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Tower of London

London, England
4.8 / 107
The fortress, standing on the north bank of the Thames, is over 900 years old. The tower is known as a prison for nobles and prisoners of royal blood. From time to time he became the residence of the monarchs. At different times, the famous humanist Thomas More, the wives of Henry VIII Catherine Howard and Anna Boleyn, the “bloody” Queen Maria Tudor and many others visited the castle. Only in the middle of the 20th century did the Tower cease to function as a prison.
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We visited twice whilst in London and found the morning is extremely busy although it’s a great atmosphere when bustling with people from all over the world it does make it quite cramped and takes a lot longer to walk across. You have to try th.. Read more »
Fascinating history, guided tours are amazing and definitely worth while so you can learn more about what you are looking at. Lots of information around the tower though. Make sure you look at the map so you don't miss any sections as it can get.. Read more »
A must-see while in London. Purchase your tickets online in advance. Otherwise, stand in line to purchase and then queue again to enter. The Crown Jewels are magnificent and will be a 3rd queue to stand in. The rest of the site is a self paced tour... Read more »
A great day out. Its worth getting there for opening and going straight to see the Crown jewels. That way there will be minimal queues and you may get to spend longer in the crowns room than you would later on. The rest of the Tower is great and an a.. Read more »
If you like history of any sort you have to make this a priority in London. All buildings and displays are amazing and it's awe inspiring to be surrounded by centuries of history. The staff and guards were all great and the Beefeater tour was.. Read more »
Really enjoyed our trip to the Tower of London. There was so much to explore and see. Went early as it can get busy and you have to queue to see the crown jewels. It's a great place if your into history.
Can't recommend a trip to the Tower of London too highly. It's a really great day out. At first the ticket price of £32 each appears very expensive, but trust me, it's real value for money. You get to see so much real history, to.. Read more »
Went with a tour group and only had an hour to spend. Not enough time to explore all the history! The highlight is the Crown Jewels which are fabulous and overwhelming. Unbelievable how many diamonds encrust each piece. Would like to know how hea.. Read more »
At 10 am you have tour at the entrance. The lady will explain the history of the tower. They are very experienced and represent one of the oldest gaurd group in the world. They need to be in the army for 22 years before they grant them this job! Amaz.. Read more »
Great place! The crown jewels were amazing. I highly recommend that one takes the audio tour experience. The audio guide deepens the experience so much more. Bonus for our visit was that it was halloween and there were ghosts in the area that one cou.. Read more »
I love visiting the Tower of London. It is one of my favourite places for day trips here and I recommend it to anyone visiting London as a must. Whether it's the views, the picture opportunities, or the history, this place has a lot to offer. I .. Read more »
Organised queues and I really loved our yeoman warden. Must follow the guide for amazing stories and fun facts. We spent 2 hours in the Tower of London. 4 stars due to most of the areas closed down. Would be interesting to know how the prisons looked.. Read more »
It was a wonderful experience and a great place to visit. The history of the place is amazing. It is advisable to take the guided tour as the guide really knows his stuff and gives you some great insights into the history of the place and also gives .. Read more »
Am amazing experience! We thought we would stay for maybe 2 hours but we stayed for 6! The audio guide is interesting and filled with historical facts. The exhibits are well made and the guards are very kind and open to all sorts of questions. 100% r.. Read more »
Amazing tourist attraction of this wonderful place that had a dark side over the history of London-England, but it remains as one of the most visited places nowadays since the Royal Jewels are guarded here. The Royal jewels are amazingly displayed, a.. Read more »
This was one of my favorite parts of my visit to London. I would suggest buying your tickets ahead of time to skip the lines because it gets very busy. I would start with a Beefeater tour so you can get some of the history and lore of the Tower. Then.. Read more »
Must visit and full of history. During peak season ( we visited during weekends) be prepared to spend 3-4 hours. Crown jewels are amazing and you have queues for the same. We just loved the award winning ice cream sold in front of crown jewels buildi.. Read more »
Had the most amazing experience, waited for the tour that sets off every half hour, Beefeater 402, Yeoman Warder Abbott was our guide, he's a jewel in himself, very informative and great with the crowd. Such an amazing place, such astonishing hi.. Read more »
The Tower Of London is one of my favorite places in London. I am a huge history fanatic and it was amazing. Everything is so detailed and offers different options on how you can explore the whole place. If you are visiting London I would highly recom.. Read more »
Was an excellent and educational day out. Spent about 5hrs in here exploring everything to do. It’s a little on the expensive side but if you make a day out of it it is worth it. The Crown Jewels were also magnificent to see.
