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Villa Borghese

Rome, Italy
4.6 / 99
The palace of the XVI century, built for Cardinal Scipione Borghese on the site of former vineyards. The building is surrounded by a huge park in the English style with numerous antique statues. There is a hippodrome, a zoo, a theater and several museums on site. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the mansion with the park belonged to the Borghese family, then all the property was transferred to the state.
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Amazing amazing art inside a relatively small building. Book far jn advance because they have limited admission. A tour will really help with perspective too
Just a nice quiet walk around a shaded park. Places to sit. A small cafe. Great views across the city, and if you've walked up the Spanish steps then it's worth a look. You can come down into Piazza Popolo and walk back down to the Spanish .. Read more »
Big park with plenty of shade and space to walk, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can rent a little cycle buggy for 4 people or a boat on the miniature lake. The park itself is very arid and dry this time of year, so bring a blanket i.. Read more »
Amazing, big park with breathtaking views of Rome and plenty of shadowy paths to explore. There is a lake in the middle of the park where you can rent a boat. It is a nice and quiet break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also possible to.. Read more »
Beautiful. I came here as a tourist just walking around and it was such a relaxing experience. If I was to ever live in Rome, I would go by this place everyday for a walk or for a run. I recommend it if you just need a break and relaxing time.
It is an amazing place to sit, keep cool, and breathe after a hectic day; the views across the city are awesome from up there. All I will say is watch out for the rose sellers. They are a nuisance. Don't let them push you into taking a rose. Be .. Read more »
Nice escape from the craziness in Rome for a peaceful picnic. So much to see at this park so be prepared to walk walk walk. There are stands for waters and snacks. You can rent quad and double pedal bikes, electric motor assisted! And much much mo.. Read more »
I really wish we had more time to spend here. The grounds were beautiful. A lot of folks just strolling and picnicking. They also have playgrounds for the children. A lot of fountains, statues, and greenery. We did a guided golf cart tour and briefly.. Read more »
This was a pretty cool place. It's a large 198-acre park in Rome with a pond and lots of walking and biking trails. There's a nice art museum at the main Villa, and other structures throughout the area. It's a nice place to spend an af.. Read more »
Gorgeous park & gardens in the middle of Rome, full & rich of history - well worth a visit. We hired a 4 wheeled bike for an hour & did the whole park with plenty of stop offs for photos. Lots of people, dogs & families visiting, some.. Read more »
Huge and beautiful park. Spent the whole afternoon there and managed to see an amazing sunset few steps from the park. If you go there, make sure you get a ride on one of those 2-sided bikes, so fun and helps you get throughout the park and see every.. Read more »
Beautiful park! We took a tour on a small bus/cart and didn’t realize how big this park was. Strongly recommend doing the small tour. They also rent golf carts, bikes etc. There are many small stands that sell snacks. If you’re planning o.. Read more »
If you are in Rome and are looking for a break from tourists, this is a lovely oasis worth visiting, especially before dusk. Besides the interesting architecture, sculptures, pathways, and assortment of plants, you can also see the bright green parak.. Read more »
Amazing place very beautiful very recommended! Everyone should go it is a very nice villa, also a good place to go to and very recommended for anyone. Very nice trees and road, open all day every day. Good to bring food for a picnic and relax near th.. Read more »
Beautiful park to walk or bike around, it is very peacefully. You can rent a bike from 1 to 4 people (5 euros per person for 1 hr) or just walk around. it is totally worthy. Tips: Bring your own bottle of water and fill it in any of the several fount.. Read more »
A nice break from the bustling streets of Rome. It would have been nice if the grounds were better tended. There were no nice grassy lawns like other parks I’ve seen in Europe. It would be nice to have bicycles for rent to ride around the park... Read more »
After a few days of being in a busy city, we needed a bit of green space to walk about in & took a walk up the many, many stairs to get to the park. It was a beautiful space with lots of shade & with musicians playing on the boulevard. We vis.. Read more »
Beautiful, huge, peaceful and safe! We had a nap (two women) in the middle of the day and were not bothered by anyone. It's so green and gorgeous. Unfortunately we went on a day that the gallery itself was closed but the park was so enjoyable.
What a nice garden in the middle of the most beautiful city I've ever been. Rome has so many monuments, and pretty houses, a ton of beautiful architecture, that we completely forgot about visiting any gardens. Out of nowhere while moving inside .. Read more »
We didn't get a chance to see it all but what we did see, we loved! So relaxing and beautiful, lots of different statues and fountains. You can hire pedal cars and various other modes of transport whether you're a single person, couple of a.. Read more »
Beautiful park to go for a walk. The total area of which is really huge. It was very nice to visit it during the spring period when everything is getting green and there were lots of flowers. Nice activity worth trying is the rent of oar boats. Which.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful park. It's enormous and there's lots to see. It's very clean and an amazing space to have a picnic. Had a great time. We render bicycles to be able to see every inch of the garden.
