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Washington Monument

Washington, USA
4.9 / 89
Granite obelisk made of white marble 169 meters high, erected in honor of the founding father D. Washington. It was built in the middle of the XIX century on the donations of American citizens and at the expense of private organizations. The column is surrounded by 52 spiers with flags of American states. Stairs lead to the top of the monument in several hundred steps, and an elevator is also equipped for convenience and speed.
Address:2 15th Street Northwest, Washington
Phone:+1 202-426-6841



Stefano Linciano
If you can, definitely try to get tickets for a tour!! You will need to get tickets in advance most likely. While we were waiting for our timed entry, the park rangers were constantly turning people away. There are a few same day tickets available .. Read more »
Wiaczeslaw Kubarev
Make sure to book your reservations way in advance. You can try to get same-day but honestly just spend the $1 and get timed entry reservations. Be mindful the reservations do get booked up pretty fast so leave enough time before your visit. The fir.. Read more »
Igor R
For $1, definitely worth it. You have to buy your tickets in advance. The building is beautiful inside. The view is amazing, though the windows are very small. The only negative point during my tour was the blur/transparent windows system of the elev.. Read more »
Such an iconic site in the heart of Washington DC. Whether you come by in the daytime or the night, the views of this monument are fantastic and so many chances for great pictures. Off in the distance at night you can also get a great view of the st.. Read more »
Careless Cook
This was an amazing building that featured a lot about us history on the inside. Would recommend getting tickets in advance and also to go on a day that had good weather and not too hot. Had to reschedule since it was too hot and it closed since they.. Read more »
Ritesh Singh
The Washington Monument is an iconic landmark in Washington, D.C., and witnessing the fireworks display from its vicinity is a truly memorable experience. On the night of the fireworks, the Washington Monument becomes a focal point as people gather i.. Read more »
Pod Phonyothee
Should reserve tickets before coming here. There is a small museum inside. This monument is 555 feet high. It’s not frightening if you are at the top. Pretty cool place and Friendly rangers.
Teresa O'Connell
It was so beautiful and we were there quite early but did not wish to wait in line, or go up on the inside. We just enjoyed the scenery and picture taking, as well as our time there! Washington DC has changed a lot since I’d been there last sev.. Read more »
Valerie Soule
Now, parking may be a challenge, but we can’t blame the monument for that. It stands tall and proud, impressing all who lay their eyes upon it. Those magnificent flags, flying high and encircling the monument, create a breathtaking scene, remin.. Read more »
Mark Almquist
We did not get to take the ride to the top, but it's pretty amazing just being around the monument. It is beautiful and deceptively tall. Another bonus, every side has the same great view!
Metin şahin
The Washington Monument is an absolute marvel that captures the essence of American history and ambition. Standing proudly in the heart of Washington D.C., this iconic obelisk symbolizes the nation's founding principles and pays tribute to the v.. Read more »
Ryan Kintz
Absolutely stunning! You must try and get a ticket to take the elevator to the top. Your best chance is to get in line around 8:30 in the morning before they start passing them out at 9:00 AM. They give away between 200 - 250 tickets they told us in .. Read more »
Douglas Américo
Washington Monument, oh towering monument! Raised in honor of the father of our nation, Symbol of liberty, valor, and activism, Pillar of democracy and justice in action. Your imposing silhouette rises, Above the city that unfolds around you, High a.. Read more »
Soph Meldrum
Really cool spot worth a visit. Elevator ride up and down gives you a quick history lesson which then continues throughout the visit as there are plaques with information and the workers are always happy to answer any questions. It wasn't too cr.. Read more »
Ruplekha Biswas
Wonderful structure so tall that I can see it from our flight. Central attraction of the mall. You can take the some awesome view of surroundings from the top. But you have to get the tickets 30 days before. One days advance tickets are very rarely .. Read more »
Zoe Ryan
Be sure to buy tickets 30 days in advance, only $1 to reserve. I was there a little early and as it was quite they let us in, you go through security and then up the lift, you arrive to the top floor to look a views, then Go downstairs to a small mus.. Read more »
Santosh Kintali
Beautiful piece of American history! Great place to walk around and relax! Tons of museums are walkable distance from the Washington monument. You can easily send the entire day just to cover things around the monument. Would recommend good walking s.. Read more »
Ondřej Huvar
I would say the Washington Monument is a cool piece of architecture and an important part of the US history. However, I personally do not like its look, and I don't think it fits into the DC. I have seen the original plans for its final look, an.. Read more »
Anand Chaudhari
One of the most iconic monument in the city. You get a nice view of Lincoln memorial and capitol hill along with city view. Must visit on a less crowded day. Get your picnic baskets and carpet with you and wind down with your favorite people around t.. Read more »
Rajesh Verma
Very cool piece of history. The elevator ride is very quick. You get great views of the National Mall from the top. Seeing the stone behind the glass is nice. The State carvings were very cool. The rangers are very knowledgeable and give you all the.. Read more »
Isaac Gould
A real piece of history!! Stopped here on my trip to DC where I visited several of these national monuments. If you want to see my other reviews of the other monuments feel free. Despite what some have heard you cannot go to the top, but it is extrem.. Read more »
Igor Corti
Hands down one of the most iconic monuments in DC. We just love this area in the National Mall so much that we got up at 4:30 am, to get some nice photos of the sunrise at the monument and they turned out great. We came back for sunset and took som.. Read more »
Ruchi's Little World
The Washington Monument is a sleek and tall (555ft) building in Washington, D.C. which can be noticeably visible from any place/point nearby.. I saw it from US capital building which is far from this... built to show respect for George Washington, t.. Read more »
Great area to visit. It is well worth getting tickets to go to the top, educational and an amazing view! Visitors are managed well so you have plenty of room and a great experience, but that makes tickets hard to get. Book online a month in advance o.. Read more »
Erika Gardner
This monument is impressive and amazing to visit the grounds are really clean, a lot security around. Great place to walk around, ride a bike, relax, take pictures and/or have lunch from the food trucks. The structure is magnificent piece of Art, th.. Read more »
Marion Pellerin
Get your tickets ahead of time. Even on a weekday there is a hefty lineup. The monument is way bigger than you think. It's quite impressive in person. Definitely an Egyptian style stone structure. The view is obviously the best part, made me app.. Read more »
IM Bercer
Park staff was outstanding and knowledgeable. Not worth trying to get late tickets. Don't even think about getting into the website for 10am tickets. There are none. You better make a reservation 6-8 months in advance.
