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Topography of Terror

Berlin, Germany
4.7 / 99
Memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Nazi regime. It is located on the territory where the headquarters of the SS and SD was located. The complex is a whole group of expositions, memorials, open-air exhibitions, preserved administrative buildings of the Third Reich, cellars and barracks. The Topography of Terror began operating in 1987. The total exhibition area is more than 800 m².
Address:Niederkirchnerstraße 8, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 25450950



Pavel Tcholakov
Very moving exhibit that I would rate as must-see for any Berlin visitor! The phone-based free audio guide tour was excellent, make sure to bring your earphones.
Jonathan Kao
Great first stop in Berlin if you want to learn about the regime. Lays down some important historical context about WW2 that will help for other museums that you may go to.
Fraulein Bee
This place is very educational. I learned a lot. You just need some time, reading all, if not some of the text on the wall/board. It also seemed so quiet on this place. The museum is free of charge.
Uday Kiran
It's a great experience knowing the history and they have kept all the history charts in English and in German, there are toilets inside the building along with a cafe. You can see Berlin wall as well here and it is a few mins away from the Char.. Read more »
A very meaningful museum where you can spend some time there to read the exhibit in details. Quite spacious with decent internal design and air conditioning. It's free for the visit.
A pure piece of history and an absolute must see when visiting Berlin. I would have stated alot longer but it started pouring rain. The art work is fantastic but looking at the wall from the side you can't help but think what it must have been .. Read more »
Anna Augustinová
Beautiful and diverse paintings on a piece of history, really fun to see, very picturesque, and for free! My only issue was how touristy it was there but I suppose that's to be expected from such a notable place. What I appreciate, though, was h.. Read more »
Mark B
This is an extremely comprehensive and FREE museum on the site of the former German SS and Gestapo police forces during WW2. The indoor portion is very detailed and provides many photos and artifacts of the rise of the brutal police state via massiv.. Read more »
Vy Yang
If you're planning to visit Jewish Museum then I highly recommend you to visit this one as well. Checkpoint Charlie is nearby as well. It was very informative and there is a free guided tour every Sunday at 3.30pm. Definitely worth it. They als.. Read more »
Folayemi Tolulope
A historical place to visit if you are in Berlin. Getting a Public transport to the place isn’t difficult at all. Enter the museum to read and see concrete evidences. You can also listen to audios/videos.
Lisa Jones
Free to enter and has a small cafe and clean toilets inside. There are 2 thing here - the topography of terror which is a brilliant display of historical facts, pictures and old ruins of SS buildings, as well as a huge chunk of the Berlin Wall.
Jean Grogan
Museum of World War II, which has free admission. Very informative and a great outside exhibit as well. Also, there’s a large stretch of the original wall on the location. It could be done in an hour if you don’t read everything otherwise.. Read more »
Simon Osborne
Such an experience, so well done. Worth visiting if only to see the outside displays and a large section of the Berlin Wall but the exhibition inside is well worth visiting if you have time.
Amy M
Lots of info, lots of pictures. The current exhibition on Speer is fascinating. Takes a while to read all of the panels. Entrance is free, definitely worth a visit.
Nataly E.
It's so important that this museum exists and that it's free. This cannot be forgotten. I was pleased to see groups of students there with their teachers. It's well organized, the audio guide was very good and there's a lot of mat.. Read more »
Quyen Dang
Very interesting place to understand what happened during Hitler 's time Very sad to see and to know what was here before One recommendation, please bring your headset to listen what the story is behind the pictures. Luckily I had with me and .. Read more »
Pablo Medrano-Vizcaíno
FANTASTIC! This is a free museum where you will learn in an excellent detail the history of Germany and Europe during Hitler dominance. Real photos, with a fantastic gallery. This was just fantastic! I bought a book due to feeling like that I needed .. Read more »
arianna vicinanza
The visit was jaw dropping and emotional. I was in tears at the end of it and I still can't understand how humans can be so cruel. This museum is truly important, it teaches us that such events didn't happen 3000 years ago but just yesterda.. Read more »
Mk B
Very interesting and had a lot of information on the war and all the terrible things that happened in Germany at the time. The panels were nice and well put together with text in German and English which was nice. The center was also very nice to vis.. Read more »
David Falck
Great if you want to learn about WW2. Personally not a fan of the style of the exhibit as I feel I could get about the same results from online sources. As most of the exhibit is pictures with small excerpts beside them. I however didn't take a.. Read more »
Michael Dowden
I appreciate the mission of this place, positioned on a site of historic significance in front of a substantial segment of the old wall. They're doing important work on the preservation of history and education. On the other hand, the exhibits w.. Read more »
Rachel R
Extensive information and displays of different aspects of the war, from both a political and social standpoint. We started at the “end” of the displays by accident, there was definitely a correct way to read them. The building next to .. Read more »
Andrea Marquez
It's good for a free museum but not a favorite - feels like they just printed pages/pictures from a textbook. But very informative
Vladi Radu
Very informative display. It's cool to be able to read some of the life of the people involved in what the Berlin Wall became. It reads chronology, from left to right.
John Pita
So much information, presented in a palatable way, they don't mince words, it's a very open accurate depiction of the rise of the Nazis. Would recommend at least 3 hours there, you could easily spend a day if you're that way inclined
I read and learned a lot about the rise of Nazism and World War II in school when I was a teenager. It was revolting, and somewhat hard at the time to understand how a whole nation agreed to follow such atrocious ideology. The museum taught a differ.. Read more »
Teacher Stephen
Very well done. Entrance is free, as it should. More is needed though, due to the nature of the events that took place. It is quiet inside.
