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Transfiguration Cathedral

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.7 / 48
The Transfiguration Cathedral is a stunning ancient place that showcases the beauty of Orthodox and ancient architecture. As you step inside, you are enveloped in a peaceful atmosphere that helps you feel disconnected from the outside world. Built in the 11th century, the cathedral has maintained its grandeur throughout the years. It houses the relics of saints, which visitors can pay their respects to. If saints aren't your interest, you can admire the remains of frescoes or the beautifully painted gate. This place is definitely worth a visit. The Transfiguration Cathedral is the oldest building in Kyiv Rus that has been preserved to this day. It is one of the oldest stone buildings in Ukraine. Attending an evening service here is a truly unforgettable experience, as the sound of the voices is unparalleled. The halls of the temple are awe-inspiring, leaving visitors with incredible emotions. You should definitely make sure to visit this cathedral. When I see cathedrals from the pre-Mongolian period, I am amazed at how they have survived for 10 centuries and I admire their beauty. The Transfiguration Cathedral is one of the six monuments from the pre-Mongolian era in Chernihiv. It was founded by Prince Mstislav, the son of Vladimir, who baptized Rus'. Despite not living to see its completion, Prince Mstislav was buried in the unfinished cathedral. The cathedral also contains the ashes of other Chernihiv princes from that era. The cathedral has largely remained intact, with some reconstruction after a fire in the 18th century. The facade is adorned with unique and elegant brickwork, and the walls intentionally left unplastered during restoration to showcase the artistry of the old master masons. Inside the cathedral, you can find ancient Greek columns brought by the Byzantines who constructed the cathedral. The Transfiguration Cathedral is a beautiful and ancient temple that offers a spiritual experience. However, it is important to note that it belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) and not the Eastern Orthodox Church. The foundation stone for the cathedral in Dnipro was laid by Empress Catherine the Great during the city's inauguration in 1787. However, construction didn't begin until 1830. Although more modest in size than originally planned, the cathedral is still a stunning national monument. Like many churches in Ukraine, its decoration was destroyed by Soviet troops, but the building survived World War II unharmed. It has since undergone a full restoration, including the return of the iconostasis and frescoes to their former glory. The foundation stone laid by Catherine the Great can still be seen inside the cathedral. Despite its reconstructed appearance, the cathedral looks like it has stood for decades, rather than just a few years. The original Neoclassical Transfiguration Cathedral was built in 1827 but was demolished by the Soviets in 1936. It wasn't until 1999 that the building was reconstructed according to the original plans. The reconstruction project took less than four years, and during the re-consecration, distinguished burials that had been disinterred and moved elsewhere 80 years ago were brought back to their rightful places. One of the most famous burials is that of Governor Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, whose tomb is now prominently displayed inside the cathedral. Visitors who have experienced the Transfiguration Cathedral can attest to the essence of faith and belief found within its walls. The locals gather for salvation, placing baskets to reserve their spots. It seems that even the empty spaces have already been designated for specific individuals. Despite encountering some unfriendly behavior, the overall experience in Chernigov is still highly recommended. In just a few more years, the Transfiguration Cathedral will celebrate its 1000th anniversary in 2030. It is truly a brilliant and must-see attraction in Chernigiv.
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A beautiful ancient place that captures the beauty. It is incredible for both Orthodox and just connoisseurs of ancient architecture. When you go inside you are enveloped in an atmosphere of peace and a kind of alienation from the world. Founded in t.. Read more »
The most older building of Kyiv Rus, than is saved for our days!
One of the oldest preserved stone buildings in Ukraine. Were at the evening service, the sound of the voice is unsurpassed. The halls of the temple are impressive. It came out with incredible emotions. Be sure to come.
When I see the cathedrals of the pre-Mongolian period, I am surprised how they survived 10 centuries, and I admire their beauty. The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior is one of six monuments (of which five are cathedrals) of the pre-Mong.. Read more »
A beautiful temple! Ancient! Praying! Here, only, in the name of the error - this is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), and not the Eastern.
The foundation stone for Dnipro’s cathedral was laid by Empress Catherine the Great at the city’s inauguration in 1787. But that proved to be a bit of a false start, as construction didn’t begin until 1830. The church ended up havin.. Read more »
The visitor himself, walked near the church and once again became convinced of the whole essence of the "believers" ... They gathered for the rescue, put the baskets out, it turns out that the empty places have already painted who will be s.. Read more »
1000 years- soon in 2030 ???????
Must see attraction in Chernigiv.