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Univ Lavra

Univ, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
Univ Lavra is a beautiful and peaceful place that offers a nice escape from the chaotic world. Visitors can admire the nice architecture and enjoy the calm and meditative atmosphere. It is a great place to take a break, chat with monks, and engage in prayer. Many people feel a closer connection to God during their visit. The community at Univ Lavra is known for being friendly and helpful. It is a spiritual haven where one can find refreshment and nourishment for the soul. The grounds are serene and offer a perfect setting for collecting one's thoughts and enjoying some time away from the busy world. However, it is advised to avoid the field road and instead drive around through the villages. The entrance to Univ Lavra is usually free, especially on Sundays. Visitors have the freedom to explore the grounds at their own pace, as there are usually no monks or staff members present. Donations are appreciated for the pleasure of visiting. Some highlights not to be missed include the mountaintop cemetery, a chapel with a full-sized copy of the Turin Shroud, and the cathedral with its hand-painted interior. Visitors can reach Univ Lavra by taking a marshrutka from Lviv. Despite the occasional overcast or rainy day, there is a sense of peace and history in the air. One should not forget to check out the miracle water stream located just outside the main church area. Overall, Univ Lavra is a must-see destination for those seeking a serene and holy experience.
Phone:+380 67 314 6909



Nice place to see
Beautiful place, Holly land
Nice architecture. I didn’t like the atmosphere here and felt uncomfortable.
Nice looking, the quiet and meditative place
Good place to take a break from noisy world, chat with monks and pray. Summer Bible School took place there which was great.
Calm and relaxing atmosphere. Feel closer to God.
Great place! !! I recwived a spirutual refreshment and nurishment there. The community is very friendly and helpful.
Just a very peaceful and holy place. Stay a while, collect your thoughts and enjoy your time away from the busy world. Do not take the field road, it .. Read more »
Very athmospheric, quiet, beautiful scenery. The entrance seems to be free (or at least it was on a Sunday). There is literally not a single monk or a.. Read more »
We took a marshrutka from Lviv to get here. We were the first visitors to arrive on an overcast, slightly rainy day. There is a nice sense of peace, a.. Read more »