The most beautiful, incredible park I have ever seen. A local said it is like Rome’s version of Central Park, but I think it is so much more than that. My breath was taken away as I walked around—the fountains, statues, and nature were in.. Read more »
Such a beautiful park located so close to many other attractions (including the Borghese Museum, which the park hosts). It feels good to just walk around and see the different parts of the park, from vast lawns to statues and other architectural deta.. Read more »
Huge public park in Rome, lovely open space for families, friends or sweethearts. The villa and Museum was a pure pleasure to experience. Only down side was that it didn't seem very well signposted. Exquisite sculpture, so good that the human fo.. Read more »
Gorgeous park in the city, with a cute small artificial lake, where is possible to rent a roaring boat. Around the park you will find quite few bar and truck for a simple break. During sunny days, I recommend a picnic or simply laying on the grass an.. Read more »
Exceptional park inner of Rome, with lots of facilities and services. Large parks with greenery have positive impact on the city. Villa Borghese park boasts a beautiful artificial lake which you can cross with a boat. Inside the park there is a coffe.. Read more »
Just to clarify (because i somehow missed this) there is no official villa Borghese house. There are buildings but the name refers to the entire land/garden here. Very beautiful place with a couple of free museums. Bring food with you and have a pic.. Read more »
A large park containing a number of museums and a zoo. Entrance to park, but not the museum's and zoo, is free. On a fine day it is a lovely place for a walk, cycle or run. Even dogs have their own field. In hot weather there is plenty of shade .. Read more »
The grounds are very nice. A shady stroll through many paths transecting this vastly green place. Often times where the paths cross there is either a fountain or a statue placed in there. I'm sure a long way from its botanical origins I didn.. Read more »
We decided to stop by this park on our last evening in Rome and I am glad we did. Although we weren't going to look for a specific thing we had a great time just getting lost in the park. There were plenty of cool statues to see and views of the.. Read more »
This is a great place to see the sunset. It is a unique place because it enhances the light of the sun towards the whole piazza. I advise you to go at 19:00 on the afternoon. If you are lucky you can enjoy a show. It changes throughout the days.
This is one of my favorite places in the world. It is a beautiful park with wonderful sculptures and greenery and an unbelievably awesome museum with tons of Bernini’s. The park is good for walking, running, and all types of leisure and sports .. Read more »
This is one of my favorite places in the world. It is a beautiful park with wonderful sculptures and greenery and an unbelievably awesome museum with tons of Bernini’s. The park is good for walking, running, and all types of leisure and sports .. Read more »
Great Great! Lovely place. Refreshing. Bring your family and kids. You can spend a day with nature in to the city! There are lots of fun staff avilable. Restaurants, Bar, food-cart.
A very nice park in the centre of Rome city. You can do walk, jog,cycling and can take your children for outing. It is a large park and you can have a picnic here. It is a very good place for even studying. Pretty much you can do everything. The only.. Read more »
A very big villa. A very good place to spend time with kids. Tricycles are available on rent. There is a zoo on the one side of the Villa. In addition, there is boating facility. So, families can enjoy the whole day here.
We didn't manage to go through everything here as we only got to villa Borghese on our last day in Roma and we left definitely feeling like we needed another couple of days here. The sights here have some really good photo opportunities and ther.. Read more »
Enormous park with many historical interests in the heart of Rome! Although some parts are not well maintained, it's still an amazing park to spend the day with family and friends with lots of fun activities to try.
One of the must-see in Rome
Nice escape in the city, we scooted around on the electric scooters for a great time and a good laugh
I love Villa Borghese park! It has amazing views of Rome, is huge, and completely free! Take a walk, ride/rent a bike, have a picnic - you can do anything here! They even have food trucks, small restaurants, small carnival rides for children, fountai.. Read more »
Awesome place for walking, running, spending a pleasant time with your loved ones. The park is huge and like another world with in. It is easily accessible through bus and metro. Stunning views with parks, museums, cinema, zoo etc.., so it is like a.. Read more »
Beautiful park in the heart of Rome. It has a vast area of greenery. So large with many beautiful trees, musicians playing romantic music and a beautiful lake. There are also activities for kids. Highly recommend for a romantic walk.
This park must be one of the best on the planet. Sadly, due to the people I was with I had to go to the modern art museum which wasn't personally for me. But the lakes/ponds here are very pleasant and have turtles in them. Also the structures an.. Read more »