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Unicorn Well

Warsaw, Poland
4.5 / 4
Unicorn Well is a charming and unique fountain that continues to operate despite its modest water supply. Standing proudly atop this fountain is a beautiful golden statuette, adding an elegant touch to its appearance. This delightful spot is definitely worth a visit for its aesthetic appeal alone. Additionally, Unicorn Well is situated in a new town that offers the perfect opportunity for a leisurely historic walk, something that many tourists tend to overlook. The unicorn, accompanied by a lady, which adorns the pinnacle of the well, holds great historical significance as an ancient symbol of this New Town. So, not only can visitors enjoy the beauty of the fountain, but they can also delve into the rich history and culture of the surrounding area.
Address:rynek Nowego Miasta, Warszawa



Functioning fountain even if with little water. Nice golden statuette on top
Nice to visit
New town is also perfect way to have a historic walk that a lot of tourists forget.
The unicorn with the lady on the top of the well is an ancient symbol of the New Town