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Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.7 / 98
Museum that tells about the creativity and life of one of the most striking representatives of Dutch painting. In addition to the works of Master Van Gogh, there are exhibited canvases Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, Sulfur. The path of the artist was short, not easy, but very productive - he began to draw after 30 years and created more than 800 paintings until at the age of 37 he shot himself. The museum was organized in 1973.



It was amazing museum! My boyfriend and I spent our time almost 4 hours there. I highly recommend to get their audio guide. It helped me much deeper understanding a lot.
The museum building itself is amazing to see. You have to book in advance and we decided to go with the audioguide, which was a good choice as there are not a lot of descriptions to the paintings on the wall. However, the numbers of the paintings are.. Read more »
It’s a must to book ticket in advance (like a week in advance) because it’s often fully booked. It was an honor to see with my eyes Van Gogh’s works. And the audio guide was helpful, informative, telling different perspectives. The.. Read more »
Fantastic gallery that is really well laid out and easy to explore. The displays are beautiful and I highly recommend the audio tour to provide additional commentary on key pieces of art. Two hours was the ideal amount of time to explore the permanen.. Read more »
Absolutely essential place to visit in Amsterdam! Amazing collection of art pieces all in one place. Modern architecture. Perfect tour and audio guide. The location is easy to reach and it is definitely one of the best museums in the city and at all.
One the best experiences I’ve ever had was in this museum. Great masterpieces with good information which you can get with audio guide. Visiting all paintings with listening to audio guide (which just cover some of the paintings) takes about 6.. Read more »
A visit of a lifetime. The whole experience visiting Van Goh museum was exceptional. The museum itself is big enough to accommodate a big crowd. Purchasing tickets is ideal, this gives you a quick pass at the entrance. Audio guide is included for f.. Read more »
Very nice and interesting exhibition. The digital guidance is complimenting the journey in the museum and I think it's a must have. Don't mind the extra few euros that it cost, since it really make the visit more immersive. There are modern.. Read more »
Wonderful experience! Visits are well organized. Staff is very friendly. Displays are very informative and you can fully enjoy the atmosphere even skipping to buy extra audio guide. There is no rush to enter or leave an exhibition. Everyone will have.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning collection, beautifully displayed and a very informative audio guide. You really feel like walking across Van Gogh's life. There was a queue even though we had booked out tickets online before hand but it was moving relativel.. Read more »
Brilliant museum housing the largest collection of van Gogh's work in the world. From famed pieces to the lesser known. Multi-storey complex with works spanning decades. Fascinating self-portraits and landscape still life captures. Sunflowers wa.. Read more »
Incredible museum with so many original pieces. Seeing these in person really adds to the impact of the masterpieces. The museum is laid out chronologically to explain how his painting evolved and it does a really good job telling that story took ab.. Read more »
This is by far for me the most beautiful and interesting museum i have ever been in my life. Amazing design, top of the art paintings, polite personnel that lets you take pictures. Keep in mind that you have to book your visit in advance. Amazing exp.. Read more »
Highly recommend the visit, getting to see these paintings in real life was such a treat, you can get right close to the paintings and see so much detail and they are much bigger than you think too! Nothing like crazy popular museums in Paris for exa.. Read more »
I didn't know I needed a reservation, but the park where the art museum is located and the art building were wonderful. If you love painting, wouldn't it be a place where the artist's name alone excites you? Next time I visit Amsterdam.. Read more »
Enjoyable but very busy. Buy your tickets online well prior to your visit. We had tickets for 9 but due to train delays we didn't get there until 9:10 and there was a line, so make sure you arrive early. Audio guides are really good.
