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Tivoli Gardens

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.6 / 96
Amusement and amusement park, one of the oldest and best in Europe. According to some tourists, Tivoli is even more interesting than Disneyland Paris. There is a concert hall in the park, which regularly hosts festivals of classical and rock music, its own hotel, pantomime theater and many expensive restaurants. Here you can ride on an old carousel, watch free street performances and enjoy the fireworks.
Address:Vesterbrogade 3, København V
Phone:+45 33 15 10 01



Anita Sunmola
Great location just outside the main station. Free entry with the city pass so definitely worth a visit. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Attractions are well maintained and it's a nice area to walk through even when not going in the rides .. Read more »
Rupa M
We didn't try any rides, but just walking around is also beautiful. Found plenty of options for seating, including campfire and some cozy glass rooms and relaxing chairs. Fun place for families and friends.
Ελένη Μαυρουδή
I cannot describe with words these gardens combined with the amusing park!! It is one of the best places I have ever visited!! There are restaurants or street food, the aquarium is fine! if you don't enjoy the extreme games you should just take.. Read more »
Noel Echevarria
This place was fun and it’s really romantic at night if you are with a loved one. They had both fun rides for a fun park in the middle of the city. They also had good food and many games to play through out the park. They had a concert at night.. Read more »
Such an amazing place. The gardens themselves are beautiful. The rides are great and they have such a variety. There are quite a few rides for young kids around 3 years old. There’s so much to do and the space is so well utilized that you don&r.. Read more »
SebCeleste M
Absolutely stunning park with excellent organization and lots of things to do for toddlers and for parents. Perhaps would be good to reserve the mini-pass for just kids or kids with a parent, because there were some adults using this pass and blockin.. Read more »
Phoebe Bradbury
I just paid for entry as I'm not a fan of rides. But the place was lovely lots bigger than I expected, it had a lovely atmosphere. I would recommend to visit at around 6pm in the summer have a wonder in the daylight maybe grab something to eat a.. Read more »
Finailla Hackwood
What a vibrant and exciting attraction. There is literally everything here! The rides were so much fun and lots of places to eat, casually or formally. I visited twice, during the day and in the evening to see the lights on. Both were fabulous experi.. Read more »
A beautiful place to visit in the middle of Copenhagen. It's a little crazy that this theme park is the second-oldest operating one in the world and inspired Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney. It's a popular place to visit and one nee.. Read more »
Bloemen Family
It was beautiful day we have during our vacation in Denmark. The place is great, i love the garden, and the rides. We bought tickets in advance but it seems like there is error on it so we bought new tickets at the entrance, the line is long. Its har.. Read more »
Stephen Hillcoat
In the centre of Copenhagen is this beautiful retreat that caters for all - pop up restaurants; high end eateries; the oldest rollercoaster in the world!; bars; shopping and a large entertainment spot. If you didn’t know it was here you would s.. Read more »
Charlene Elliott
A must when visiting Copenhagen. we spent an entire day here. we came on a Monday and there were very little to no wait times to get onto the rides. lots of eateries and bars, toilets dotted everywhere, places to sit and eat your lunch. we bought our.. Read more »
Abi Evans
One of the best theme parks I have been to. Came here on a Sunday whilst on a city break in Copenhagen. We only intended on coming for 3 hours but ended up staying all day. The theme park was clean and easy to navigate. As a wheelchair user I felt v.. Read more »
T. ler
We went there on Saturday Night, the light up amusement park was truly magical :) and there was also a big fireworks at 11.30PM (only Fri and Sat!) One of the best fireworks I've seen so far. Love it❤️
🎡🎢🎠It's a very nice theme park with lots of interesting rides. I was so excited and having so much fun that I didn't take many pictures.😆 But the best for me is The tallest ride in the amusement park I don't know what it's called,.. Read more »
Julia Ivanova
Nice amusement park. Not very big but right in the city centre. Beautiful decorations for Halloween and lovely restaurants. Some restaurants are very expensive. They have menus outside so no nasty surprises. A few good rides. Some are very scary. We .. Read more »
Kamonchanok Ekwijitkumhen
???It's a very nice theme park with lots of interesting rides. I was so excited and having so much fun that I didn't take many pictures.? But the best for me is The tallest ride in the amusement park I don't know what it's calle.. Read more »
Sashi from Munich
Fantastic park! The rides are great. The staff always nice and helpful. The concerts every evening during our visits were wonderful. The different restaurants are extremely inviting. (Not the typical low quality food eateries). The gardens are beauti.. Read more »
Lars Stegemann
An absolute gem. Loved to go there as a child. Loved bringing my kids there today. So much packed in to such little space. Lots of quite beautiful spots. Lots of rides and games. Very friendly staff. We met up with friends and you can just walk aroun.. Read more »
Jason Devereux
Stunning place. Relaxing and just a great place to visit. An oasis in the city centre. Gardens / Theme park, choose what you prefer or both. Either way it's got a relaxed atmosphere. If you visit Copenhagen this needs to be on your jobs list.
