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Trinity-Elias Monastery

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.9 / 49
Trinity-Elias Monastery, located on the "Boldy Mountains", is a must-visit destination for tourists in Chernihiv. The entrance fee is only 5 hryvnias, and the view from the top of the bell tower is simply incredible. From there, you can see almost the entire city, and the panorama is especially breathtaking during sunset. The climb to the bell tower may be a bit challenging, but it is definitely worth it. The tower stands at an impressive height of 58 meters and offers a stunning view of the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the surrounding landscape. The monastery complex, founded in 1069, features the beautiful Ukrainian Baroque-style cathedral, which is a masterpiece of architecture. Visitors will also appreciate the well-maintained stairs and the helpful staff on-site. So, if you enjoy admiring cities from a height, Trinity-Elias Monastery is the perfect place for you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the unparalleled beauty of Chernihiv.
Address:Tolstoho Street, 92, Chernihiv



Lord Black
Entrance costs 5 hryvnias (October 2021). The view from above is simply incredible! You can see almost the whole city. It is very windy upstairs, so I advise you to wrap up if you plan to stand for a long time.
Vas H
A beautiful place for tourists. From the top you can see the whole Chernihiv.
Kostiantyn Yevtushenko
Crazy Interesting view of all of Chernihiv in the setting sun !!! Only 180 steps and 10 UAH for an adult and 5 UAH for a child ... Worth a visit!
Darina Semenova
I recommend to climb the bell tower From above, gorgeous views open up Bell tower height 58 meters Difficult climb All steps and ceilings are laid out of made sheets, which are already visible and wobbly, but the climb there is worth it. Above, you c.. Read more »
Елена Барышева
For those who like to look at cities from a height, this is the same place. Definitely worth a visit
Pristis microdon
Be sure to visit. For 5 hryvnia you can go up. The ascent is not difficult, only the first flight with high steps. The view of the cathedral, the city and the Desna is worth all the effort.
Grygoriy R
Good view, adequate number of stairs. Works from 10 to 18.
Виталий Акдал
In 1775 a 4-tiered 58-meter bell tower was built in the Baroque style. The bell tower has become not only the dominant feature of the entire monastery complex, but also the tallest structure in Chernigov! A beautiful view of the city opens up, it lie.. Read more »
руслана дубовик
Trinity-Elijah Monastery, located on the "Boldy Mountains", was founded around 1069 by Antony Pechersky. The landscape from the bell tower (1775. Beffroy in Ukrainian) is impressive! And the Holy Trinity Cathedral is worth a visit (1679-169.. Read more »
Denys Glushko
This place offers the best view of Chernihiv. The cost for visiting is only 5 hryvnias, a friendly grandmother is sitting downstairs. To be honest, pleasantly shocked, the stairs are in good condition. Be sure to climb the bell tower if you are in Ch.. Read more »
Арсеній Чугуй
The top offers a good view. Admission - five hryvnia, so in general the top for your money. We were lucky to go down that how they started ringing all the bells)
Елена Ивженко
Bed Chernigov, which means you need to visit the Anthony Caves, the monastery and accompanying excursion entertainment, otherwise it means you were passing through here, and not for the purpose of knowledge and enlightenment
Владимир Лях
The entrance to the bell tower is paid - 5 UAH. The staircase is in terrible condition and needs renovation. The height is normal to view the panorama of the city
Valentin Burblis
The main architectural accent stone fence Trinity Monastery and the entrance to the monastery courtyard. Very beautiful. Beautiful views from the top open in good weather.
Дария Глушко
You can climb up
Inna Sorokina
Interesting place with great views. The steps are steep and scary to walk on. The floor looks unreliable, as if it is about to collapse. Fans of extreme sports and beautiful landscapes will love this place :)
Oleg Bidnyi
Good overview around