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Union Station

Los Angeles, USA
4.4 / 137
Union Station is a bustling transportation hub in downtown LA that connects various modes of transit, including trains, light rail, buses, and taxis. The architecture of the station is beautiful, with impressive wall decor and a blend of Spanish hacienda and art deco/streamline moderne styles. Inside, there are amenities such as two Starbucks, food options like Subway and Annie's pretzels, and a convenience store with breakfast burritos and sandwiches. While some areas of Union Station may be less desirable, such as the bathrooms being described as filthy and sticky, there are still helpful staff members available to assist travelers. The station offers a restaurant and bar called Traxx, which is known to be pretty good. Additionally, there is a public piano on the east side, adding a touch of musical ambiance. For those traveling to or from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Union Station serves as a convenient connection point for the LAX FlyAway shuttle. The station also offers easy access to the metro, making it a convenient stop even for those not utilizing transportation services. The renovation of the tiles and interior has enhanced the classic beauty of the station, making it an impressive and photogenic place to visit. Travelers who have taken Amtrak trains from Union Station have had pleasant experiences. The comfortable train cabins feature amenities such as reclining chairs, footrests, tray tables, and even WiFi. The train ride to Solana Beach in San Diego took approximately two hours and offered scenic views along the way. While there may be occasional issues, such as rowdy passengers on certain train rides, the staff at Union Station is generally helpful and friendly. They are known to provide assistance and guidance to passengers, ensuring a smooth travel experience. Overall, Union Station serves as a functional train station that gets the job done. It may not offer an extensive selection of food options, but it provides the necessary amenities for travelers waiting to catch their trains. Visitors can appreciate the architectural beauty, helpful staff, and the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic transportation hub in downtown LA.
Address:800 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles



Union Station is absolutely horrific. The bathrooms are filthy and unusable. The entire area near the bus plaza smells. If you have the option of transportation that avoids this place, I would encourage it. The only pleasant seating area does not per.. Read more »
EXACT CHANGE ONLY!!!! none of the machines have change. You will receive a voucher for the teller WHO ISN'T THERE ON WEEKENDS OR AFTER BUSINESS HOURS. Nobody is helpful. The restrooms are filthy, and everything you touch will be sticky. The lobb.. Read more »
Bustling station. Bathrooms here. Two starbucks. Some food, pretzels, seating options. Helpful staff. Busses greyhound etc Follow signs. Flyaway bus on west side. Public piano on east side.
In about an hour from OC, you’ll reach Union Station in L.A. Union Station East (cheaper day parking) 📍 811 N Vignes St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 * Take Metrolink to the Hollywood Pantages Theatre * Tip: purchase a physical or digital TAP card .. Read more »
This is an iconic place for sure as the hub in downtown LA for transit connections of all kinds trains, light rail, buses, taxis. There is a restaurant and a bar called Traxx which is pretty good but other than that the food is all fast food like Sta.. Read more »
This is where you get on/off the LAX FlyAway shuttle. Easy connection to the metro. But even if you're not here for transportation, it's worth a visit! It feels more like a unique blend of a Spanish hacienda and an art deco/streamline moder.. Read more »
Beautiful renovation of tiles and interior. Classic beauty of an era gone by. Love the study in color and graceful architecture. Fun to see in person.
Took Amtrak from LA Union Station to Solana Beach in San Diego. It took about 2 hours and was a pleasant trip! You can purchase tickets online, leave your car at Union Station (I believe $8 all day), and board from the platform onto the second floor.. Read more »
It's a train station. The architecture inside is pretty cool to look at. There aren't a lot of options for food here but it's convenient enough when you're waiting to catch a train. This place is fine. As a functional train statio.. Read more »
Very pleasant and helpful staff. First time riding a train, directed by personal on floor to wonderful woman at window who set up our tickets and walked us through processes. Great experience
We spent a couple of hours at Union Station on Thursday 6/?/22, and it's very impressive. It was built in the 1930's (opened 5/1939) back when things were BUILT by craftsmen to LAST. And they usually do. Although quite a lot of this archite.. Read more »
Main bus and train station. Walking distance from downtown LA. Waiting areas and restrooms on site. They have a few stores and a direct bus line to the airport.