Let's just say I was there yesterday and took 218 photos. It would have been more but they obviously for smart reasons don't allow photos on the Crown Jewels portion. Definitely worth the cost of admission, and this was my second trip to .. Read more »
Beautiful and full of so much history! A great place for families and tour groups. Many placards giving the history and explaining historic events throughout the towers. My favorite thing was the crowned jewels. They were beautiful - full of pomp and.. Read more »
Went as early as we could and basically walked in. Spent about 5 hours seeing the sites. Did get audio tour. Would recommend it. It was very intuitive, unlike other attraction you don't look for numbers to punch in. They are segmented clips, alo.. Read more »
Over 1000 years of history. A must visit. It's one of the top world culture heritage sites to explore. The tower has an impressive size and appears smaller from outside that it actually is. It takes min 2.5- 3 hours to visi, with deep dive into .. Read more »
Admission was a little steep but totally worth it. We paid under £30 per person, but it varies by date and what website you purchase through. We bought tickets in person and not in advance. As soon as we walked in there was a beefeater start.. Read more »
I remember visiting Tower of London when I was a child. Don’t know if a lot has changed, but all I could remember from back then, is a jewels room. I remember standing in a big queue to see them. But guess what, I went there now and Tower of Lo.. Read more »
It is a very cool experience. You get to step back in time, seeing things from a long time ago. There is a lot of history and information to read and take in, so many cool things. I would recommend buying tickets in advance for 9am. I was dropped of.. Read more »
A must see in your London visit and amazing place to visit. A great history of Brit. A crown jewel is one not to miss but no pictures allowed. Lots of walking required to walk around probably won't help buggies or wheelchairs due to lot climbing.. Read more »
Amazing place of history as gruesome as some of it were, and the Crown Jewels were simply splendid. Highly recommend the tour and well worth a visit, otherwise my advice is to book online and arrive early in the morning at 9am, the tour lasts about t.. Read more »
Certainly a must see if you are traveling to London! The history of the Tower is hard to comprehend when you consider that the place is older than the United States. Lots of history to take in from the jail cells, torture machines, to the tower, th.. Read more »
A must see for any London travelers interested in its rich history. Enjoy this amazing castle and all of its nooks of deep history. There are a lot of steps so keep this in mind. It's easy to get tickets and although there are a lot of people, .. Read more »
Great history lesson, lots of walking, tight spots so child strollers will struggle on most of the castle. Crown jewels are breathtaking, no pictures allowed. They could benefit from offering children's crowns for sale at the end.
I had an absolutely fantastic experience. I originally did not care to go because I assumed it would be somewhat boring and too touristy. It was definitely touristy, but not at all boring. There was a lot to see, many very well put together exhibits... Read more »
This might be one of my favourite 'tourist' places I have visited in London. The history of this place is amazing, and all the different parts of this mini city within the city are stunning to walk around. I would greatly recommend spending.. Read more »
Well preserved and presented. Amazing! Glad I saw this incredible historical landmark. Recommend a visit - but even more so go and see the Tower Bridge workings inside tour. This I found really interesting.
Lasted visited the Tower of London about 25 years ago, I really enjoyed my time back with plenty to see and do. Took breaks through the day in the cafe and the coffee shop. It was nice to visit the new additions and stroll round in a leisurely way. H.. Read more »
This is the absolute best place to get the most history about the UK in one stop. Really quite spectacular. The crown jewels by the time we viewed them at the end, beautiful but turned out not to be the highlight. Knowing that Henry the VIII was s.. Read more »
Great tourist experience. Interesting. Go at your own pace. Huge with tons to see. Very friendly helpful staff. Good cafe. Plenty of bathrooms. Not Handicapped accessible. Absolutely gorgeous and worth the trip
Great day out, lots of history and beautiful views of the castle and Tower Bridge and a nice cafe inside. You can follow a guided tour or purchase an audio guide, though neither is particularly needed as there is plenty of information displayed in al.. Read more »
A very interesting place to visit. the place is steeped in history. We all read about it in textbooks and saw it in movies. Incredible feeling. The treasure chest is simply amazing. Crown of the Queen! Cool! Very cool staff. And these crows)).. Read more »
A lot more to do there than I thought. Worth doing a walk around with one of the yeoman warders very interesting and funny history lesson. Need at least half a day to explore properly, we only had 2.5 hours as we had to get back to the car park
Amazing place to visit! We had recently come from Ireland and to hear the different pieces of British and Irish history intertwine was really neat! I highly recommend paying the extra bit for the audio tour once you get inside. It helps give you a li.. Read more »
Historical and fascinating trip! A day here is a day well spent. I have always wanted to visit and I was not disappointed. We visited all of the spots and every site I learnt something. It was incredible to see the dark history that lies here and is .. Read more »
This is an amazing attraction and a must see if you are in London. The location is hard to believe - this much land and history in the heart of the city. The tours and displays are fantastic. Make sure you take enough time to enjoy this experience.. Read more »
A beautiful historical landmark to enjoy a good part of the day. With it situated next to the iconic Tower Bridge, you can get some lovely shots in the Tower Green. Also a great place to take someone who likes and enjoys History.
