Treasury and Armoury, see ph.. Read more »
Very important place for Polish history. Great architecture. Slightly complicated for a foreigner a system / list of tickets. You have to choose from a dozen attractions and then pay for the selected ones (some attractions are available at a certain .. Read more »
The castle is extraordinarily huge that you can spend the whole day just exploring the whole areas. Too bad that for every exhibition/place you need to buy your ticket separately. We only went to the royal garden but the garden is much smaller than w.. Read more »
A grand castle, which has been well maintained and turned into a museum. There are areas that need tickets to enter, and yet some spaces that are not ticketed. The view of the Wasła river from the castle is a beauty one cannot speak enough of.
I didn't go to any of the museums but this place is amazing. Great picturesque collection of buildings with nice square in the middle. Since the place is elevated you can get some breathtaking views of the river from here. I would highly recomme.. Read more »
The view is fabulous. The parts you pay for are not terribly interesting. The Royal Gardens were a disappointment especially for a fee. We went in late May and very few flowering plants. I would skip this. The dragon lair is worth the admission. We.. Read more »
Great place to explore. If you want to see an exhibition, you can chose and pay for the part you are interested in. The royal rooms were interesting, there could be a little more explanations to the exhibition items. Expect lots of groups on the week.. Read more »
The entrance itself gives you touristic, popular vibes. All the places are unique in their own way because of different historical backgrounds, and so is this place too. One thing we didn't like is the fact that we have to buy separate tickets f.. Read more »
A stunningly beautiful fort that is a landmark of Krakow. Very blessed to have had a chance to walk through the historic courtyards and soak in the culture and significance of this monument. The view of the Vistula boulevard and neighborhood is excel.. Read more »
It is a site which is historically and culturally important to the Poland. I have very Good experience by visiting there. This site is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. If you visit there you can have great knowledge about the Poland’s his.. Read more »
Not sure if the Panoramic photo will load but we'll see. This place was amazing to visit. Built around 1500, its very old, and the architecture is incredible. I loved visiting here and seeing everything!
The tapestries were beautiful! The kids loved finding the different animals in them and learning about the stories they told. We all enjoyed meaning about the repair and conservation methods used. The Treasury was a ton fun as well!
Wawel castle is one of the most important historical place of Poland. During the turbulent times it was managed by Swedish and Austrian - Hungarian Empire. Now after the reconstruction it looks incredible. Most important tours takes approximately 3-4.. Read more »
A beautiful Castle! Rich with history throughout the entire castle grounds. If you don't want to pay to see the amazing exhibits (and I highly recommend those) you can also just do a quick walk through the castle courtyard as well and get some g.. Read more »
Kraków, Poland is one of my absolute favorite places on the planet -- a beautiful and surprising gem nestled in Central Europe. The Wawel Royal Castle is located in Kraków, Poland, and the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. .. Read more »
A nice place to take a walk, look at the river, take some photos. I can only speak about the outside of the castle as I didn't visit the inside part. In summer and spring it can be very crowded and loud, especially during weekends so set proper .. Read more »
This is one of the most important and beautiful places to see in Poland and it definitely should be on your list whether you are traveling to Poland or Europe. The good thing is, to see majority of the outside architecture, there is no fee, you only .. Read more »
A beautiful place not only for excursion but also for walks. The castle is in the city centre so it is easy to reach. There is no entrance fees for the castle. There is fees only to visit specific rooms or museums inside the castle. From the castle, .. Read more »
Interesting and beautiful architecture. There were some incredible exhibitions but little in the way of written explanation
Beautiful grounds. Easy to get to and a nice view of the river. Recommend getting tickets to the "dragon" den, state rooms, and crown treasury and armory. Buy your tickets from the main office inside the grounds. The line was shorter and mo.. Read more »
Royal Castle in Cracow, towering Old Town and City Centre. For sure the most renowned and recognizable attraction to view. The Walls gives a great sights on the Vistula and royal chambers exhibit the story of Poland Golden Age and Medieval times.
Good place to visit, with baby stroller. Great view of vistula river. Open space at castle compound for great Architecture view. Well maintained.
Very nice place , a lot of interesting stuff, armoury museum, cathedral, gardens. Good place for relaxing one day . Has restaurant . Pay just for attractions. Good place for bring all family.
The castle is amazing! completely smelled of history. There are many good places to visit in the castle grounds. There are always a lot of tourists throughout the territory, to buy a ticket you will have to stand in line. Tickets are not cheap. If y.. Read more »
The castle is obviously a classic tourist attraction in Krakow, and on that front, it doesn’t disappoint. However, they do not accept online bookings and the line for ticket in person is long and infuriatingly slow. Once the tickets are purchas.. Read more »
This is the best to go if you're a tourist in Poland. There are multiple places you can see, all talking about the Polish history and myths, and an incredible view of Karkòw! Kings and queens of Poland were also buried here and over all w.. Read more »
Breath-taking view and architecture from the outside. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to enter inside but from the looks of the pictures I've seen it look magnificent! It's definitely a must visit in Krakow!