Your Helpful Wendy
It’s so impressive to simply be there and use my eyes to experience the freedom and how blessed we are in this country. The ample area to walk around, everything was incredible clean and with polices all around I also felt safe. This is defin.. Read more »
Amol More
This Monument is way bigger in actual than expected. Amazing place to visit in DC and mark it in your wish list. I visited during Cherry Blossom ? festival and enjoyed kite festival as well. Couldn’t go at the top as it needs to have tickets in.. Read more »
Abigail Morales
I haven't been to the monument since I was a child about 10 years old. It was such a beautiful view 16 years later as an adult. The size surpasses anything in the Washington DC area, the way the sun hits it in the afternoon and the overall histo.. Read more »
John Myers
Dude, so good! Been a long time since I went to the top. Well worth it. Kind of exciting. Get tix at recreation.gov. look at least a few days ahead. Right now only 6 tickets at a time. Great place to make memories.
Georgia Zervudachi
BOOK TICKETS. YOU NEED TO BOOK AT LEAST THE DAY BEFORE TO GO UP. And it is 100% worth doing. Stunning views of all the major landmarks, interesting video and exhibition with key facts. All the rangers so helpful and lovely - 10/10 tourist experience!
Jordan Wright
Who would give the Wahington Monument anything other than 5 stars!? I love our nation's Capitol, and the Washington Monument is my favorite icon. So many great memories here with my fellow Conservative friends. Picture is of my beautiful sister.
Nate Church
An iconic place to see for sure. However, in my opinion, the architecture isn't breath-taking - it is pretty, but it's simply tall. The reflection pool is what is cool and known from so many movie shots. It's definitely a place to tak.. Read more »
Avneesh Rudra
Excellent food. Menu is extensive and seasonal to a particularly high standard. Definitely fine dining. It can be expensive but worth it and they do different deals on different nights so it’s worth checking them out before you book. Highly rec.. Read more »
The view from the top is breathtaking. To get tickets you can go online or get there very early as they go very quick. The two tone color of the Washington Monument is very cool to see in person. The size is extremely hard to fathom standing at the b.. Read more »
Anthony Steele
What a good experience. We had to get reservations the day before at 10am on the dot. They go fast, so make sure you are ready at that time. The monument itself is a architectural marvel. Great views. History ans staff. It was really windy when we w.. Read more »
Andrea Wu
Made a reservation online a day before going, $1 reservation fee. Went at 9:30AM on Friday, had to wait a bit to go, but not too bad. Staff is quite friendly, really liked the descriptions by the rangers before we went up. Security check-in upon goin.. Read more »
Junbin Xian
The most beautiful place in DC area. When you in town don’t forget to check it out. It’s 100% worth your time. ?
Larry VP
Visiting the Washington Monuments is an awesome experience. It was built to honor brother George Washington, the first U.S. president. It is 555 feet tall. Even walking around at night is great. Make sure you go up to experience US history and admire.. Read more »
Truly a beautiful area. It feels safe and the grounds are very well maintained. It was great to see this part of history. It is a LONG walk, so be prepared for that. It was also nice to see all the locals going for runs around the area.
Drew Lehmann
Great centerpiece to the national mall. Good views in both directions to either end of the mall. Sometimes the option to go up to the top of the monument is available. At ground level, lots of American flags in a big circle around the monument. Plent.. Read more »
Karthik S
Washington monument never gets old. They have a renovated, earlier we were able to go to the top and see the view of White House and other places. It’s been few years, they are renovating this place. A must visit, if you’re around in the.. Read more »
LV Plug
The Washington Monument is iconic. This is my first time seeing the obelisk on the National Mall in Washington, DC. This monument was built to commemorate George Washington, once commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, in the American Revolutiona.. Read more »
Arunraja Murugaboopathyra
One of the United States' majestic and proud monuments built in honour of George Washington.
Christine G
I visited during the cherry blossoms time and I was not disappointed. It wasn’t crowded on the Friday I arrived. A picture perfect, surprisingly warm day. I would recommend this experience.
Don Dawson
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Mariana Soler
Not open in the pandemic
kinda looks like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson the 23rd president of ohio
Taha Altareb
I went there in a night time and the next day I went again and I got to go to the top. Great experience
Harley Stine
✍️ My eye is always drawn to the monument when driving in and out of DC, taking off and landing from DCA, in all seasons, day and night. I hope you enjoy some of the shots I have taken over the years I am posting here. Sadly, I have lost many shots .. Read more »
Ngoc Khanh Nguyen
"First in War, First in Peace, and First in the hearts of his countrymen." George Washington's military and political leadership were indispensable to the founding of the United States. As commander of the Continental Army, he rallied.. Read more »