A wonderful day out for the family. I attended with my wife and thoroughly enjoyed the historic spectacle that Tower of London offers. We were given a fantastic tour of the Tower by Yeoman Warder Beefy409. The tour was without doubt the highlight .. Read more »
I love this place. Just an excellent place. This place is a perfect place for family outing specially. Any class of age people can enjoy the entire environment. People from outside London come here to make their day and or sometimes for enjoy a picni.. Read more »
Remove all thoughts of moving quickly or not being bumped. Now if you have zero expectations of decent human interaction and like stairs. This tour is for you. You will be shoulder to shoulder and you will be in tight stairs and there will be a to.. Read more »
For £28 it was an great experience to see landmarks narrate dramatic, detailed stories of the city’s past — the Tower of London is one. It pays a glorious homage to the British Monarchy and impact of the Church on the country’.. Read more »
The friendly staff, the majestic towers, the setting by the river. I grew up in the Shadows of Tower of London and I still love visiting. The history and they have added quite a few events to make it more interactive for the children. I loved the dif.. Read more »
Wow, What an attraction this is. I was really surprised and wondered by seeing it's Infra. It was very well planned and designed. It was very well maintained. Very clean and tidy the entire place is. I wish to visit this again in my life time if.. Read more »
Such a beautiful place with a rich history. Would definitely recommend! Hours just pass as you go back in time. Probably not best for really small kids tho. Great views of Tower bridge
Pretty amazing to see things when it is so quiet. You can really spend time soaking it in. Very cool. Barry the Yeoman was excellent and made our visit even more memorable.
One of my favourite buildings in the country , it’s over 900 years old. Full of history. William the Conqueror created the first fortifications after the conquest of London in A.D. 1066 as the Norman invader lacked support among the people of t.. Read more »
The Tower of London is a 900-year-old castle and fortress in central London that is notable for housing the crown jewels and for holding many famous and infamous prisoners. Throughout its history, the tower has served many purposes: it housed the ro.. Read more »
The Tower has been in my family history since the early 1400s, my grandfathers were constables at the tower, one grandfather was beheaded there in 1547 and my 2nd cousins Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard also met the same fate. The chance to visit d.. Read more »
A wonderful part of our heritage. Displays etc were very well laid out, no rushing along. Queues were not too bad to see the Crown Jewels although visitor numbers were restricted under Covid 19 conditions. Not cheap to visit but worth the cost in my.. Read more »
What an amazing place. So much history with appropriate covid 19 measures in place. The beefeaters were amazing despite no guided tours being allowed ( due to covid 19). A truly great day out that the whole family enjoyed
Fantastic visit. My first trip as a Londoner of over 40 years! The lure of a less crowded environment tipped the balance and the family and I went. Worth getting a year membership in order to visit the other palaces and Royal Gardens around London. .. Read more »
Educational day out for my nephew (and us adults too)! The actors put on brilliant displays and their costumes were great! Loved seeing the crown jewels.. Shame we couldn't get any pictures of those!
It is a good historical landmark in London. It is a very nice location to visit if you have the time. It has some very interesting exhibits on display and in general it is an interesting place to visit as the architecture is very intriguing and nice .. Read more »
Great Place i was there year ago. And i spend best day. Place is big and important in British History. Like Ravens. Legend Say, That How long Ravens Will be in the Tower of London that Long British Empire will be exist. If somebody like history so .. Read more »