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Trevi Fountain

Rome, Italy
4.8 / 131
The most famous Roman fountain of the XVIII century, where every guest of the city is simply obliged to throw a coin for happiness. In a week, coins are thrown in the amount of several thousand euros. All money is given to a charity fund. The sculptural composition of the fountain consists of the figure of the sea god Neptune on a chariot and its satellites. 16 architects fought for the right to work on the construction of the fountain.
Address:Piazza di Trevi, Roma
Phone:+39 06 0608



The fountain itself is amazingly beautiful! It is quite packed with people throughout the day. Go at night! The lights on the water make it feel surreal. Also less people. Definitely check it out if you're in Rome.
It is a really nice fountain. The architecture and design of the Trevi Fountain is just brilliant. With it being free, it can get very crowded very fast so I recommend going really early if you want it all to yourself. You can also go late or ch.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful structure and sculptures, if you don't go to see it on your visit you are just crazy. Beware - it's nearly always packed, take a selfie stick to get better shots or climb the steps of the church in the corner. I got luc.. Read more »
What a beautiful spot to visit that is accessible to the public! We visited twice - once during the daytime and again that night on a golf cart city tour. Slower times to visit are between 1-6am daily. People are constantly moving in and out of the a.. Read more »
The Trevi Fountain in Rome is a mesmerizing work of art and a true gem of the Eternal City. As I approached this iconic masterpiece, the sound of cascading water grew louder, building anticipation. When I finally laid eyes on it, I was captivated by .. Read more »
Spectacular. Not my taste as I prefer antiquity but impressive as a baroque masterpiece of aquatic art. Would love to do behind the scenes tour. Recommend that visits be made early morning or towards sunset for shade if visiting in the summer and to.. Read more »
The fountain was a spectacular site today surrounded with beautiful weather, we arrived at 15:00 local time on a Tuesday and safe to say there were at least 1500 people there taking photos and all pushing to get a photo close to the fountains edge. I.. Read more »
It's another bucket list location which we visited in July 2023, yes, when the weather was hitting 40C! Not ideal but didn't spoil the experience. The fountain is truly amazing, make sure to really spend time looking over the detail of th.. Read more »
We had a great time in the fountain with friends and took some lovely pictures. It was enjoyable to be in the water, tossing coins and making memories. Despite it being 5:00 AM, there was still a large crowd waiting for us to take pictures. This plac.. Read more »
Obviously, the fountain is beautiful. We came twice when it was so crowded we did not get close to the fountain. On our last day we woke up before dawn and arrived before 6 AM...there was probably only 20 people there. So it was a really nice experi.. Read more »
Super touristy and crazy crowded but well worth it. Even at 8am in the middle of June, the fountain was already crowded but still no where near the crowd later in the day! It got so packed at 3pm that I headed up to the bar at the hotel overlooking t.. Read more »
Absolutely breathtaking, a very moving experience! A must see if you're in Rome. The surrounding area is filled with great shops, restaurants and bars. Stroll through the streets, eating Gelato of course!! And don't forget to throw a coin.. Read more »
Trevi Fountain in Rome is a captivating masterpiece that enchants visitors with its grandeur and allure. This iconic landmark is a must-see when exploring the Eternal City. However, if you wish to capture stunning photographs without the crowds, it i.. Read more »
Very beautiful and incredibly packed. We swung around a few times throughout the week hoping to get a better view of it and that was the trick! This fountain is gorgeous and definitely requires you to take your time to soak it all in. Beware of the c.. Read more »
Came here on Chinese New Year’s Eve in January. I guess this place is never empty😂 beautiful statues with the lights shine through the water. Excited people including us standing next to it were making wishes. Love it 🥰. I think night time with.. Read more »
It’s beautiful fountain with a million of visitors! First day I was there at around 11 am it’s already packed!! And another day I reached there at 6.30am and it’s already around hundred people were there but it is a lot better than .. Read more »
Very beautiful place! I only had time for a day in Rome so this place was one of places I went. I guess it's very crowded everyday but I didn't feel regret at all to visit one of the most famous fountain of the world. Even it looks super .. Read more »
We got there around 830am and thought it was going to be packed but it really wasn't too bad. The fountain is huge and gorgeous and definitely worth the stop to see it. When done admiring it, walk all the way to the right of the fountain and the.. Read more »
Magnificent piece of artwork. Can’t call it a fountain. Worth seeing. Located in the heart of Rome. Hidden among busy streets. Be ready to meet huge amount of people crowding in front of the fountain. If you fancy a picture without people then .. Read more »
Cool place. It’s really grandiose and very peaceful despite of hundreds of people around it. It’s deep inside a very busy area of the city and I wasn’t expecting it to be so “in the middle” of the city. It’s litera.. Read more »
Remarkable is all I can say. Beautiful white marble. It was a little crowded but didn't have a problem in the month of November. Getting some really good pictures. Definitely worth a visit and it's free and you can take some time and sit an.. Read more »
Stunning! So glad we made time to swing by and see the majesty of this public art in a small unassuming square. Photos don't do it justice. It's especially impressive at night. We emerged from a small side street to see this massively gorge.. Read more »
Beautiful! There are many restaurants and souvenir stores around. During the afternoon it was crowded but in the evening, it's getting harder to have a nice photo spot where there aren't many people around, it was even so hard to walk. Mayb.. Read more »
A very cool place. Fountain is impressive. But the amount of people around makes it difficult to get a good space and view. A lot of hustler who take pictures and stick out hand for money - this is my minus one star.
