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Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA
4.7 / 89
Universal Studios Hollywood is an incredible theme park located in Los Angeles, known for its thrilling rides, impeccable maintenance, and immersive experiences. From the moment you enter the park, you'll be captivated by its array of stunning attractions. The rides at Universal Studios Hollywood are beyond thrilling, with heart-pounding moments that will leave you breathless. Highlights include Transformers: The Ride 3D and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you can truly feel like you've stepped into the worlds of your favorite characters. One of the most impressive aspects of the park is the attention to detail in design and craftsmanship. Whether you're exploring the streets of Springfield or walking through the iconic Jurassic Park gates, you'll feel like you're stepping into the movies and TV shows themselves. But Universal Studios Hollywood isn't just about the rides and attractions. The park offers so much more, including incredible shows, performances, and delicious dining options. The staff members are friendly, helpful, and full of enthusiasm, creating a positive and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. Overall, Universal Studios Hollywood is a place where magic truly comes to life. It's a must-visit destination for anyone looking for entertainment, thrills, and unforgettable memories. Whether you're a fan of movies, TV shows, or just seeking a fun day out, Universal Studios Hollywood will exceed your expectations.
Address:100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City
Phone:+1 800-864-8377



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As someone who loves entertainment and thrills, my recent visit to Universal Studios in Los Angeles was an absolute dream come true! The park itself is immaculately maintained and truly lives up to its reputation as the entertainment capital. .. Read more »
Fun place to go to in LA. It was my first time going here with my family. I would highly recommend getting there right when they open cause the wait times for all the attractions & rides are a long time. But overall I had a wonderful time there. .. Read more »
Fun times, if planned accordingly you can get to everything in one day. Plenty of clean bathrooms and water fountains. Food prices are very theme park but mostly good. The longest wait was Super Nintendo 1 hr since it's the newest attraction. In.. Read more »
Went on a sold out Thursday to go to Mario World. We didn't do early tickets. Missed most of City Walk and the one section of the park. Lines were 2 to 3 hours. Had a fire alarm go off in Mario World and the whole attraction stopped. The only go.. Read more »
As always, arrive early to get a good parking spot. It is worth it to get the universal express pass, which is like their version of a fast pass. I was able to walk right onto the Jurassic World ride. The wait times are usually not that bad if you ge.. Read more »
We came specifically for Super Nintendo World & it did not disappoint. It was so neat to experience. We waited almost 3 hours to ride the Mario Kart ride so that wasn’t fun, but we’re glad we did it. The rest of Universal was a bonus... Read more »
It's basically the best theme park on the planet. But also because of that, every attraction has at least 1 hour queue time during a Tuesday. Those new popular ones, such as super Nintendo world will need over 2 hours. The food in the park is su.. Read more »
It was nice but a lot of frozen products were sold out so it was sad. I wish they could prepare better because it was a really hot day. Overall it was nice but not a lot of attractions and a lot of waiting time for the nice ones so I think the fast p.. Read more »
I had so much fun with all the rides, even if the wait times were long. It wasn't that bad as it had just opened back up from covid. One of my favorites was the Harry Potter world. You can really lose yourself there. I think they should build mo.. Read more »
We went on memorial day and expected it to be super packed. Happily, it was not. We had plenty of room to walk around. We purchased the lightning passes and I loved it. We got to ride every ride we wanted to in the park except for the rides in super .. Read more »
I had gone here for my birthday on Sunday and Monday, and it is not the Park's fault that my birthday falls on spring break. So the park was crowded, in the afternoon rather than the morning but that's just how it is for spring break. My e.. Read more »
