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Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles, USA
4.8 / 113
Located across the road from The Broad Museum, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a stunning architectural masterpiece designed by Frank Gehry. The exterior of the building features sweeping metal panels that were inspired by the architect's love of sailing. The Concert Hall is renowned not only for its visual appeal but also for its exceptional acoustics. It serves as the home of the LA Philharmonic and hosts performances by various artists throughout the year. Visitors have the opportunity to take guided or self-guided tours of the Concert Hall free of charge between 10am and 3pm daily. Many people describe the experience of visiting the hall as breathtaking, with its beautiful architecture and impressive acoustics. The outside of the building is particularly striking, although the metal structure can make it feel hot on warm days. Overall, it is a must-visit location in downtown Los Angeles, especially for those who are near The Broad Museum. Visitors have praised the friendly and helpful staff, and many have expressed their intention to return on future trips to Los Angeles. The Concert Hall also offers a cafeteria and bar on the main floor, as well as a gift shop with unique items. Larger restrooms and convenient underground parking are available for a fee. Additionally, the venue is considered one of the most magnificent landmarks in Los Angeles, with its architectural beauty and outstanding performances. There is also a tip to explore the elevated garden in the back of the property for a peaceful respite from downtown Los Angeles. The acoustics of the hall are highly praised, and attendees are advised to arrive early to find their seats. The free audio tour is recommended for those interested in learning more about the building's vision, history, and construction. Overall, the Walt Disney Concert Hall impresses visitors with its captivating architecture, both inside and out, and offers an exceptional concert experience. It has received high praise for its beauty, acoustics, and the friendliness of its staff. For those who appreciate orchestral music, it is considered a must-visit venue.
Address:111 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 323-850-2000



Directly across the road from The Broad Museum. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an absolutely stunning work of architecture from Frank Gehry, who also designed (among others) The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. The sweeping metal exterior panels .. Read more »
This is a really breathtaking location. Nice architecture, one of the best in Los Angeles. The hall is really well designed, with lovely acoustics that spread so effectively.
I never was able to enter but the outside is magnificent. The architecture is really something to marvel at. On a hot day if feels weird because of how hot the and heat is reflected off of the metal structure but overall it’s super pretty to vi.. Read more »
What an amazing experience! Visited with my wife for an orchestra performance in the day. The staff were all beyond friendly and helpful. We definitely will be returning on our next trip to Los Angeles.
The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a beautiful, magical spot, inside out! A definite must experience place in Los Ángeles. The ticket booth is on 1st and Grand as well as some iconic steps. When you walk in there are lots of staff members availab.. Read more »
One of the most magnificent landmarks in Los Angeles. Its architecture and design beauty are only matched by the astounding performances that are presented here. Also of note are the acoustics of the venue. Pro Tip: Take the stairs on either side of .. Read more »
Beautiful venue with amazing acoustics. Underground parking is very convenient and affordable at $10. Saw the LA philharmonic perform and was in awe. Bar and snacks in the first floor and third floor. Arrive at least 20 minutes before the show to get.. Read more »
Really enjoyed wandering around the Walt Disney concert hall! There’s a free audio tour with lots of descriptive stops across multiple floors, where you can learn more about the vision of the building, the history, and how it was made. Good nar.. Read more »
Incredible venue! Wow! Beautiful architecture (inside and outside). Every corner of this building has an interesting design feature of something aesthetically and visually interesting and different. The acoustics were also amazing. Saw Regina Spektor.. Read more »
My wife and I were gifted tickets to the LA Philharmonic performing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This was far an away the most amazing orchestra concert I have experienced in my life. The acoustics of the hall are extraordinary. It was construct.. Read more »
Came here to buy a ticket to one of their up coming event on November 15. The building is absolutely amazing. I absolutely enjoyed my visit. I was in an awe.... The design and the architecture of the building is breathtaking.
