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Vienna, Austria
4.9 / 83
A striking monument of Gothic architecture of the 19th century. Has the most typical elements for this style: openwork decorative patterns that create an airy image, arrow-shaped window spans and arches, high spiers of the main towers. The temple is built of white sandstone, so the building often requires renovation. The church appeared in gratitude to God from Emperor Franz Joseph.
Address:Rooseveltplatz, Wien
Phone:+43 1 4061192



Kateryna Pelekh
A very beautiful cathedral. Free admission. In the middle, we were impressed by the unusually colored stained glass windows.
Suzanna Ohlin
You can visit for free. It’s very bright and impressive. This neo-gothic church has quite an interesting story, being sponsored by, at the time, the future emperor of Mexico and brother to Franz Josef I. The stained glass inside is worth a visi.. Read more »
Johannes Kaiser
A really beautiful church, impressive piece of architecture. Really worth a visit if u visit Vienna.
Marko Glišić
Impressive church with rich decorated facades. It is relatively new, built on land emerged after demolition of Viennas protective walls around 1st district. It was recently restored and cleaned.
A very beautiful church, recently renovated it seems. Free to enter, it stands in a lovely park, well worth a visit.
Arūnas (travelandknow)
Wow, just wow! This is a stunning Neo-Gothic building with beautiful stained glass windows. Worth visiting.
Valentin D
Amazing building with great architecture. I have visited on a sunday morning and it had free entrance. Should not be missed on a trip to Vienna.
Erik Hagen Nymoen
The Votivkirche is truly a sight to behold! Even though I only saw it from the outside, its stunning architecture left us in awe. A must-see landmark that showcases the beauty of Vienna.
Tony, le Lavallois
The Votive Church is a must visit location. An assassination attempt of an emperor of Austria failed. So the emperor's brother initiated a campaign to build this Church. The gothic architecture is simply mesmerizing and the Church is imposing. .. Read more »
Elena Tomeska
A beautiful neo-Gothic style church built in the 19th century, an echo of distant Gothic architecture. The entrance to the inside of the church is free and you can see the beautiful stained glass windows from nearby because you can see all parts of t.. Read more »
Voinescu Petre Adrian
Very, very beautiful church. Th interior is just mesmerazing, I would even say it's more beautiful than Stephansdom due to the stained glass inside.
Explorer Of The Infinity
One of the beautiful Churches of Vienna. If you like to see an architectural brilliance, please visit this church. But I think it's high time to rethink in this 2023 what is the motive behind all the things going inside this beautiful place of w.. Read more »
A church that is exquisite from every angle. Incredibly holy. Especially when the sun shines on the church, your eyes don't want to leave.
herm dig
One of the joys of Vienna is its churches. Wander in any of them from the street and you are sure to discover something to delight and surprise. The scale and grandeur of this church is on a par with most cathedrals. It is simply vast. The enormous s.. Read more »
William Harrack
One of many impressive places of worship in Vienna . Quite transfixing when you look at the detail within. It’s hard to say which is the best out of several I visited. I would say though it was well worth the visit. Big renovations underway int.. Read more »
Jesper Karlsson
Really stunning place with many unique and nice details. A real monument. I recommend to go to the church if you are in Wien!
Oleksandr Protsenko
The temple was built at the end of 19th century. Just fabulous architecture. Many unusual stained glass windows in the temple. During the visit, it was partially under reconstruction. Entrance is free.
In my opinion it is the most beautiful church in Vienna. I recommend admiring it while resting in nearby Sigmund Freud park.
Alex. D.
Votivkirche was built in the second half of the 19th century in neo-gothic style. It was meant to be a votive offering after the attempted assassination of Emperor Franz Joseph in 1853.
Alex Escala
The church is being renovated but you can really see it’s distinct beauty. The stained glass is prayerfully astonishing.
Colleen M Wagner
One of my favorite churches to visit when in Vienna. Although it is undergoing renovations it doesn’t take away from the interiors beauty. Some of the best stained glass windows I’ve seen. The main altar is beautiful without being gaudy. .. Read more »
Lita Fišere
This church maybe isn't as impressive as Stephan's, but you still can appreciate the arhitectur. But most of all enjoy the quiet and be with your thoughts.
Vlada Pavlenko
It is amazing. We were here in the evening and there were a music band that rehearse something. It was so breathtaking to hear such beautiful voice of the girl with the echo.
emre özbey
Definitely worth seeing impressive architecture.
Andrea Lazzeri
Very beautiful church with a big park in front of it. Visit it if you are around, it's free and it's worth it. Bonus: on the walls you can see the coats of arms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire provinces
Ivan Dabić
The church was under some reconstructions when we got there but, the overall feeling was just overwhelming. The gothic style in architecture is simply stunning. It was built in 18th century as a gratitude to God for saving the life of emperor Franz J.. Read more »
Johan Sandberg
Magnificent! (Although it was undergoing extensive restorative work, both on the exterior as well as the interior)
Francesco Tazzer
In the heart of Vienna, a masterpiece of gothic art and construction
Martina Dušková
We've seen many churches in Vienna but this one was my most favourite one. Highly recommend a visit!
John Murray
The most beautiful church in Vienna.
Arik Binder
Very unique church One of a kind You can not miss seeing it
A beautiful white church near Beauthoven house. I should visit inside next time.
osiris pedroso
It will be even better when they complete the renovations.
Welerson Santos
I love old structures, the details, every whim. Wonderful, beautiful and charming. Besides being giant and well cared for. Vienna is very beautiful.
Павел Зорин
Vonderful Church, very beauteful, very good location, very Nice arhitecture, vonderful park close this Church, very Nice place, amaizing cathedral, like Notre Damm, i love this Church, THANK YOU VERY MATCH AND GREATEST GRATITUDE FOR YOU VOTIV CHURCH .. Read more »
Dawid S. Bodlaj
One of the most beautiful churches in Vienna.
Олексій Чайковський
This is the most beautiful and architecture I have ever seen, especially wonderful structures at the back side of the church
Adam Widłak
Most beautiful peace of Architecture worth of Visit here in Vien. There is an U-ban station nearby as well as several bas & tram routes. Build on classic cross plan using a sandstone walls of the church is full of extremely well crafted details, .. Read more »
Владислав Моисеев
We had lived about 300 meters from this place. It's very nice
Kulan Kahadugoda
Beautiful church! Free admission and breathtaking - the sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows is a sight to behold. Must visit!