Amazing place to go and feel the hollywood.. I love this place! They always keep updating the attractions. There is a significant variety of food options to choose from. I would definitely try to avoid going there on the weekend if possible, especial.. Read more »
The park was absolutely amazing and fun! We had a blast! Must try the Transformer, mummy ride, and Harry Potter inside the castle. Those are the absolute best! I recommend upgrading to the express unlimited tickets. Cost was like $307 each but we did.. Read more »
Fun family entertainment. Took my family to the park before back to school as a fun vacation. We all enjoyed it and the weather was beautiful. Staff are very helpful. Facility is very clean and there are an abundance of activities for all age gr.. Read more »
The park is definitely a one day trip. You can do almost everything in one go if you are smart about it. Many cool features of the park that aren't in Orlando such as the studio tour. There is definitely some areas that I think need to get updat.. Read more »
I haven't been to Universal in over 15 years and I felt like I was visiting a whole new park. The Harry Potter world is incredible. I love the interactive wand spots, shops and rides. I loved the updated studio tour "ride" and Jurassic.. Read more »
First time here and it was magical! All the staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. The park is fairly easy to navigate with the front/back lots and the upper/lower lots. We were able to go to every attraction and show and each was unique and.. Read more »
I love this place! They always keep updating the attractions. There is a significant variety of food options to choose from. I would definitely try to avoid going there on the weekend if possible, especially during spring break. It gets super busy. B.. Read more »
I cant get over the virtual rides! Absolutely AMAZING!!!!. Wheelchair access was awesome. Workers helping us care for my sister while she embarked and disembarked the rides was awesome! Thank you so much! The last time we were here was 30 yrs ago an.. Read more »
I love this park. I went 30 years ago and it was great then. I finally made it back and to enjoy it again with my family was great. Everything from the moment we got into the moment we left was excellent. I suggest going during the week and definitel.. Read more »
1st time visit I enjoyed this place being the big kid I am! I did not know what to expect. I recommend buying tickets online, cheaper than the price upon entry. Well worth the price. Rides and shows included with purchase. The tour tram ride is inte.. Read more »
I love this theme park, but I especially love Halloween Horror Nights. It’s one of the best Halloween events in the USA. I have traveled all over the nation for Halloween events and it’s always in my favorites. The production value of the.. Read more »
My 7 year old had a great time! We loved it here. Harry Potter fans will love the new wizard world section. It felt so real. Worth the price! With that being said universal studios is a pretty small place and can probably get everything done in one d.. Read more »
Holiday decorations were plentiful and all around very well done. While I can't fit on most of the rides at Universal the ambiance and overall feel was awesome to walk around and enjoy. The blocks of time for nighttime tree lighting and Hogwarts.. Read more »
The price is pretty steep for what you get at Universal. The experience is great, but there is just not a lot to do at the park. The studio tour is amazing! One of my favorite things. The newer Jurassic World ride is nice. The changes were good and i.. Read more »
I had the best experience. I had multiple staff asked me for my opinion which made me feel valued. Everything was clean and fun. One of the days I was there, there were no lines or wait times. It was the best day to go. The shows were super exciting .. Read more »
Universal Horror nights was so much fun. The mazes were extremely scary and super entertaining. The lines are long but it's worth the wait :) The coasters were also fun. Jurassic world ride was extremely, extremely fun. 100% recommend if you eve.. Read more »
It was very fun. Loved the Jurassic park ride. The tour was awesome. Victor was the best he was super nice and knew his history. The park was clean and very nice. Would definitely like to go back. The Harry Potter land was amazing. Love the castle.
