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Washington, USA
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The building of the US Congress, located on the hill of the same name. It appeared with the White House in 1800. The construction is built in a solemn classic style. The name "Capitol" was borrowed from the Roman Empire, and deep meaning was invested in it. As the ancient Capitol Hill towered above the Eternal City, so the American Capitol claims to be universal dominance.
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Letícia Barbetta
My husband and I got a free ticket for a tour. It's easy to get. It's just Google for guide Tour Capitol Building Free ticket on Google. The tour was very organized, with a lot of instructors. Totally worth the experience. The architecture .. Read more »
Tim Wall
If you watch the news or read history books, you'll recognize the art and architecture of the Capitol building. Seeing it in person was inspiring. Our tour guide, Joe, was knowledgeable and enlightened. He showed great sensitivity to Indigenous .. Read more »
Tim Otto Döke
A special feeling to stand in the middle of the Capitol and see what is probably the best-known symbol of democratic forms of government with your own eyes. The tour was first class, very well presented and conveyed. Only the cleaning service could s.. Read more »
mustafees khan
The US Capitol is a historic and iconic landmark in Washington, D.C. It serves as the meeting place for the United States Congress and stands as a symbol of American democracy. The architecture of the Capitol is grand and impressive, with its neoclas.. Read more »
Iman Khayambashi
The United States Capitol Building is one the most amazing place that impresses all of its visitors. Whoever comes to DC must go and visit this building. Every inch of this building is full of history and remarkable moments for our nation.
Timothy Joyce
An American treasure! I've been here for work and for private tours. Had dinner in the Congressional Dinning Room which was excellent. The building itself is a "must see" when in DC. The statuary, art, history and architecture are spec.. Read more »
Logemann Wissanee
The inside was beautiful. We got the staff tour, thank to our daughter for that. She show us around and told us the history behind it. I think it was cool to see them once in your life time.
Tim Lawson
Well worth a visit if you are in Washington DC. Free to go in but you need to book online and there are only a limited number of visits per day. The tours include the iconic Great Rotunda and Statuary Hall. A great experience and you are free to take.. Read more »
Senjuti Mallik
We went in the first week of August. It was extremely hot. Be mindful to take hats, umbrella etc. We took a capitol tour inside. It was free but you have to book in advance. You need to go there with a booking. Historic and grand. We enjoyed the tour.. Read more »
Karin E
If you are a DC visitor, it is a MUST place to check out. It is free about 45 mins tour dig to the history and learn fun facts, suitable for each age. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and nice people. Our tour guide named David was fun. They h.. Read more »
Elias Chelala
It's nice walking around the capitol grounds. There are many nice park walkways and fountains. You can also see the supreme court and the library of Congress that are close by. We didn't make it inside but the trip was fun and I recommend y.. Read more »
Sushant Kulkarni
Make sure to check out the tour of capitol building. It's free and usually available if you book like a day or two in advance.
Alois Niedermaier
Do not miss visiting the US capitol. The building is amazing and the history it tells is a must do when visiting Washington DC. You can do a free tour where a guide is telling you a lot of facts about the building, the people who worked here and the .. Read more »
Petry Purenia
It's an amazing building with its history. Really enjoy listening to the tour guide when she explained the history of the building and the statues of each states. One of destinations should visit when in DC. Before visit, should register your da.. Read more »
Haya Alshamsi
The place was beyond spectacular. Our first visit my family and I didn’t know that we had to book for the tickets. So we decided to visit it again and booked the tickets online for free. All that you have to do is register the names and ages of.. Read more »
Ali Shajarizadeh
This beautiful building is a must-see for everyone who visit Washington DC. The building has a long history. The place is where many important decisions were and are made that affects the world.
Zay McCullough, MSW, LCSW
This was the last major attraction I saw during my one week trip here from 12/28/21 to 1/4/2022. You can see the Capital Building from several blocks away. I actually remembered I needed to stop by because I saw it after exiting the Children’s .. Read more »
5 mins walking from Union Station. Easily accessible. Free of cost to see and visit it. It also serves as a starting point and if you walk straight from it, you'll encounter The Monument, Lincoln Memorial Park, along with many Museums in between.. Read more »
Ganindu Madhawa
A place where one can probe into the political history of USA. It is an iconic place and you need to reserve tickets beforehand visiting the place. You will be provided with a guide who give descriptive analysis of the architecture of the place and h.. Read more »
Anthony Thomas
The most useless body of humans ever put under one roof. A burricratic nightmare of he said she said, while lining their own pockets and enriching themselves. They're excellent at passing laws under the guise of "freedom" while in actu.. Read more »
Dr.Debasree Biswas
Well there was no tour. It was closed. But the giant christmas tree in the Capitol grounds was splendid. Especially when the lights came on in the evening. We hung around on the ground to check the lights out.