A very unique building, an iconic place in LA. I did not attend a show or enter the building, but simply walking around the building and observing its curves, I was impressed at the architecture and design - unlike any other building I have seen. An .. Read more »
Walked in on a Saturday about noon, wasn't sure what we were going to do or what the place was about and after standing there for a few minutes looking at our cell phone maps, Louise ( center of our pic), a young guy who is very knowledgeable, a.. Read more »
The Walt Disney Concert Hall is amazing and beautiful building in downtown L.A.. This building was couple years ago with a unique shape to the building. Visitors from different country's and also different part United States visit this amazin.. Read more »
Architecture is top notch! You will love to walk around inside and take a look to concert hall for free! Though there was not much to do inside when we visited! Would recommend talking the audio self tour to know more about the place! :)
Some of the best shows I've ever seen have taken place at Walt Disney Concert Hall. It's worth seeing a show here for the history alone. Be sure to check out the photographs and copious posters that line the walls both upstairs and downstai.. Read more »
Interesting structure to visit while in downtown Los Angeles. It is worth the visit even if you only walk around outside. There is a small outdoor stage, gardens and sitting areas.
Absolutely incredible! The architecture is just breathtaking. Every corner that you turn is a new surprise. The concert hall itself is so incredibly laid out that acoustically it's one of the best concert Halls I've ever visited in the enti.. Read more »
My husband and I went to see the LA Philharmonic play a concert at Disney Hall -- it was expensive, but for me it was worth every penny because I have been wanting for years to see this Concert Hall. The acoustics, the architectural design, the art, .. Read more »
Great acoustics inside the concert hall of an otherwise weirdly constructed building. Way too few escalators and elevators to get up and down in the complex easily. I would never have given the building an ADA approval. On a personal note, there were.. Read more »
It's crazy to me how great the sound is there no matter where I sit. It's like having a good pair of BOSE headphones in a quiet room. It's been great since COVID because people are more conscious of going to an event while sick. The pe.. Read more »
The concert hall is a great place to explore. We were able to walk and climb all over the exterior which is dotted with little pockets of greenery and little interesting corners as well as some great vista points. Totally free and the Broad Museum is.. Read more »
Always such an amazing experience. The Acoustics are second to none. No matter where you're seated the sound quality is amazing. Make sure to check out the Garden on the roof its a real Hidden Gem.
The exterior design is beautiful. I've passed by many times over the years; this was my first time seeing the interior while attending an event there. I look forward to experiencing the concert hall to further appreciate the entirety of this ve.. Read more »
Not a bad seat at this venue! It's 360 so you can also get a behind the stage view which is pretty cool. I caught the Ry X concert a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The acoustics are done very well and the sound quality is supreme! Excited.. Read more »
So fun to be back! Very smooth and efficient Covid-19 reviews and clearing but monitoring/supervision of mask wearing inside the theater was non existent. Gift Shop is well stocked with excellent holiday gift items.
My most favorite concert hall in the US! Probably one of the best acoustic experiences in the world. Beautiful architecture inside and out, and stadium like seating arrangement adds to the uniqueness of this venue.
Love their concert hall!! Incredible sound - fell in love with this place from the Two Steps from Hell concert years ago?. We always came here for evening concerts and there’s barely time to go outside. Completely floored from the recent visit.. Read more »
Great acoustics inside the concert hall of an otherwise weirdly constructed building. Way too few escalators and elevators to get up and down in the complex easily. I would never have given the building an ADA approval. On a personal note: there were.. Read more »
This was our first time here, even thou we lived in LA for more than 40 years. This place was awesome and wow. The architecture was top notch, the way it designed and built were breathtaking. The angles, the materials were incredible. Inside the conc.. Read more »
This is my favorite destination in Los Angeles. The building itself is incredible. One of Frank Gehry's best architectural achievements. The roof top garden and the fountain made from Delft china, are a wonderful spot to get away in the afternoo.. Read more »
The Disney staff on their toes with their warm assistance. Beautiful musical environment arena. The Master Chorale was magic. Loved every note that Uplifted into my ears, heart, and soul.
