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Vienna Operahouse

Vienna, Austria
4.8 / 128
Symbol of Vienna, one of the best opera houses in Europe. Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas and other great performers performed here at different times. Among the regular productions are works by Strauss, Mozart, Verdi and Ravel. The modern building of the theater appeared in the XIX century. It was immediately headed by Gustav Mahler. At the opening in 1965, Don Mozart's "Don Juan" sounded to the audience.
Address:Opernring 2, Wien
Phone:+43 1 514442250



If you've ever fancied trying out an opera or a ballet this is definitely for you. Tickets should be bought direct from the opera house & go on sale around 3 months in advance. The building is magnificent. If you're not a fan of Opera o.. Read more »
The opera house is beautiful and the performance was fantastic. Take care to book tickets in advance, otherwise last minute solution is to search the concert ticket sellers on the corner. They are dressed in Mozart time costumes and have the opera b.. Read more »
An amazingly opulent building which exceeded expectations. Ticket prices are available to suit most budgets, however, like everywhere, you get what you pay for. It's worth noting that the ticket I bought was described as "restricted view&qu.. Read more »
You can visit the opera with a guided tour and/or by buying a ticket for a show during the season. I highly recommend both as the tour well give you a historical background and a show well allow you to enjoy the venue. Also, the opera offers various.. Read more »
A beautiful historical opera house with a great legacy and continued excellence. Grab tickets for a show extremely early because seats sell extremely fast. Some seats don't actually have a view of the stage so pay attention to which you purchase.. Read more »
Worth to watch an opera or ballet! Highly recommended! Don't forget, the dress code is business smart. Not a must but shows your respect.
Very beautiful building inside. We went to a ballet presentation and it was an incredible experience. Just an advice, it worth to buy good tickets, because there are a lot of places with the view blocked.
Very grand, we had the tour which lasted about 45 minutes. It's very opulent, well worth having a look. The guide was a young lady and was very friendly, she very clearly loved the opera and the Vienna Operahaus.
Really beautiful and we loved that you can go out on the balcony. We sat in the cheap(er) seats and could still see/appreciate the music. We aren't exactly Opera experts so the screens with English and German translations were great. Glad we got.. Read more »
Very interesting tour (a little bit too crowded) through the Opera. Our guide was very interesting and prepared. Maybe smaller groups or the use of earphones would permit to better enjoy the experience
One of the famous attractions at Vienna with rich history. I think the tour could have been better- little big crowd with 1 tour guide. Inside was good but I feel there are lot better opera houses around the world. I believe the history and outside t.. Read more »
Loved the architecture of the building, the sound quality and the show itself was amazing. The only issue is with the ridiculous tickets they are selling. The seats they put you in are very funny. I get that they want to sell the seats and make money.. Read more »
Very good tour guide. We find it a bit difficult to get tickets on line so we went directly to the opera house. Purchased tickets with no wait and then you go inside to wait until the tour in your language begins. We only waited a half hour and enjo.. Read more »
A must-visit cultural place in Vienna. But be careful, they are very strict about arriving on time or even returning back to the seat after a break. In my case, I couldn't return back to the seat after visiting the toilet, even though my seat wa.. Read more »
We got standing room tickets in the gallery and it was worth every minute and penny. You must wear closed toe or semi formal footwear. And men must wear pants. To even buy tickets they will check your attire. We got there two hours before the show st.. Read more »
The fabled Opera of Vienna has been impressive since hundreds of years and this review will also keep up to the tradition. It's still amazing, breathtaking and simply the best. The guided tour performed for us was very easy to understand, contai.. Read more »
Truly the cultural heart of Vienna! Super exciting experience. Advise to get tickets online way before the performance. If you arrive earlier, you will have a chance to take photos of the interior without been interrupted by crowd.