It’s all about fighting over the loot, with wealth-addicted inheritors like Trump and his golfing buddy pals willing to do most anything to get more (what do you expect from addicts?), including overthrow the government and institute a fascist .. Read more »
Demar Ayee
As you can see in these photos, it was a sunny day and this was right before sunset. The grounds were gorgeous and the building is massive and impressive. The pictures don't do it justice. The park is also nice to just lay out in. It was so lus.. Read more »
Need to visit historical wise, but also pleasant to jogg around in the mornings.
Martin Tsanev
It is a place you need to see while you visit Washington. It is a historic building with great atmosphere. Unfortunately the fence around doesn't allow to get closer. It is also recommendable to take some pictures in the evening. It is a beautif.. Read more »
Sambit Supriya Dash
Good place to roam around, the architecture is so beautiful. The colour which strikes our eyes, blue, white and green wherever we see! (October, 2019) I love this place and the weather was so goooood too.
Lilo Moon
Amazing building wonderful views nice place for my photos ??
Danial Syed
cool but why is it spelled capitol instead of capital learn english bros
Sean Michael
If I had to describe my visit to the capitol building I would have to admit that I would be at a loss of words, from the very first moment of walking into the structure you notice the grandeur scale; the high ceilings and the abounds of open space, a.. Read more »
Laura Leguizamon
Beautiful capitol, I just saw it from outside and it is huge and so perfectly constructed, I hope in the future can go inside I bet is mind blowing
Hayden Hollman
This place was a wonderful experience to tour. There was a lot of interesting things to see, from the architecture of the building its self. To the paintings ant statues in side. I would go back again if I could. The only thing I disliked during the .. Read more »
Gargee Chowdhury
Visited the widely recognized icon in the morning of a weekday to avoid crowd. And it was exactly what we had thought. The place was Less crowded. Got a chance to see the recognized icon, with magnificent dumb and architecturally impressive structure.. Read more »
Divyanshu Mahajan
As iconic as the building is thanks to Hollywood, it truly is a beauty inside and outside. The history of the place is amazing as is the free tour organised by the Visitor center. You can even sit in a senate or House of Representatives session, whic.. Read more »
LV Plug
United States Capitol is something that everyone should see in their lifetime. It is well worth the money and the time it takes you travel to Washington DC. I have to say it was one of the highlights of our recent family trip to the Nation's cap.. Read more »
Matthew Wagner
It was an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to go there and up to the top.
pagan wear
Limits on things with no sign. I went to purchase 4 small bottles of hand sanitizer. There is no shortage of hand sanitizer now. You can find it anywhere. Cashier said limit 1. I said, how am I to know with no signs. She shrugged it off. Amazon got m.. Read more »
Bread Empire
Looks funky. Tried to book a privte tour.
Amazing place! Great tour, saw everything. It looked amazing and the architecture is simply marvelous.
It's strange. You see this place all the time in movies and on tv, but when you see it in person you're like "wow this place really does exist"
abhinav asthana
Beautiful and Fabulous art work you can see inside and outside of building. There's a free tour every day inside the building.
Mark Cruz
Definitely worth visiting. A guided tour is the best option. There are so many interesting stories to hear about the building itself and the people who have served there. I like the clear days. The Capitol building looks stunning in the sunlight.
Jason Centore
Absolutely awesome sight. Really makes you proud to be in America, such an iconic building. This is an absolute must see in your visit to DC
Not enough egotism, only saw about 100 statues. /s
KFC Family Bucket
An absolutely must SEE for all US citizens!! Is an absolutely amazing place. The history alone is worth it. Rich in stature with plenty of paintings and sculptures. The beauty of it all is breathtaking. Being able to see the both the House and Senate.. Read more »
Ben Henderson
Really enjoyed the tour inside the Capitol building. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny. Really interesting history and beautiful inside. Liked the fact you can then walk through a tunnel to cross over to the library of Congress which ag.. Read more »
Nas Sol
The in-depth history of this iconic building is grander than I expected! A true beautiful from the exterior to the interior. I got a sense of appreciation after leaving from here. It can get very packed though so it's recommended you start your .. Read more »
Stephen Butler
My first time taking the tour. Our Representative arranged a VIP tour. It was very small and personal. There’s no cost, but if your going to take a tour book it in advance. It takes about 3 hours or so. It was worth the time. Please hit &ldquo.. Read more »