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Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

Moscow, Russia
4.8 / 64
The palace and park ensemble, covering an area of more than 100 hectares, is located in the south of the capital. All buildings were created in the XVIII century in the architectural style of "pseudo-Gothic" or "Russian Gothic". Previously, the ensemble served as the royal residence. Today, the park hosts exhibitions, museums, concert halls, greenhouses. Thanks to the beautiful landscape, the Tsaritsyno ensemble has become a popular destination for wedding photo shoots.
Address:Dolskaya ulitsa, 1, Moskva
Phone:+7 495 322-44-33



Simply amazing- if you haven’t been there yet make some time and spend at least a day there! I feel that I could spend a week there. I loved this place and will be back!
Venula Tharusha
🏛️ The Grand Tsaritsyno Palace is a unique case, because its luxurious state rooms are not a restoration or an attempt to restore history from archival sketches. This is a fantasy of modern artists: the palace never had historical interiors, because .. Read more »
Mohammad Ghiasvand
A very beautiful collection of natural and artificial elements that all together have formed a unique colony. The park dates back to the 18th century and forms a series of monuments in Moscow Also, this park has excellent circulation and unique harmo.. Read more »
Yulia Shishkova
If you want to enjoy the beauty of the architecture and become closer to the nature I really recommend you this park. Enjoy it?
Sasha Grond
Very beautiful park with historical buildings. There is enough space to walk and there a some little museums you can visit that tell you the history and origins of the buildings. You can eat here as well, at a ‘hotdog’ stand or you can s.. Read more »
Alexander Omelchenko
Nice park and interesting palace in the middle of the big city. Perfect place for calm walking between old-age trees.
Andrey Kormiltsev
Nice place to be visited. Beautiful castle, lakes, trees. Several restaurants, places for picnics. Good for family
Brighton Nsonga
Very beautiful place. Nice forests, nice views.. historical museums nice place to chill
Very nice place to hang out and also very nice place to relax. There is a lot of peace inside. Apart from this, there is a museum here and the best thing is that you can enjoy tea, coffee snacks etc., and there is a zigzag river and many boats. The l.. Read more »
A must visit place if you are in Moscow) Its cheap and so worthy. You can go on a little touring train if you feeling lazy, it's also provides some information about the park itself. The castle is beautiful and the museum is worth a look!
Ravi kumar
The park is huge and its beautiful, A perfect place to walk ?‍♂️ in peaceful environment and enjoy Nature
Vladimir Levinson
One of the most beautiful parks in Moscow. Definitely a must see. The sights are just wonderful. Don't forget to take something to eat and drink since there are only a few expensive cafes at the central entrance (at least in autumn)
Анатолий Винник
It's a great place for a family vacation
Robert Biggs
Lots to see. From early aircraft and engine's. To Soviet war planes. Good value
Roxyl LC Fox
This park is beautiful, you can find restaurants, tennis and volleyball courts and paddling. Breath of fresh air
Ilyas Liznev
Absolutely amazing place, with great nature and you'll taste a real feeling of oxygen in your nose, it's a good place to hang out
Tuhafeni Pukulukeni
The vist here in winter was great, although seemingly impossible to go about without picking up a coffee or two (or tea), all in all great. Summer must be pleasing to the eye. Be sure to look at for architectural structure of the buildings.
Danny Ortiz
It’s a beautiful park to walk around and spend the day. Museums was also nice to see. I rally love it in the fall and winter. The colors of the autumn leaves Mixed with the architecture and lakes are a feast for the eye and heart.
Adam Soughou
Very beautiful park with an interesting history. There is a museum where you can learn all about it. It's also a nature reserve so there's a lot of wildlife, which was refreshing. Wonderful lights at night illuminate the grand buildings. Th.. Read more »
Juan Montoya
Nice place. Lots of beautiful trees with incredible leaves colors during autumn! The Grand Palace is great! The rest is not really worth it! The green gardens... are too basic... just South American ordinary plants nothing impressive.
Vasilisa Maslakova
I really enjoyed the park, very large area to walk around. There was a lot of food and drink stalls to have a break. Good place to relax and read a book or sketch nature. The Cafes on the premises have high prices and the portions are not worth it. T.. Read more »
Nathan Fernandes
The best time to visit this palace would be during the evenings. The lighting of the palace along with the other structures makes the whole place look like something from a dream. The lighting brings out the features of the structures especially in t.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing and beautiful place. If you’re a fan of long quite walks in the nature this place is perfect for you. There are so many picturesque places in the park. Also there are many birds and squirrels who are totally tamed and come to.. Read more »