July Summer
Topography of terror, a museum and a memorial, that provides a written information with photographs or you can take an audio guide, that tells about the horror times in our history. Around that place you can see the crushed stones. It was mentioned i.. Read more »
Aron Steg
Typography of Terror was an enlightening display of the history of WW2. It was very well presented in English and German with a very thorough audioguide in many other languages. I couldn’t help but think how challenging it must have been for G.. Read more »
Eugenio Gadea
Very well documented. The presentation is also great. Really makes you appreciate the value of having a working democracy. Never take it for granted!
Definitely a must visit in Berlin. Amazing place to take a look at one of the most impactful events of history. Very well made, the staff are amazingly helpful and it's free. One big raw part of the berlin wall is here.
ben nielson
Really good for a free educational museum. I'm usually not a fan of focusing on the events around WW2, or war in general, but it is very important that everyone understands which roads lead to atrocities. So it was well presented and to have t.. Read more »
Samis Mos
Very well preserved and informative site, my 4 stars are because of the lack of seating, if you read about half of what is written you might be standing for more than an hour and a half, and it gets quite tiring. Otherwise great historical landmark.
Rick Jan
Extremely impressive. The exposition leads you in a fast but comprehensive pace through WW II, focusing on both it's main events as well as interesting details.
Sam C
While it's definitely a must go to place, they didn't address some important events that led to WW2. Kristallnacht was barely mentioned which is one of the most important events. Huge and important parts are left out. Documentaries deliver.. Read more »
darjoush scheers
Very interesting place to check out if you have the time. There are a lot of stories about the history of Berlin and Germany. Very inspiring!
Ilsa Slattery
Really informative and well worth a visit. There is a lot of reading, but it's very interesting. Not a place for kids as they get bored. The segment of the wall here is worth the trip alone.
Ryan Williams
Soooo much information here, you could spend hours here. They have audio guides that you can use for free or you can pull up the guides on your phone and use headphones or just put your speaker up to your ear. They also have free guided tours you.. Read more »
Tenille Archie
It is a rich collection of history. The pictorial representation and audio made me feel like I was walking through time. It was truly a fascinating and insightful tour.
Tim Weisselberger
A must visit when you're in Berlin, it's extremely interesting, well done and very important. On top of that, it's free.
Adriana Acuña
Great museum to learn the rise and fall of the nazis. Very sad to learn all the horror they caused. The museum has a great chronological exhibition which takes at least 2 hours to fully watch.
Daniel Høj Hjorthmose
They should text it in danish as well, besides that, a must see, very interesting
Ben Skinner
An incredible place. I found d the experience of visiting to be one that was utterly poignant and deeply powerful. It really is a must if you are visiting.
Stefan Tore Karnstuen
We have learned nothing. This place is a good place to start if you need a reminder.
Ashish Singh
One of the most insightful places I have been in the world. A must visit to understand the pain a reign unleashed on Germany and the wonderful city of Berlin
Georgios Stathakis
Excellent way to learn the history that led to the atrocities of the Gestapo and the SS. Free entrance, with a free audio-guide in many languages, and even more information you can read on the panels. Great photography selection too.
Marie-Louise Steenberg
Very interesting and truly gave another insight than you normally get. The museum is free and you can scan a QR code with 13 different languages. Also Danish, which we enjoyed
Simon Felix
Excellent history of the Gestapo and SS. Many pictures and lots to read. I found the comments in orange made by historians to be the most interesting. Audio guides (free) will give you a basic overview, however there is so much more that you can read.. Read more »
Seculici Veronica
Really good done. Pictures illustrate very good those times. The wall or a part of it is still there. Free to visit and near check point charlie, like 5 min walk. In the building are toillets.
Christy Duijvelaar
A must see. Makes you wonder how many more pictures are not exhibited. The enormous impact on so many ordinary people's life of the wwII is still incredible. Great that this place has an indoor and outdoor exhibition. Lots of space to walk aroun.. Read more »
Manuel Rodriguez
incredible exhibition with lots on information with a great-clear layout that allows you to follow up the whole exhibit definitely a must if youre in Berlin
Eve McTomney
A very interesting place, even more impressed by the fact it was free entry and there’s an audio guide option available for your phone. I’d definitely recommend this place.
Ayşe Mine İnan
A place everyone have to go and visit
Maria Teresa Battista
Amazing and free! Ask for the audioguide
Pamela L
A great museum. Loads of information & documented proof about the atrocities during the Hitler regime, incl the organisations that were involved. Examples of ways the people in power incited fear, the role of the media, etc.
Tamara Piedrahita
Great museum. You can follow the exhibition from your phone, as an Audioguides. Bring earplugs (you can also use the once at the facility). Very detailed and well documented collection. Amazing history museum.
Anna Lena Lenzkes
Very interesting, love that it's free and there's a free Audioguide too
Paul Smith
Friendly and helpful staff, nice and spacious Museum with a great collection of photographs and stories.
Dellus West
Germany does a wonderful job of acknowledging its past. It can be intense to get through at times in terms of reading the evidence, but also the volume of material. That shouldn’t put you off, it’s completely manageable and in winter pr.. Read more »