Amazing museum; I highly recommend booking an option with the multimedia device as its narratives were priceless. In this way you learn a lot about the life and life conditions of Van Gogh as such which gives you a great insight into his paintings an.. Read more »
It is required to book your date and time of visit in advance. I had visited the Museum on a weekday and there was a decent crowd. I am not an avid art enthusiast and might not have the sense for it but I loved some of the paintings. The Museum was .. Read more »
Wonderful museum. Vincent was an excellent painter who is immortal. And if you like art, this is Alpha and Omega art. I recommend setting aside at least 4 hours for the museum tour, but it is not a problem to spend the whole day here. Nice souvenirs .. Read more »
Amazing experience. The tickets were a bit dear but overall it's worth the experience. The museum starts off with Van Gogh's initial days as an artist to his final days of struggle and chaos. You'll feel a bit connected to the artist h.. Read more »
Exceptional setup, easy to navigate. Unforgetable Masterpieces that speak deep inside your heart. In some of the artworks I wanted to touch them, study them up close and get into the head of this great artist. Kids friendly, with a very detailed and .. Read more »
This was a very good museum. I enjoyed the audio media which accompanied the tour. It was very informative and interactive, much better than just reading a plaque on the wall. A fine collection of Van Gogh and other artists with a timeline of his lif.. Read more »
Art-Historic. Stairs-Never-ending. Comfy shoes recommended. I believe it’s 4 stories of art. I don’t recommend the audio devices they offer, most art pieces don’t have audio connected to them, the ones that do give very brief summar.. Read more »
Amazing story of this well known artist. The story is told well showing his influences and journey to becoming the inspiration of so many others. Good audio tour available in many languages. A bit busy so time it right if you are worried
It was a pretty interesting experience all around, and I highly recommend getting the audio guide. It seems odd to me that some of Van Gogh's most famous pieces such as starry night, the red vineyard, terrace at night, etc.) aren't mentione.. Read more »
I give this museum a solid 5 stars for the great art content, design, services and staff. I really liked that they have places and free locker rooms to put our luggage and that's so accommodating for people who are traveling for one day. I would.. Read more »
Nice museum. Takes you on the artistic journey of Van Gogh. Was expecting a few more masterpieces but in the end, not a must have. A bit crowded + no masks (tail end of the pandemic, I guess). We quickly decided to mask up ourselves then. The main ex.. Read more »
To witness the masterpieces from such proximity is mesmerizing in its truest sense. An audio-tour around the museum is also available and I strongly recommend taking it unless you already know a lot about Vincent. It may take 1.5- to 3 hours (may be.. Read more »
Sequence of masterpieces which together tells the story of one of the greatest masters. In terms of colour selection, he was the greatest in my humble opinion. I am no judge of great art, but his poignant story and magical brushstrokes will move even.. Read more »
What a great journey of Vincent's life through the letters and sketches. I recommend going on this journey. The style of the sketches is really captivating and one gets a better understanding for the art. Also very safe and with good measures fo.. Read more »
Fantastic museum and I love it. After previous 3 visits this time, visit was slightly spoiled by an after middle age worker ''Lady" at the museum. As I was getting to the first expo items, elevator door opened and this "Lady".. Read more »
Amazing and beautiful, the museum is set out amazing well and seeing the art work close up does not give it justice. Beautiful art work, by a ledgenry artist.
We toured the Van Gogh Museum that is dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh and other contemporaries. It was nice to see originals of many of his works that you normally see in books. His style was unique with his heavy use of paint such as is .. Read more »
Very large exhibit with a detailed look into Van Gogh's life in and outside of his art. Looking at his paintings, his home life, family and friends and his inspirations. Highly detailed notes for each piece and pieces from other artist's co.. Read more »
The museum is beautiful and well managed, tidy and clean. By the way the price is way too high, and the experience is not worth the cost of the ticket (18€ adult). The gallery only contains some of his paintings and not the most famous ones (suc.. Read more »
I've been here before, but I don't remember it as informative as this last trip on August 21. The exhibitions are very nice and well laid out. I really enjoyed my day here until I was told I couldn't take photos. I had asked a staff m.. Read more »
Excellent Museum. Kid friendly with a half hour where they get to go and draw and paint, as well as given paper so they can sketch the Paintings on the walls if they like. Great gift shop as well. To do the entire thing I estimate about 3-5 hours de.. Read more »
So much too see! The museum shop and bookstores are also nice, I got a few art books from there. Now that there’s limited number of visitor per day, the museum is not as crowded. However, I still think the number should be limited to lower. It&.. Read more »
Large exhibition, very nice building and a lot of room to circulate around the paintings. However Two comments: the descriptions are written so small that you have to be 'on' the painting to read them and thus blocking the view of the other.. Read more »
Great exhibition, a must see if you are in Amsterdam. Unfortunately none of the staff were wearing masks, and wearing a mask in the whole museum was complementary. Unfortunately, the social distancing rule of being apart 1,5 was not possible at any t.. Read more »
Vincent Van Gogh Museum was really nice place with good organization. All exhibition had good system of his paintings. I used headphones to learn a lot about Vincent's work, this Museum is really good for a different view of Vincent's life... Read more »