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Vinnytsia Tramway Museum

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.6 / 20
The Vinnytsia Tramway Museum is a must-visit attraction for tram enthusiasts and history lovers. The museum showcases a collection of trams from different eras, providing visitors with a glimpse into the history and development of this mode of transportation. Led by knowledgeable and friendly tour guides, visitors are taken on an informative and engaging tour, where they can learn about the tram depot and its significance in Vinnytsia. The museum also offers the opportunity to see and explore various trams, including the iconic Swiss trams that run in the city. The tour provides a unique experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the spirit of tram history and gain a deeper appreciation for this form of transport. Whether you are a tram enthusiast or simply looking for an interesting and educational experience, the Vinnytsia Tramway Museum is a must-visit destination.
Address:Khmel'nyts'ke Highway, 29, Vinnytsia
Phone:+380 98 004 3057



We never got on the excursion, although we went to Vinnytsia precisely for this museum. The child is very upset. Terrible, irresponsible attitude of t.. Read more »
A huge THANK YOU for the tour! Interesting and informative. The students really liked it! The tour guide is sociable, positive, pleasant person! Lyceu.. Read more »
Interesting museum, so to speak authentic! The guide, who is also the main inspirer and organizer of this museum, will tell and show you a lot of inte.. Read more »
Very interesting, pleasant guide - showed cars of different times and a service station, told a lot of interesting information.
Children and adults are delighted. They felt the spirit of tram history?. We visited the heart of the depot - the mechanical department.
The tram network in Vinnytsia has been operating since 1913 and recently celebrated its 108th anniversary. Usually foreigners or Ukrainians from other.. Read more »
A very interesting tour by sightseeing tram with a continuation in the tram depot.
If you go, call in advance. Very charismatic and sociable guide. You may even be interested in those who do not care at all on the tram. The excursion.. Read more »
A beautiful unique museum, an interesting story from Oleg, the opportunity to get on different trams - the best impressions. A place that you should d.. Read more »
It was very interesting, thank you very much for a good time !!!
Very interesting museum, good tour. From Mr. Oleg ... I recommend, especially with children.
It is not clear how to get there, where is the entrance. We could only find a guard who could not orientate. In the end, we waited an hour, but did no.. Read more »
I caught a pokemon class only from us a gypsy stole it
Unable to rate, as you need to make an appointment in advance to visit. Although the exhibits were visible in the yard.
The children were delighted. Let in different trams, old, very old, old foreign cars, brand new. Advice to non-residents: call back in advance, make a.. Read more »
The history of our tram is well shown.
For those who are interested in trams, I sincerely recommend! The guide is very good, he is really interested in this topic. He showed me the depot, t.. Read more »
Tram fans must visit! The director of the museum conducts a very interesting excursion, tells many interesting facts about the history of Vinnitsa tra.. Read more »
History is always special to us! Unique place to learn how much transportation was changed over the years. I recommend to check this place out. Our 6 .. Read more »
It is very interesting to learn about the oldest public transport in Vinnytsia! The cleanliness of depots and repair shops is impressive. We thank our.. Read more »