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Vcelka Waterfall

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
4.6 / 52
"Vchelka Waterfall" is a magnificent and breathtaking place that is located on the Gnila River. To get to it, you can cover 8 kilometers on SUP boards, by bike across the dam in the village of Teterveka, or by boat. This is a truly cozy corner of nature where you can enjoy the sound of falling water and completely relax. __However, it is worth noting that due to its location on the territory of an active military training ground, getting to the waterfall can be problematic. Despite this, people still find ways to get there, for example by walking or cycling across the dam in the village of Teterveka or by boat. __Vchelka Waterfall itself is beautiful and powerful, and its picturesqueness is simply impressive. It is very important to note that it is always clean and not crowded, which makes this place special, because it is not a “pass-through”. Many people note that the trip to the waterfall is worth it. Even if you have to walk 7 kilometers through hills and valleys, you will be rewarded with a magnificent and powerful waterfall. Some were unlucky with the weather, but they didn’t meet a lot of people.__However, you should be careful when traveling to the waterfall, as it is located on the territory of an airborne military unit. Therefore, it is better not to try to drive through the central checkpoint, as they will not let you through.__There are also reviews where people talk about negative experiences of traveling to the waterfall. Some claim that their fishing rod was taken away and they shouted for a long time about the fact that this was a military unit and the territory of a training ground. Some even received a baton from the military. Despite all this, the waterfall is still amazing.__One of the important aspects worth mentioning is the condition of the road. It turns out to be difficult and causes stress during the trip.__There are also reviews in which people complain that it is almost impossible to get to the waterfall due to its location on the territory of a tank training ground and the fact that the military does not allow entry. Some express their opinion that an attraction of this level should be accessible to everyone, and not just military units. They call for open access and talk about the terrible condition of the road to the checkpoint from the village of Singuri.__Some people
Address:река Гнилопять



The road is simply terrible, if it rains, then you cannot drive in a normal car at all. We did not drive 1.5 km to the waterfall itself. Fence, barrier and further passage is prohibited.
Great place! Getting there is only a little difficult !!!! And the fact that the place is without people, it's great!
Really beautiful place.. you can swim in the river, enjoy the waterfall along with the nature - and the trip getting there is beautiful!
8 kilometers along the Rot river, five on SUP boards, and as a reward the sound of falling water, a cozy corner of nature.
Cool place. The rest is just great. Beauty.
Great place to relax. Charges with energy?⚡
A beautiful, powerful, picturesque waterfall. And clean, which is important. Because the place is not "passable" ....
7 km walk through the hills and valleys back and forth, and the reward is a powerful beautiful waterfall. The weather was unlucky, there was a stormy wind, but there were not many people.))
Under a shower of bullets. The waterfall is beautiful, but is located on military territory. And to be there illegally, and even more so to fry kebabs))
Amazing waterfall. Full-flowing and powerful in spring. The roads are true .... Strenuous.
Super cool place. I want to get there again. But this is a military training ground, so there is only on the river Gnilopyat or on foot
Impossible to get in. The waterfall is located on the territory of a tank training ground. Whatever you ask, the military will not let you through. Generous dignity should belong to the whole people, not just the military unit! Make it open source! I.. Read more »
He served as an urgent at this training ground. Nature of incredible beauty. I watched how beavers live in the wild, and are not at all afraid of humans, but then there was no instagram and newfangled phones, it remained with me in my memory.
Very beautiful place! And the autumn way to it is also beautiful, gilded, mushroom :).
Beautiful nature, and after the ban on free access of civilians, even clean.
I love this place !!! Every year we come to admire the waterfall, especially in early spring.
There is no fuss.
Clearly, there are no crazy motorists.
Super beautifull place!
Very beautiful place in the Zhytomyr region. It's not so easy to get there, since this is a tank training ground, but it's worth it. You can drive through the village of Singuri to the checkpoint (the road is very bad) and ask the guards. I.. Read more »