Such an amazing piece of art! So well preserved. The structure and sculptures are beautiful, one of the most amazing places in Rome. It’s a shame that it’s always so crowded, because you have to wait a lot to get close to the fountain. Th.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful, very busy. Would recommend not going on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings as it gets cleaned but only takes an hour or two to complete, so stop by a cafe while you wait. Absolutely stunning when on
Awesome place. This place was a lot more beautiful than I expected. The architecture was amazing and so well kept. It's very well lit at night and also really nice to look at it during the day. It's in a nice area with other beautiful build.. Read more »
Absolutely loved it. Keep your belongings safe because there are a lot of sketchy people around and it's very busy. Everyone is trying to get the same photo and when taking a photo people walk in front of you. So a lot of patience is required. P.. Read more »
UPDATED 2022: Still one of the busiest spots in Rome I think, but beautiful and still some great spots for those all important photos. I'm glad we went back to see it again, but in 33 degree heat all I wanted to do was jump in the fountain. Love.. Read more »
Beautiful and iconic. A must see. Was busy during the day, but we didn't have to wait long to get to the front. Went back at night hoping it would be quiet, for some nice night time photos, however it was still very busy at 10:30pm. So would sug.. Read more »
It is okay but I don't really get the hype with it. Rome is full of fountains, but this is maybe the biggest. It it extremely crowded. It is one of that places, landmarks you just need to cross of your list in a big city. From an architectural p.. Read more »
In my opinion the nicest of the usual tourist attractions, lovely little square & not too busy this time of year although I wonder in the summer if you could get anywhere near it. As you can see by the photo there is nice little bars around the p.. Read more »
This has most beautiful architectural beauty with water body. It's Baroque style will definitely show you how beautiful was roman history in terms of designing. Details of Corinthian columns, decorated sculptural details, etc are truly mesmerizi.. Read more »
Just about everything in Rome is beautiful and the Trevi Fountain is no different. We ended up here on New Year's Eve and decided to brave the crowd to throw some coins in. As one of our tour guides mentioned, wherever there is a hole with wat.. Read more »
An absolute must see when in Roma. The square is actually too small for the fountain (and the crowd) but the fountain is the most beautiful I've ever seen. A beautiful and refined sculpture with a rich history and clear blue water. It's suc.. Read more »
This is one of the most beautiful fountains I have ever seen. The area is extremely busy with pedestrian traffic so squeeze your way through the crowd and get your photos, then take time to sit and enjoy the architecture. The area is also filled wi.. Read more »
When someone who's a foodie gives a 5 star review, this better be Bobby Flay like cuisine. Listen closely, it hits the mark hands down. There's not a dish I haven't devoured nor a waiter who wasn't attentive. Owners are stellar an.. Read more »
Was here in year 2019. Came early in the morning with minimal crowd which means the fountain is pretty much empty and we had it to ourselves, starts getting busy from 11am onwards. Nearby there’s a nice roasted chestnut. We had a stroll here .. Read more »
Yeah I know it's crowded...get over it. When you first round the corner and see how majestic and beautiful this fountain is you will soon forget about the crowds and will find yourself making your way to waters edge. Try to take a second and mak.. Read more »
Wonder attractions! Simply amazing. Nice art work and the fountain just blend in so well. For those believer, please do remember to toss a coin for some lucky wishes. And may all your dream come true!
One of the top places recommended if you are visiting Rome therefore it has become very crowded also. It is not that big either so it not possible to take pictures without anyone else being in the frame. An average place in terms of scenic beauty but.. Read more »
I love Trevi Fountain. One of my favorite places in all of Rome. Due to Covid, the crowd is very small. The best view I have ever had of Fontana Trevi.
Nice place to relax but still full of people even on a pandemic, no social distancing some people still does not wear any face mask. Good to visit during night for a cozy ambiance due to the background lighting restaurants and ice cream shops nearby,.. Read more »
Picturesque, tranquil and romantic, the Trevi Fountain did not disappoint. Located deep within the beating heart of the Trevi District of Rome and flanked by cobbled side-streets, quaint cafés, shops and vendors; The Trevi Fountain is a sight.. Read more »
We are thrilled with the beauty of the fountain both day and night. The look of this monumental fountain leaves no one indifferent to anyone. It's just brilliant. Rome is the city of the fountain, there are about 280, and we can freely say that .. Read more »
Such a beautiful place to see in Rome ? one of the most known attractions in the city and trust me it’s worth it! The fountain has a beautiful structure and the details are just amazing. In my opinion it looks much better in reality than in pic.. Read more »
A beautiful sight with an amazing array of sculptures! A true gem, great spot to take a break for some ice cream. Once again, restrictions offer a strange contrast: it's amazing to actually see everything and keep a distance, but it just doesn&#.. Read more »