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Shard Skyscraper

London, England
4.6 / 90
Shard Skyscraper is a must-visit destination in London for both its breathtaking views and delicious food. Many visitors come specifically for the stunning view, but are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. The presentation of the dishes is impressive, the portions are good, and the prices are fair. The Shard also has a nice bar at the top and a beautiful flower wall. It's important to note that the Shard has tight security measures, similar to those at airports, so be prepared to go through bag and belongings scanners. While prices at the Shard, like most places in London, are on the higher side, the overall experience is fantastic. The views are absolutely amazing, particularly on clear days when you can see for miles. There are two levels to explore, one enclosed with 360-degree views and a place to purchase drinks, and another upper level that is open to the elements, offering an exhilarating experience. For those looking to see London from a high vantage point, the Shard is a must-visit. Booking tickets in advance allows you to skip the long queues and the view from the highest building is truly breathtaking. Additionally, there is an informative talk about London's bridges and the Thames, adding to the overall experience. The Shard is a notable building that adds to the iconic London skyline. Even if you don't go inside, it's worth seeing and taking a walk around the area. There are various restaurants inside the Shard, and while one reviewer found Aquashard to be just okay, there are other options to try. Overall, it is a good tourist spot and worth a visit. If you're looking for a special occasion or celebration, Shard Skyscraper is a great choice. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is lively with good music. The views of London are exceptional, especially if you secure a window seat. The food and service are excellent, though drinks can be a bit pricey. Despite the cost, it is a memorable experience that is highly recommended. For those not afraid of heights, a visit to the Shard is a true adventure. The views from the top are spectacular, and the staff is accommodating and friendly. Even with a half-hour early arrival, there was no wait time, and the weather was perfect for enjoying the views. The open air deck on the 72nd floor is particularly impressive. While the experience may be pricey for some, it is definitely worth the money for the unforgettable experience it provides.
Address:32 London Bridge Street, London
Phone:+44 344 499 7222



We availed the 3-course lunch, and we are so happy we did. First and foremost, most people go to this place mainly for the view but I can say the food is definitely worth going to. The plating was amazing, food serving portions are good and pricing i.. Read more »
Fantastic visit to the shard, the view is amazing and you can see very far across London. Has a nice bar at the top and a flower wall. Be aware however that the shard has airport like security, you need to put your bags and belongings through scanne.. Read more »
Whenever in London I will always make an effort to go up the Shard. The views are amazing just make sure you go when the weather is clear and you will be able to see for miles. Two levels you can explore. The enclosed level offers 360 degree views an.. Read more »
If you are thinking of seeing London from up high, you will not regret go to the Shard. We booked our tickets in advance and we skipped the long queue. It’s the highest building and the view is breathtaking. Not to mention if you stay for a bit.. Read more »
Nice building. Worth going to see as it's a part of the London skyline. Also nice weather so it was a lovely walk when I went. Would be keen to try all of the restaurants inside. We tried Aquashard, which was ok. All in all a good tourist spot a.. Read more »
Was given a voucher for afternoon tea and saved for the summer. Day before was a total washout - so relieved when Sunday was dry with broken cloud. Security were great. Lift made my ears pop. Venue was simple but good. Views were fabulous. Afternoon .. Read more »
Great experience with great views over London. Food and service were excellent. If you are a slow eater be aware that you are allocated 1.5 hours per sitting. Not a problem for us and we will definitely go back.
It's a spectacular addition to the London skyline. Going up to the open air platform is brilliant. What I particularly liked was the scope of views, you can see all the way south of the river too.
