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Tioschin Bridge

Odesa, Ukraine
4.4 / 13
Tioschin Bridge is a city bridge in Odessa that offers a stunning panoramic view of the port. Walking across the bridge allows visitors to take in the picturesque scenery of the port and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. One unique feature of the bridge is a special sculpture where visitors can hang locks, although it is advised not to place them directly on the bridge as they will be removed. Despite its charm, the bridge has a somber history with unfortunate suicide cases. However, it remains a popular spot for couples and a place for people to connect and appreciate their relationships. It is conveniently located near the Odessa port and the Marine station, making it easily accessible for visitors. Whether during the day or at night, the view from Tioschin Bridge is truly breathtaking and a must-visit for anyone in Odessa.
Address:Prymors'ka Street, Odesa



In city bridge, nice panorama.
Walking over the bridge gives you great views of the port
Great views from the bridge and a special sculpture to hang your lock. Please don't place it on the bridge. It will be removed. Enjoy the view. :)
It's nice and the view from it is wonderful
The bridge leads Prumorskiy blvd to Zhvanetskogo blvd above Voyennyi descent with nice view up to the Odessa city centre and down to port of Odessa. O.. Read more »
Just ok for walking
Good place for photography
This is a peculiar place in Odessa city centre. It is conveniently located close to the Odessa port and the Marine station. It is also a place to c.. Read more »
Awesome place to be..Very beautiful! The view at night is breath taking..You will love the place.
The striking place of this bridge makes it a must visit. If you are walking down the way to see the Collonade and the Palace, you will surely take thi.. Read more »
Whist there are plenty pictures of the bridge, not so much of the artifacts and attractions at each end. Nice location but not too much of Old Odessa .. Read more »
Very nice place. You can find cute square at one side, and wall with graffiti for Ukrainian band Skryabin at opposite. Also, marvelous view to sea sid.. Read more »
A very good view on the Odessa Port! Difficult to take a picture because the rails are very high. Nevertheless, looking down- maybe it is even better... Read more »