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Topkapi Palace Museum

Istanbul, Turkey
4.6 / 125
The Topkapi Palace Museum is a must-visit attraction in Istanbul. This stunning palace, built by the Ottoman Empire, is well-preserved and showcases beautiful architecture and a wide range of artifacts. It is recommended to allocate at least 3-4 hours to fully explore the palace, as there is so much to see. The Harem section, although slightly disappointing due to limited access, still offers a glimpse into the lives of the sultan and his harem. It is advisable to take a guide or use the free audio guide to gain a better understanding of the exhibits, as some lack detailed descriptions. The palace also offers shops where visitors can purchase snacks and drinks. Tickets can be bought at the counter or through a kiosk, with the option to include access to the Harem. It's worth noting that foreign tourists may have to pay a higher price compared to locals, which some find unfair. The museum is vast and well-maintained, but it can get crowded, so it's recommended to visit early in the day. Overall, the Topkapi Palace Museum is a fascinating and significant historical site that offers a glimpse into the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire.
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Must see in Istanbul. Centuries of amazing history, so many interesting artifacts and rooms, salons and exhibitions. Worth every penny to visit it. Only snack bar and cafe is outside the palace. Toilets are fairly clean, given the number of visitors.
3.5 stars The grounds are beautiful, extremely well-maintained. The palace is beautiful, and so are the palace gardens. There are some stunning views from there too. However, I believe the ticket is extremely overpriced. It was my sense (and the gr.. Read more »
Such a beautiful Palace to visit. They have put a lot of effort into making the place fun and interesting and it has some of the most fantastic views of Istanbul. While a bit expensive you do get a LOT for your ticket and can easily spend a few hours.. Read more »
the palace is gigantic, if you want to visit everything in detail and carefully, go in the morning as it will take you all day to see everything. It's unbelievable how the value for tourists of all the monuments is absurdly expensive, and for ci.. Read more »
One of the most important palaces in Istanbul. It deserves at least half a day to visit. Each museum/ show room has something meaningful to present. There are some holy collections and presentation rooms. Highly recommended. Better do some research b.. Read more »
The condition that the palace is looked after is very impressive. The architecture and all the items on display are very beautiful. Costs 750 lira or 950 lira ( with access to the Harem). Honestly such a nice place to visit and would require way over.. Read more »
One of the best places to visit in Istanbul is this. Wonderful creation of the Ottoman Empire. You need to have 3-4 hours to visit this place. There are shops inside to buy drinks and snacks. Tickets can be purchased at the counter by cash or at the .. Read more »
It was a great site to see, however a bit disappointing to myself and a group of people I went with. We expected more rooms staged like the Ottoman times, instead of different exhibitions in literally every part of the palace. The Harem was especiall.. Read more »
Amazing palace with great artefacts and amazing holy relics. It's a shame that foreign tourists have to pay ten times the price for locals. Not a good policy. Also for the audio guide you have to deposit one ID document per audio guide or $100 p.. Read more »
Huge palace, prepare at least half a day to finish touring it. The place is pretty and well maintained, but very crowded. It's a pity that the exhibitions did not have much information provided so you will appreciate it much better with a guide.. Read more »
One of the best places to visit in istanbul. You will need at least 4-5 hours to properly visit this place. The history is well preserved. Islamic relics section is mind blowing with such a rare, historic and significant collection. Highly recommende.. Read more »
Amazing ottoman palace. Lots of artifacts on display which were used in 15 to 18 centuries. Tickets were 750 lira and it includes free audio guide. At least 3 hours need to complete the palace visit.
Entire museum and park is beautiful. Great views of Bosporus. Tickets are required but inexpensive, and queues move fast. Harem museum is a bit more but interesting. Closes early (4pm).
Booked our tours via the tourist information centre. Very knowledgeable and easily understood. Another must see. We walked and walked these 3 days to make sure we saw the sights of Istanbul. The weather has been warm but not hot. Thankyou Istanbul.