The building is a old and beautiful, perhaps from colonial times. I really liked the small mexican street that was a few walks away from the station. This part was wonderful to get lost.
We had not been to Union Station in many years but came up from San Diego for a day trip on Olvera Street. I never paid any attention before on the beautiful architecture inside so here are a few photos for you have never been there.
What a huge place. This is one of Americas beautiful historic train stations. Be prepared to do a lot of walking and make sure you know which street you are headed for. It's easy to get lost. A great way to arrive in Los Angeles by train. Lots o.. Read more »
This historic station is beautifully restored and still a very busy train station to catch national, regional and local trains plus the transit bus. There are two entrances -- one is the historic entrance off Alameda and one is a modern, new entrance.. Read more »
I'm in this beautifully tiled building many time a year in my travels. Just sitting out in the courtyard & enjoy the fountains & gardens while you wait for your connection. If you have a long wait - stroll over the the Public Works build.. Read more »
It's always a pleasure visiting Union station. It's like a nostalgic walk through history. I've always entered on the front side of the street which I think is Alameda street. This time I entered from the south side and it was quite a .. Read more »
We met some really nice ? and helpful people at Union Station. Keith was nice, helpful. Thank you so much Keith.
I love this train station, it's amazing that it's still much like it was when first built. While it may seem like Noone knows anything regarding where to go, once you get the different trains and busses down, you're good. They don'.. Read more »
Pretty station. Bathrooms need updating. Homeless people hanging around but not bothering anyone. Helpful security female officer in locating our train.
Pamela at the Amtrak desk was really helpful and came up with a solution to get me and my bike to Salt Lake via the coast starlight and the California zephyr. Give this lady a raise! Angel upstairs in the baggage room was awesome as well!
Love the decor of this place. It gives you the vibe that you'll always want to get-up-and-get on a train to go somewhere.
Took three times to figure this place out, but once I did I truly appreciate it's beauty! My most recent experience was on the Amtrak train for a cross-country trip, the connection was smooth and easy.
Really beautiful and historic Station. Been passing thru here for years, but you really need to do something about the homeless in the station. It's like "whack-a-mole" , you get rid of one and another pops up. Security is Inundated .. Read more »
Located near the beautiful Skid Row, Union Station is truly a gem. While waiting for the FlyAway bus in the broad daylight of a Tuesday, you might be lucky enough to be approached by a random schizophrenic, homeless male off his meds who tells you he.. Read more »
Beautiful renovation of tiles and interior. Classic beauty of an era gone by. Love the study in color and graceful architecture. Fun to see in person.
When we were checking places to visit in LA this place came as a suggestion n decided to visit this place too. It’s so beautiful n classic. Love the architecture …
Union Station, an Architectural Gem in Downtown Los Angeles. My recent visit was unplanned but if I am near here I always want to go inside. I think the natural light here is quite beautiful. Built on a massive scale, some areas are no longer in use .. Read more »
So, after a two day trip from Arizona, on Amtrak, I was looking forward to arriving at the lax union station, Thinking it would be big enough for me to grab a bite, get sum fresh water bottles for myself and my service animal, I was stunned to find o.. Read more »
A very cheap, good timed and cool way to move among Los Angeles. From the airport you can get there via Flyaway bus ($9.75) and then you pay about $2 for the Metrolink card and $1.75 per one way trip. I enjoyed it so much.
Easy to access from LAX via FlyAway's bus service. The people that work here are friendly and helpful. The facility is well kept, well sign posted, and had good food options for travellers on the go.
Very well marked. I had to connect from Surfliner train to Flyaway bus to LAX. There was no problems in finding directions
Iconic La place to visit. I can only imagine how fun it would have been to see t it’s peak.
