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Vinnytsia walls

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
3.3 / 15
The Vinnytsia Walls are the remains of a defensive temple complex located in the city center. It is unfortunate that the complex is currently in a state of decline and abandonment. However, it still holds historical significance and is worth visiting. It would be fascinating to witness the complex being restored to its former glory. The Vinnytsia Walls are a complex of defensive and monastic buildings dating back to the 17th century. The complex included the Jesuit monastery, Jesuit church, college, dormitory, Dominican monastery, and Dominican church. These structures were surrounded by sturdy fortress walls with buttresses, loopholes, and battle towers. Originally built by Jesuit monks, the walls served as the main defense for the city. Later, the Dominican monastery and church were added nearby. Currently, there is not much to see as the walls are fenced off with an iron fence, and there is a parking lot on one side. However, with a desire, one can still approach the wall and get a closer look. Despite the current state of decline, the Vinnytsia Walls hold great historical value. It is also a popular spot for cyclists to test their brakes and for pedestrians to challenge their leg muscles on the nearby Kropyvnytskyi Street. The cathedral and church in close proximity offer passages to the dungeon, adding to the intrigue of the location. Occasionally, historians of Vinnytsia region organize excursions to the area, providing interesting and informative insights. While the walls may appear spoiled and neglected, there are ongoing restoration efforts taking place. This makes it an interesting place to witness the reconstruction of medieval fortifications in Vinnytsia. It is hoped that in the future, the parking lot will be removed from under the walls and a beautiful street will be built, while the walls themselves are restored. This would make the Vinnytsia Walls an attractive tourist destination in the city, as currently, the walls alone are the main point of interest. It would also be fascinating to explore the middle of the walls, as historical records suggest a monastery once stood there.
Address:Mury Street, 12, Vinnytsia
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The remains of the walls of the defensive temple complex located in the city center. It is a pity that the complex is destroyed and abandoned. But overall a good historical location. It would be interesting to see the complex restored.
A historical monument that, unfortunately, is declining. It is surrounded by a fence, but, if desired, you can approach the wall and closer
Vinnytsia Walls is a complex of defensive and monastic buildings of the 17th century in Vinnytsia. It consisted of buildings and walls of the Jesuit monastery, Jesuit church, college and dormitory (dormitories), as well as the Dominican monastery and.. Read more »
There is almost nothing to look at. The wall is fenced with an iron fence, on one side there is a parking lot for cars.
A truly historic place. And for cyclists a place to check two-wheel brakes. Checking leg muscles and endurance on the next street - Kropyvnytskyi)) Near the cathedral, opposite the church, from which there are passages to the dungeon, where there was.. Read more »
Spoiled walls, new roof. Everything is fenced. (
Now on restoration, so not yet very "Instagram" place)
The only place in Vinnytsia where the fortifications of the Middle Ages have been partially preserved. Now they are under reconstruction.
Okay. I hope someday the parking lot will be removed from under the walls and a beautiful street will be built, and the walls themselves will be restored. It would be a pretty good magnet for tourists in the city. Because so far only the wall is inte.. Read more »
Not much interest, as the monument is destroyed by itself, new houses are being built nearby. As the taxi driver said "there's nothing to watch"
It is a pity that it has not been completely preserved and I feel that it will not be long for them to be the property of society, unfortunately
Vinnytsia walls on the outside, and a museum of local lore inside
Not impressive..
It is not clear where those walls are. Everything is behind the fence, nothing is visible at all
Not that much ... ??