Had a lovely time celebrating our anniversary. Seated promptly by the window, which was perfect. Staff friendly and welcoming. Buzzy atmosphere with good music and exceptional views of London. Table service excellent with the exception of one staff-m.. Read more »
I came here earlier this Saturday evening with my friend and her family, and I was a tad nervous with the heights but I'm so glad I went up to the top! If you're deadly afraid of heights then I wouldn't recommend it, but if you're.. Read more »
This is an absolute amazing attraction to visit when travelling to London. It can get very busy as it is a popular attraction but I have to say it’s definitely worth visiting. The price is not that bad. Once you are at the top you will have ama.. Read more »
As someone who’s got a certain wariness for heights I was surprised by how I had I enjoyed the view at the shard. I felt very safe and secure even on the sky deck which is more open to the elements. The views are spectacular. Overall very happy.. Read more »
This is an absolutely amazing attraction to visit when travelling to London. It can get very busy as it is a popular attraction but I have to say it’s definitely worth visiting. The price is a bit on the higher side. Once you are at the top you.. Read more »
This is an absolute amazing attraction to visit when travelling to London. It can get very busy as it is a popular attraction but I have to say it’s definitely worth visiting. The price is not that bad. Once you are at the top you will have ama.. Read more »
Great attraction, and while the pay on the door price of £32 is a little steep, it's well run, with excellent fast security screening, no wait for the lifts, friendly helpful staff and the views from the rop are amazing. Plus at the tip th.. Read more »
Excellent experience. Very friendly service. Plenty of time to relax and enjoy the views on floors 68, 69 and 72. Very reasonable prices for drinks and ice-creams. The loos are unique with glass walls, privacy not being an issue. Quite expensive for .. Read more »
The Shard is absolutely stunning and high class! We bought passes via London Pass which definitely helped with the cost of admission. From start to finish, the experience was well run and smooth. There are two floors to experience; one indoor and one.. Read more »
I visited aqua, Shard. It was a mind blowing experience. The staff was very professional yet made us feel very comfortable. The food was good but there were not many options for vegans and vegetarians.The best part about the restaurant was the view. .. Read more »
Wow, what a breathtaking view! An unexpectedly impressive surprise. Lovely atmosphere and helpful staff with a nice bar and sky garden at the top. Personally thought it was rather pricey for the experience but when compared to other attractions I wou.. Read more »
Worth every penny for admission! These views are absolutely spectacular! Very much enjoyed being able to linger on the top observation floor for as long as we wanted, we never felt as if we were on a time schedule and “had to leave”. The .. Read more »
An amazing view cannot complain about that, absolutely amazing, however, the cost! my god they rinse you out of every penny drinks are astonishing and the entry cost is also very high. staff were great, the view was great; purely lost 2 stars because.. Read more »
Great views and great atmosphere. We took the underground and got off at London Bridge station. It is directly connected to the station. Very easy to get to. This place has the fanciest and smoothest elevators (of which you have to take 2 to get to .. Read more »
If you get a good day its a great way to view London, with fantastic views from the top. The bars are OK, but very much top end London prices, you other option is the Sky Bar on the north side of the Thames, views are not a good, but the bars and re.. Read more »
We went on an experience day from virgin that included a cocktail. The lounge is comfy but basic with as you would expect the most wonderful views. We chose an evening and the sight is truly magical. I would suggest taking as little with you as possi.. Read more »
This is an absolute amazing attraction to visit when travelling to London. It can get very busy as it is a popular attraction but I have to say it’s definitely worth visiting. The price is not that bad. Once you are at the top you will have ama.. Read more »
just visited the Shard again and their new decor has really improved the look of the place! it’s much cleaner than before and it looks like they’re serving small bites at the bar as well if you are hungry. as usual the annual pass is the .. Read more »
My family and I visited Shard Aqua Afternoon Tea, the Peter Pan experience, on Thursday, the 6th of Jan 2022. What a fabulous memories! Definitely recommend. An extra bonus was an experienced and professional waiter who served and spoke to us in Russ.. Read more »