A unique and different experience for the architecture of this building is one of a kind from outside and inside. We chose to have a guided tour for one hour. It is for 13 euros only per person and you can choose the language you prefer. It was a det.. Read more »
Wonderful tour of the Operahouse. The tour was so detailed and provided so much great history and information on the ins and outs of the working Operahouse today! I loved hearing about how so many people work everyday to ensure the shows happen witho.. Read more »
This place is remarkable! The gilding of the decorations, the grandeur of the amphitheatre, the beauty of the view over the roofs and the grace of the artists are simply remarkable! This place touched me a lot, for the ballet of course, but also for .. Read more »
It is worthy of being one of the top four opera houses in the world, and it is beautiful from the inside out. There are small screens in front of the seats, and the lines are translated in eight languages, so you don't have to worry about not be.. Read more »
Certainly if you visit Vienna you should consider to assist a guided tour to the opera House or enjoying a live performance. I did both: the guided tour cost €13 for about 40 minutes and it's available in different languages. Theatre ticket.. Read more »
The place is amazing. You can live an wonderful experience in here! Give me goosebumps just for remembering the night I watched the Tristan Isolde from Wagner! The acoustic of the place is incredible, if you have time, the chance to check it up and t.. Read more »
This place is remarkable! The gilding of the decorations, the grandeur of the amphitheatre, the beauty of the view over the roofs and the grace of the artists are simply remarkable! This place touched me a lot, for the ballet of course, but also for .. Read more »
Overwhelmingly beautiful building and lovely performance in the opera Capriccio. Make sure to wear semi-formal clothes (long pants for men) to be permitted to enter. (We visited on a very hot day in shorts but fortunately has a set of spare pants in .. Read more »
Loved it! It's not cheap but I will never forget this experience. Book your tickets in advance, you will always be able to resell. I've booked the balcony front row and really enjoyed it. Acoustics are just amazing.
The building is stunning, and before the show (or during intermission) you can take advantage of the opera's many balconies to get a lovely view of the city and the rooftop statues. One should note that when the opera categorizes a seat as havi.. Read more »
Amazing. Stunning. A must for on your visit to Vienna! Loved the screens with each seat translating to your language. Making it helpful to follow the story. Made it so enjoyable. I'm eager to go to another opera now!
Amazing experience. Went to see Rigoletto and the production was flawless, impeccable. The theatre itself is a jewel. It's so enormous that I didn't even have time to see all the rooms. Definitely visit if you're in Vienna.
Pretty disappointing and underwhelming. The hall itself is pretty bland compared to the artistry of many other halls or performance venues. It’s hyped up as one of the best in the world and honestly, it’s just barely average comparatively.. Read more »
Highly recommend to sign up for the tour. It gives one so much detailed information about the history as well as the current massive operations behind the scenes of the opera House.. I'll buy a ticket to see a show the next time I visit Vienna.
Always awed by the beauty of this opera house. Watched Don Carlo on Christmas day. Sublime production. Great orchestra. I felt so blessed with the great conductor's interpretion. Never heard Don Carlo so refreshing like that. All the staff were .. Read more »
This is an amazing experience, it's a must to visit if you love opera. Each seat is equipped with a small screen that has the script on in English, French or German so no need to buy the libretto (booklet). All the good places are usually fully .. Read more »
Wonderful venue! Doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside the architecture is amazing! The auditorium is fabulously old fashioned & beautiful, whilst the atrium is a gorgeous modern space with a Victorian glasshouse ceiling & .. Read more »
The best Opera Theater in the World, there's always something amazing to see, opera or ballet. If you're visiting Vienna I'd definitely recommend attending a performance here. Art of the highest quality! Can't wait to be back.
Definitely a must for Vienna. If you are student or the prices are high for you, i would recommend you to get into the line in Operngasse side of the opera and buy a standing ticket which costs only 10€. Don't think that you will stand up d.. Read more »
The Vienna State Opera building is very beautiful both outside and inside. If you like opera then a visit to any performance will be a treat. You can get hold of some good tickets for a reasonable price for at least a month before the performance. Th.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful opera buildings O ever seen! Both from the outside and from the inside. We've watched two performances - both were perfect!