This by far has been the best part of my families mini vacation. My 7 year old daughter, husband and I loved the whole experience. Masks were mandatory inside thank you universal for enforcing that. The wait times were not bad. During your wait there.. Read more »
I love Universal. As theatre and movie buffs, my family and I had a great time riding rides, seeing shows, and going on the Studio Tour. I was in a boot due to a fractured bone in my foot. When I went to rent a scooter, I was not really confident tha.. Read more »
Days at this park are always fun. Great place to visit with your close ones. The Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic World and Harry Potter's rides are the best ones at the park. Also, it is not a Universal Studios Hollywood visit if you don't d.. Read more »
Pretty pleasant place to be. Had some good sights, definitely recommend going on the tour. Pretty hard on the wallet, but that's to be expected at amusement parks. Waits for rides were long, but they made the lines interesting with cool decorati.. Read more »
Best Theme Park ever could be in California. And, It's Hollywood’s biggest attraction! They have world's top most state of the art (movie & theme based) rides & shows which are experience of lifetime. Loads of fun for the enti.. Read more »
Universal Studios is overall a good theme park. We visited in late June. Wait times were reasonable, and waiting areas were comfortable. Also, be aware that things are extremely price-inflated here. The rides were great, but there are very few of .. Read more »
This park is so cool. The staff is so nice, the food is good, and everyone has a blast. The park is a bit small but is is more than enough to have a good time. It is a bit expensive but it is totally worth it. Five stars, TOTALLY going back to this p.. Read more »
Really cool and fun as I remember. It's been a while since they closed. They have made some new upgrades since last time I been here. All the 3D rides are really exciting, their new jurassic ride has big improvements. I recommend to start at the.. Read more »
The Studios are open and ready to enjoy. The staff are very friendly and professionally answering each and every question about where rides, restaurants and shopping spots are at. There are so many amazing things to experience at Universal Studios... Read more »
I love going to Universal. I will be getting my annual pass once again because it is an amazing place to go if you are trying to relax and have fun. There are many spots to take pictures, the food is really good, the attractions are super fun as well.. Read more »
One of the most fun memories of my trip to US was Universal Studios, California. The crowd, the energy, the shows, the rides, the vibe, everything is so great here. You would find your favourite shows, cartoons, movies all displayed here in some form.. Read more »
I love this park. It's not as big as others, but it's so well-maintained. The views are incredible too. And you can't beat the location. It's easy to visit throughout the year. The Holidays are my favorite time.
This is by far one of my favorite places been there many times. It brings back so many old memories from 80's and the 70's. The Blues Brother's show one of my favorites and the Marilyn Monroe with the Diamond Bellas. If you haven'.. Read more »
This place was so cool. We came in Aug 2019 and my kids STILL talk about it. There's so much here to check out. The working studios, the rides and attractions, the tour through the park on the train, it was all amazing. We actually came back a s.. Read more »
We just did the tour with Ashley and had a FANTASTIC time. She was funny & informative the whole tour. Played trivia games, were on the hunt for celebrities, won t-shirts, and had a ball!!!Harvey - give this girl a raise! She was awesome! This w.. Read more »
A must for every L.A. traveler. Very clean park. A really great experience. Very busy and abundant prices. All in all, we had a great day. Often very long waiting times at the rides. In any case, it is worthwhile to be there EARLY.
one year ago Universal Studios in Los Angeles is an incredible amusement park associated with a fully functioning movie studio. Breathtaking toys, unforgettable attractions and thematic areas that resemble great films, cause an incredible sensation, .. Read more »
Great place to go during the holidays and weekends, but will be crowded, it'll be less of a crowd if you go in weekdays and non holidays. Universal Studios Hollywood is certainly small for a theme park but, it uses all it's space that they .. Read more »
5/5 stars! This place is great for having fun with family and friends. I love the feeling of being there with family and friends is amazing. The rides and attractions are fun and family friendly. The food and restaurants are incredible. I go there ev.. Read more »
The photographers and the attraction staff were very kind. I was able to get on the attraction without waiting longer than I thought by entering the regular ticket on Wednesday, the polar season. There are drinking fountains everywhere, so you can dr.. Read more »
Best entertainment place in L.A. If you live nearby, the Park Neighbor Pass is definitely the best deal to enjoy the park all year long. During hot days, don’t miss Water World and Jurassic World, you’ll get soaked, it’s the funnies.. Read more »
It's not right. Please open up cause I'm going through withdrawal.
Great place to go at least once. The studio tour is definitely worth doing, however I suggest also doing the Warner Bros tour since that's more of a studio tour were you can see things that are actually being filmed currently. We went when there.. Read more »
I hope Universal Studios in Universal City, CA could reopen by Monday, May 3, 2021.
Visited (March 2019), This park is easy to navigate through and it’s possible to ride every ride here in one day. One of my favorite things about this part is the escalators ? because you get some reaaallll good views of Los Angeles here. The .. Read more »
I have gone to Universal Studios probably 100 times, and I think it's good, but definitely not great.First of all, they have a lot of rides for young children that are all screens that I avoid on every visit. As someone who loves rollercoasters,.. Read more »
Universal Studios is great fun for the whole family! We loved spending our day here. There are lots of attractions to explore and the rides are great fun. My favorite rides included the Jurassic Park and the Harry Potter rides! They are amazing, so d.. Read more »