A must to do!!! A beautiful imperial complex surrounded by Bosporus Strait. It served as the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire and the main residence of its sultans for around 400 years. Spot 2-3 hours to fully explore the beauty of Ottoman.. Read more »
Amazing place, atmosphere, good condition of the palace, park, museums. Huge respect to authorities, who saved historical value of Istanbul in general and in this palace. This place is impressive, many relics and valuables have been preserved. Howeve.. Read more »
Such an amazing museum. You could easily spend the whole day here. So much to see and experience. The palace in of itself is a elegant and beautiful building. The museum is full of history and Turkish culture. In particular, you should also make sur.. Read more »
This palace is definitely worth the visit. There are many beautiful rooms which are beautifully decorated and have their original furniture. The reason I only give 4 stars is because there are even more empty rooms that in no way display their origin.. Read more »
Amazing place, truly a fantastic experience. The palace has such a rich history, with it's artifacts, Islamic treasures and being the old headquarters of previous Sultans. The views are absolutely lovely, Plenty of picture opportunities. The g.. Read more »
I recommend buying tickets in advance because my family made the mistake of waiting at a ticket pass seller just for them to tell us that the tickets to enter the museum were inside, aside from that the museum was really pretty and the gardens looked.. Read more »
Go to this place as early as you can be. Lines can be long and there are always student groups during the day. Bring some cash if you want to get self-guided recordings. Although it's technically free, they want you to leave some money or docume.. Read more »
The palace is majestically placed on one of the highest points in Istanbul and surrounded by beautiful gardens. Make sure you have enough time and energy to explore the grounds fully. Essential to have a guide to explain the various areas or rooms. M.. Read more »
This is the palace of the ottomans who rules the empire. The story of the sultans and their wives, their aids and others is fascinating. The individual rooms are labeled. On entry you can get a free guided tour of the palace. The ceilings are ornate .. Read more »
The Palace was interesting however be aware that you need to give your passport/national ID or personal ID for the headphones if you want the audio. Not all areas open as there is extensive restoration work. But a good way to spend a couple of hours .. Read more »
Travel in time. Back to the ottoman times. This place is absolutely wow. Big area, ideal for wandering, sightseeing and all the history inside. The details of the palace, buildings and wall decorations, crafted historical items. Holy relics. Special .. Read more »
What a beautiful beautiful place! Istanbul is stunning and this is place is a gem! The historical value this place holds is absolutely breathtaking! The Islamic history, the story of the Emperor who lived here... it's like every step was a walk .. Read more »
Very Unique place and full of historical signs. It is well maintained and it is very clean. It is higher in level than surroundings. It needs not less than 4 hours to enjoy and see everything in this place. There is a pass card that let you visit all.. Read more »
If you love all things history then this place is a must. They offer Tours and also Audio Guides that you can use on your own. Definitely worth the experience. I couldn’t take many pictures due to the no camera policy (although some people stil.. Read more »
Great museum. Some of the artifacts are in great shape. I definitely recommend the audio guide. It's free with your ticket. The Turkish descriptions of items leave a bit to be desired in terms of satisfying my curiosity. Go early. By 11 it'.. Read more »
Beautiful historical landmark in Istanbul! Highly recommend. A definite must see. I recommend buying tickets in advance. The lines were incredibly long. Also ladies, be prepared to cover your head/hair in certain areas of the palace.
One of the biggest spot in Istanbul! I recommend at least half a day for visiting. And it's better you get the museum pass, itself already worth the money. It has four main sections, and each sections have many some exhibitions. You can lear.. Read more »
It was so awesome to walk and see such old buildings and think about the history of those places. I enjoyed so much of this historic place! pictures views, beautiful interiors, and exteriors. The ticket is a bit pricey but in the end, you spend there.. Read more »
This site is incredible, with a capital INCREDIBLE. Honestly, if you ever find yourself in Istanbul looking for something to do with your time, look no further than Topkapi Palace Museum. The architecture and the art is amazing, and one can learn s.. Read more »
An historical and not so well looked after old Palace of the Ottoman Emperors it offers a fascinating insight into the turbulent history! Unfortunately most of the displays, furniture, ornaments and jewels look dusty and need a good clean. The diamon.. Read more »
Visited the place on a Tuesday, when it was closed to the public, the park though was open. The greenery, trees and natural ambiance was very serene and worth the visit. The place is great for a quiet stroll and helps you think. The place is visite.. Read more »
ttThe best historic museum that I have been in my entire life! One of the best places to visit during your time in Istanbul. Lots of history!! It is huge and you get to see how how once the emperors of the world lived. Every tile, china, ceiling, eve.. Read more »
Beautiful. I'm usually not too interested in palaces, but being surrounded by water with gorgeous views adds to the experience. Lovely grounds and architecture. A must see in the historic center of Istanbul.
One of few places we visited in Istanbul where there were no renovation going on. Initially we arrived there after it's announced open time, but guard told us it is still closed. From inside property, can see beautiful view of Galata tower are.. Read more »
Loved this place! So clean and full of history. So well maintained. Such great collection of battle swords. The ones from Hungary were so big. I wonder how do people used those swords in that time. Photography is not allowed ? inside the museums. Gre.. Read more »
An interesting display of artifacts spanning the Ottoman era, from the late medieval period to the early 1900s. The Palace itself is a beautiful mix of byzantine, Ottoman-Arab and European influence. If you're at all interested in history, the .. Read more »
Impressed by the palace! Plus nice benches and a must-visit cafe with a terrace (for the great views)
Just amazing lots of history take u back in the past..!! Also some outstanding views to c the sea
I can not find any word to describe this beautiful historical place. History history history again..
The Palace is mesmerising!!! The kiosks are a good deal to go from to another, but I have to encourage you to read about all of them before going in. It will give you so much inside. Prepare to sped there at least 3-4 hours!!!
Best place to visit in Istanbul. You will feel like travelling in time or right in the middle of game of thrones. We did the visit with a guide called Kadir for 25€ and it has changed completed the visit as he told us all the stories of the sul.. Read more »
ASTONISHING, WONDERFUL, AMAZING... just amazing!! I don’t think anyone can truly describe this place which is why I would recommend everyone to visit this museum if they come go Turkey. You can’t go wrong with the price... A ticket per pe.. Read more »
Wow wow wow. From the moment I entered until I left I was in a state of shock. The love of the artists put into the work building, decorating, planning is just fantastic. The armoury - is the best display I have ever seen, swords, axes, shields, arr.. Read more »