A great experience every time. Besides very good events there is always a special, inviting, atmosphere. Definitely to add on the 'to do' list.
One of the place you need to visit. The guide tour will be nice choice to start with. There are two things you need to be careful.1. you can always buy opera ticket in their own box office. 2. You need to bring your photo ID if you will see the show.. Read more »
When you visit Vienna in July and August please be aware that the Opera house is on a break and that they don’t offer any shows during that time. However, you can join a guided tour through the opera which i can really really recommend. You wil.. Read more »
Vienna opera house will always be a place I would love to revisit. During my first visit, I appreciate the Vienna State Opera’s long history of working with artists. One of the fantastic project is Safety Curtain- it is an on-going exhibition .. Read more »
Nice architectural work. I don’t know how people can make this perfect acoustic room. Really close to public transportation. They also have a regular performance on a daily basis. Tickets are available online or the street next to the building... Read more »
Astonishing state of the art interior. The guide was really positive. Great tour inside.
It is very nice most of it was destroyed during ww2. It has been rebuilt since then and you can clearly see the difference between old and new construction
Very glad to visit the ballet in Wien Opera! My husband bought the tickets before 100 minutes for 10 euro! We sat in the center. Cool evening! Professional orchestra and ballet dancers! 5 stars! #wienopera #ballet
The most prestige opera in the whole world! You need to wait months for the chance to buy tickets ,but if you manage to buy tickets you will have wonderful time.
I was for the nth time just outside the building the other day and as always, it mesmerizes me. I have been a few times inside the building for operas and it is an unforgettable experience. I have a slight preference for classical music only and ther.. Read more »
My wife and I went to a 5-hour opera, but my wife's monitor (for the subtitles) was broken. Considering how expensive the tickets were and how long the opera was, it really felt that not understanding what was going on ruined our enjoyment of th.. Read more »
Pause!! I want to watch any event inside but for long time it is paused. Maybe next year! Beautiful theater.
It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to in my entire life. Don't ever visit Vienna without checking this place out. Every half an hour there are guided tours for with 3 different languages and the staff members are very he.. Read more »
Visiring Vienna's Opera House is such a beautiful experience, either for a concert, opera or ballet. Amazing productions until the last detail in beautiful and elegant ambiance. I last visited during Corona time and was impressed by the new rule.. Read more »
The tour guide was very nice, friendly and very informative. The opera is absolutely stunning. I recommend getting the tour. VFM 10/10
I wish I could have gone inside nevertheless outside the building is still absolutely outstanding
Just wonderful
One can not not admire this magnificent building, the institution. Vienna State Opera, the most famous is a city institution of this kind, but also one of the most popular operas in the world. For the public was opened on May 25, 1869 with the premie.. Read more »
I recommend to take a tour inside the opera building even if you don't watch a play. The decorations are divine!
This place is a photographers delight....situated right in the heart of Vienna it is a place to get great photographs..Day or night...its walking distance from the beautiful cathedral and in the centre of action of night life of Vienna...all the Hots.. Read more »
Really worthy visiting. It’s an architectural gem which dates from the era of Emperor Francis Joseph I. It’s considered one of the leading opera houses in the world. You can book a guided tour in different languages; those tickets must be.. Read more »
Lovely. There is a tour to visit the opera that is offered in different languages. Check the timetable. The tour is short (around 30 minutes) but very interesting. The opera season runs from September to June and there is a recess in July and August.
You can see the opera from the inside through a guided tour. You don't need reservations if you're a German or English speaker. You can buy tickets on the spot before the tour. For hours, check their website.
I couldn't find it, it isn't there. I mean it's close. I love the building, why did they change the outside?
It's a fascinating building! I've never been that much interested in operas and such kind of art, but being their is definitely a remarkable experience! Everything there looks soo classy! The staff is polite and always ready to help! Althou.. Read more »
Beautiful building. Even for non-musical people it is an amazing to look at and imagine how the shows must look like. The tour guides describe well the history and different parts of the building. The group size can be slightly too large, and at time.. Read more »