Pretty much fun place to be. Wonderful views from the top. Night views are pretty cool. They have security check up before you go up and then you take 2 lifts to go to 68th floor. We had some good time there. Bar is available on the top floor. Go to .. Read more »
Originally booked for 06/20. Managed to eventually rebook for 10/10/21. The tickets weren’t sent to my email addresses but I had a booking ref number. I turned up slightly early which wasn’t a problem. My name was on their system so I got.. Read more »
Awesome building with stunning views of London in daytime and even better in late evening when everything is lit up. Staff are very friendly and the service is brilliant too. Bit pricey with drinks, but when you go somewhere like The Shard I guess it.. Read more »
Great view and you can stay up there as long as you want. In the location there is also a bar, restaurant and ice-cream stand so you can have lunch or enjoy some drinks on top of London. I found it interesting that even the toilet has a view ? Still,.. Read more »
Undoubtedly, if you haven't been to the Shard: you have not been to London (it is as simply as that). A promise of the only edifice that will afford you a magnificent 360° view of the city and its immediate suburbs. I will appreciate a numer.. Read more »
The shard is an iconic tourist attraction with prices to match. We had cocktails in the Gong. £20 per cocktail is pricey, even by London standards, and bottled beer and cider is available for £10 each. Still, you are paying for the exper.. Read more »
Great customer service! The ticket staff where very helpful! I do however think it's overpriced. Wonderful views from the top! Once experienced though I wouldn't go again.
A London must do, booking essential. Ample friendly and helpful staff guide you on your visit. Once at the viewing area's, on our visit was not overcrowded but comfortable. Weather permitting a wonderful panoramic view of London and surrounding .. Read more »
From up top you realize how vast London is. A true modern symbol this building is now to the city and it's an attractive design. Great views are to be had all over but mainly of the River Themes and the other famous landmarks just off from the r.. Read more »
Lunch at the AquaShard. From when my wife and myself arrived we were greeted and shown to a table for drinks whilst we waited for our time slot to eat. Service was second to none and the food was amazing. Will be returning to have an evening meal so.. Read more »
It was an absolutely gorgeous experience from start to finish. Staff guiding us through the entrance upto the bar has been very kind and helpful. The time spent at the bar has been lovely. The bartenders mixed the most delicious cocktails and waiters.. Read more »
Offers a very nice view over London mostly when it gets dark. The staff are friendly, place is clean, can chill out or have a drink with friends or partner and enjoy the view. Family friendly. The elevators are very fast and smooth.
The view is excellent. Especially if you arrive to watch the sun set. The getting to the view is a different matter. You face airport style security which is fine.... Until your partner has a pacemaker. The scanners 'should' be OK.... That.. Read more »
Beautiful view in the evening; Starter was mediocre but there Sirlon was just gorgeous beautifully cooked and compliment well with some garlic butter and Sweet Pepper sauce. What made it 5 star was the service from the waiter; very professional and .. Read more »
What an amazing building. Views were good from the restaurant. Thought we could go and view from the platform which was a different level and would have cost us more. But, perhaps I should have checked rather than presume. We were offered a sparklin.. Read more »
Was alright... Next time? Let me think about it...
This is the place to be for a special occasion like a first date or a anniversary or a birthday.spectacular views of london 360 degrees ,but you have to choose the right day(check for the weather i mean) and the right time slot in summer around 1930 .. Read more »
I decided to see the view from The Shard as I was curious about the experience. I got a discounted ticket (from around 30£) to about £21. I liked it but having visited the Sky Garden recently, which is free, I would say this is not that m.. Read more »
Well & truly an excellent experience. Really does live up to it’s galore & hype! Me & my partner went to the shard for our anniversary, thought we’d enjoy the lovely views, have some soft drinks and enjoy the first class exper.. Read more »
Incredible views, friendly staff, we didn’t wait too long in the line and the elevator to reach the top of the building was super fast, it’s a must if you are going to spend a few days in the city. In my opinion, at night the views are w.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning place! Amazing views from the top. I was there in the evening with my girls and the city’s panorama looked simply breathtaking :) A glass of champagne included in the all-inclusive ticket made the experience really wonderfu.. Read more »