Kevin Hovis
This place is amazing. You can see how it inspired Walt Disney. You can walk around to enjoy the fine food and gardens without riding a ride. The food is high quality, not fast food. The shops are as nice as the ones found in town. As for the rides, .. Read more »
I brought a sibling here, and they loved it. I enjoyed it myself here as well. It's a very beautiful amusement park and I loved how it was connected to the food hall which has a variety of great food options. The staff were really kind and I bel.. Read more »
Sarah Aslani
Beautiful gardens in Copenhagen city center rides for small children and adults. Restaurants, fast food, candy shops and gift stores. Seasonal decorations for Easter, Christmas and Halloween. You can also bring your own lunch and beverages. This is a.. Read more »
Noel Tam
Now I can understand why this theme park is such a success. Beautiful garden, great rides, and great food. The best thing is the unlimited pass is very affordable. Its winter, so no stupid queue like other parks. The rides is not lame at all. My 2 te.. Read more »
Paul Butler
Loved it! Beautiful with a real traditional feel to it. Abundance of activities and places to eat, good value also I think. Could spend hours wandering around it's many shops. Looks extra special this time of year. A must if you're visiting.. Read more »
Lorenzo Vinc
This park is amazing! It’s just stunning how beautiful it is during the day and even more during the night , it’s one of the oldest amusement park in Europe but it’s still keeping up with the most modern parks. I’d suggest eve.. Read more »
Truth Teller
An amazing spot that our family looks forward to coming back to again and again. Wonderful for those who enjoy rides, but also enjoyable for those who don’t and just want explore the grounds. They do a fantastic job of decorating for the off-se.. Read more »
O Everything
Amazing vintage theme park in the middle of Copenhagen. There are many rides for young children and adults alike. It is a great place to visit for all ages; you will always find a ride you love. It is in the center of the city, so a simple bike ride .. Read more »
Michael Russell
Beautiful gardens with a strong sense of history. Excellent attractions, delicious food, and it's all in the heart of Copenhagen. It's a bit expensive, but all amusement parks are. You purchase park entrance and ride tickets separately, or .. Read more »
palak desai
One of the best places I’ve been to. The aesthetics are unmatched. We went around Halloween and the decor was amazing and majestic. The rides are a must do and the food is also amazing. At night it looks even more glamorous
Lizeth Garrett
The place really comes alive at night, so make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy it all. Yes it isn't the cheapest place I've ever visited, but a place of such high standards, that its worth every penny., flowers and more. They al.. Read more »
The second World's oldest amusement park was everything that I was expecting: the vibes, the rides, the decoration, the food and the experience are just out of this World! I have been there through Easter and I was delighted with all the bunny/e.. Read more »
Cary Talbot
Gorgeous on a glittery snowy night. We strolled through the park taking in the beautiful Christmas decorations. Suddenly, we were blessed with a light steady snowfall. Spotlights leapt to life casting bright colorful beams, dancing in synchronization.. Read more »
Nael Soliman
We just love Tivoli so much. A little wonderland right in the center of Copenhagen. Great rides for all ages, stunning surroundings and how they change the decorations for each seasonal theme is just magical. If & when we leave Denmark, we will l.. Read more »
rajavarman M
Tivoli gardens were one of the most beautiful and exciting place I have ever visited. This place is more than a theme park and I was astonished by the way it was presented. I visited during the Christmas season. The place was beyond my expectations .. Read more »
Maurice Bergeron
Great place to visit. Fun and exciting. Old world atmosphere and good food too. This place was the inspiration for Disney Land for Walt Disney ,and you will see it when you visit. Have fun.
Ben Lambden
Beautiful place, lots of fun rides for kids. Like all theme parks the food can be pricey. If you're an adult it looks amazing to wander round at night.
Marta Kaleta
Lovely amusement Park with something for everyone no matter their age or how brave they are when it comes to the rides! Many nice sights for a stroll as well. The staff seemed a bit off, but it is understandable in these strange covid-19 times. Would.. Read more »
Love this place. I came here a couple of years ago in my own and really liked the atmosphere, but I didn't go on any rides. This time I came with my wife, and we both loved it. Lots of restaurants, rides and amusements. There are rides that are .. Read more »
Afonso Gaspar
Beautiful decorated, is like walking in a fairy tale. Clean and well treated. Fair prices and lots of attractions. The workers are dressed for the occasion, really helpful and attentive, ready to kidnapp you into the this wonderful fantasy
Adem Aydogmus
A must visit!! High quality amusements, great restaurants, very beautiful, worlds oldest amusementpark. Buy turpas to try all you want, all day. Easy to spend 4-8 hours. Seasoned themes: winther, halloween ect. Can be hard to find parking for car i.. Read more »
Joel Pagett
I've been to over 70 theme parks accross the globe, and not many of them get near to where Tivoli is. It's nothing short of beautiful, and the rides are just a small part of the overall package. You can spend an hour or two just walking ar.. Read more »
Intraordinary Official
A worthy visit - not just for the rides but the scenery is awesome too. There is a good balance of a all-age and kids rides so the kids have lots of fun. Plenty of eating spots too so don't worry. There are some rides you might have to book thro.. Read more »