I've been waiting patiently for Walt Disney Concert Hall to open and finally got my chance to check it out last night. We walked in and were asked if we were there for the event (an Obama fundraiser - yay!) We weren't and I was afraid that .. Read more »
Amazing Architecture, right besides The broad , this concert hall is a masterpiece. Just climb the stairs and there is a nice deck to sit and chill with a nice view as well . Couldn't get inside as it was closed but completely mesmerized by the .. Read more »
Walt Disney Concert Hall (WDCH) is the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, presenting the best in classical music, contemporary music, world music and jazz. Designed by architect Frank Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall is an internationally rec.. Read more »
Probably the most amazing building in LA! The design of Frank Gehry and Associates Architectural Team, this sculpted metal design is a showstopper when it comes to additional Music Center performances, as well as a bus stopper, when seen by my sights.. Read more »
I didn’t know this place could be toured while not active in concert or event. Loved the beautiful architecture and there’s many nice vantage points for epic photos. Looking forward to returning for a Philharmonic Concert for the New Ye.. Read more »
Its an architectural masterpiece. The design of the building is spectacular. Its a photographers dream to shoot next to it. The inside is wonderful as well, except one thing the carpet need to be update long time ago. great place. best place to look .. Read more »
Its an architectural masterpiece. The design of the building is spectacular. Its a photographers dream to shoot next to it. The inside is wonderful as well, except one thing the carpet need to be update long time ago.
We love the Walt Disney Hall. Easy parking ( reasonnably priced). Great selection of programming. Our cannot miss selection is the white Christmas movie with a singalong and the snow fall at the end.
Perfect weather to just walk around! Love the building structure! Saw a lot of people taking their grad photos. There’s a park not too far from here! Definitely a spot to visit.
Sophisticated Modern Architecture outside and minimalistic simplicity inside. The acoustics are great, but the sound of wooden chairs on a wooden floor is not pleasant during concert.
I can't wait until the Disney Concert Hall reopens. This was one of my favorite places to go on the weekends for small opening and last minutes shows with my husband. The architecture is so inspiring as it makes you feel like you are in another .. Read more »
Such a stunning and iconic piece of architecture! Also such an intimate performer's dream idea of an amphitheater- somehow it was smaller than I'd imagined but that made the experience even more amazing. Saw postmodern jukebox here live! T.. Read more »
A gleaming temple to the performing arts in Los Angeles, named after one of the movie industry’s most famous sons. The long and successful association between film producer Walt Disney (1901–1966) and Hollywood and the city of Los Angele.. Read more »
Interesting architecture. I heard somewhere that the architect was inspired by crumpling up a piece of paper. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it makes an interesting story. The inside is reminiscent of a ship. The acoustics are wonderf.. Read more »
Great place to take photos at ! They will let you shoot anything as long as you don’t put a light stand or a tripod down (you need permit for those - because you’re blocking people from moving around).
One of the great architectural triumphs. As iconic as the Sidney Opera House in Australia. I visited on a perfect day to see American culture at its best.
very good place I have been a couple of times and everything is very comfortable and clean.
His wife was in my own animated comedy central to a good for me a good for me a good for me a good for me a good thing to get out and you have an immediate comment search of his life I am so many years in an immediate comment search of his life I don.. Read more »
Unique architecture I found fun there and beautiful places to visit highly recommended for all!
Visited in November 2019 unfortunately it was closed so i missed attending a concert there. When things get back to normal make sure you visit
This place is so beautiful!! The trees are majestic and the grass is lush green! I went with my family and we had such a good time. The general admission was 9$ and my 1 year old son was free. Of course I wish the price was a little better, consideri.. Read more »
I came here a few years back and didn't think the food was anything too amazing, but decided to come back to try it again and it did not disappoint this time. I'm not a huge lasagna fan whatsoever, but was recommended by friends to try it o.. Read more »
Came here for sightseeing of the concert hall for its stunning look. After visit I should say it’s definitely among masterpieces of modern architecture in the world which you can’t miss in LA! Just beautifully designed. I would just feel .. Read more »