There were a lot of people in uniform. It made me uncomfortable. I was wondering if the place was safe or not. Everyone was fine however and all was well.
Beautiful place, I enjoyed my experience at the Union station. All the security guards are super nice and helpful Thank you all for your service ?!!
Went for the first time pre-pandemic with friend. Had so much fun, its beautiful. Definitely a place to visit.
If you get here AM early there is NOTHING around the station. Everything is closed and there is a high number of homeless people. The station appears safe. I walked around at 7:30 AM and felt safe. The closest cafe is a 10 minute walk.
Union Station deserves 5 stars simply because of its architectural beauty. I have only passed through this station in the middle of the night when few people walk around inside. It's then when the building shines. I could spend hours photographi.. Read more »
I enjoyed my first visit to this iconic American station! I arrived on the Surfliner at 9am, transferring to the Coast Starlight for the LONG ride to Seattle. The entire trip was relaxing and very scenic. Union Station itself has gorgeous architectu.. Read more »
The subways are completely awful. The homeless problem is extremely bad now. There is not a day where the subway doesn't smell horrible or have someone crazy on board. If you have a family DONT TAKE the subway!
I always enjoy visiting Union Station it's never too crowded and it still has the "old world" charm yet doesn't seem outdated.
History... and the excitement of going somewhere. I arrived in LA through Union Station and it was the beginning of the rest of my life. Always clean and helpful staff around.
Really nice museum. A bit small, but nice. The earthquake exhibit was closed when we arrived, which was a bummer - as that was the sole purpose of our visit. The other exhibits are cool though. I enjoyed the rooftop garden. This museum is nothing spe.. Read more »
Its really busy here. I enjoyed my experience being in the trains. Its easy to get lost because its such a big station! Theirs also great customer service as I and a friend were lost on multiple occasions. You'll see a wide variety of people tha.. Read more »
It's a great station somewhat clean on some areas. It has all the busses and trains and rail to take you anywhere in the greater LA area.
Very enjoyable and fun tour. They were both informative and funny and did a great job making sure we were all entertained.
I going through Union Station to from where I what's going on you to use restroom so stop at the store got a few things in the store and I use the restroom I then was on my way it was very Pleasant I have I have to say
Ive never been to a station that the employee's didnt complain about their job.... Every employee here always greets me with a smile, and they are very respectful in making sure your question or problem is resolved to the up most satisfaction...
There cart picked us up right out front and took us where we needed to go. The staff/crew are very friendly and accommodating.
I photographed the wedding of David and Dat, two train lovers who married on an Amtrak Pacific Surfliner carriage halfway to San Diego, and the first meeting point was at the brilliant Union station. Brilliant! So much heritage and details at Union S.. Read more »
Los Angeles Union Station is a must see if for nothing else than to say you've been there. It is a gateway, if you will, for all of the greater Los Angeles area and all of neighborhoods that comprises L. A. El Pueblo de Los Angeles, and Alvera S.. Read more »
I took the Southwest Chief train to Chicago from this station. It is a very beautiful building. The waiting room is pleasant; the signage is clear; the advice and information from the staff of the amtrack company is clear and effective. This station .. Read more »
Best place to get around the city and most of California. Connects to various bus lines and all sorts of public transportation. From this location you can make it to Los Angeles Airport, Burbank Airport, Santa Monica, Universal Studios, Hollywood, Wi.. Read more »
I love Union Station! I took both the Amtrak and Metrolink to UCI for 2 years during my undergrad. Though sometimes the trains ran late or got rescheduled or there were rude or disrespectful people on the trains, the staff at Union Station and those .. Read more »
Great place for sightseeing. And meet new friends and experience diverse cultures.
Went here to go spend the day at San Juan Capistrano. The station itself is pretty much out of a 1940's noire movie. There is a section that still preserves that style and the rest looks very updated. Because its a transport hub its got that ai.. Read more »