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The Royal Castle

Warsaw, Poland
4.7 / 111
An architectural and cultural monument in the center of Warsaw, erected in the XVI-XVII centuries by the Lithuanian prince Sigismund. During the Northern War, the castle was sacked by the Swedes and gradually dilapidated. It is noteworthy that in 1829 the Russian emperor Nicholas II was married to the Polish kingdom (at that time the Commonwealth was part of the Russian Empire). The modern Royal Castle is a copy of the building blown up by the Nazis in World War II.
Address:plac Zamkowy 4, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 355 51 70



It’s more or like the other Castles.. took around an hour to visit.. Ticket price is 50 PLN and I really liked the Audio guide here. As soon as you enter the building, go to the right hand side and get tickets there and then go towards left h.. Read more »
It’s my first time visiting the royal castle, would recommend to go during the free days and if you’re keen to learn more you can buy tickets with the local guides. Stunning interiors and amazing history to explore.
It is the first Castle I am visiting so I was impressed. There is a lot to see and you would hear interesting stories as there is an Audioguide system. It definitely takes time, consider that. Don't make my mistake to look around in a T-shirt if.. Read more »
A captivating journey through Poland's regal past. Its magnificent architecture and meticulously restored interiors are a testament to the nation's rich heritage. Walking through its halls feels like stepping back in time, surrounded by opu.. Read more »
Great place to learn about the royal history of Poland! There's plenty of museum workers who were helpful. Being handicapped, I was able to ask to use the elevator with no issues. Definitely grab the free audio tour guide if you're not.. Read more »
One main sights in Warsaw oldtown. Nice restauration. Visiting museum you can buy ticket from internet. I was visiting museum in mourning, it wasnt crowded. Useful is take audioguide, there is different audioguides for permanent exhibition and tempor.. Read more »
They're free to visit every Wednesday. We visited on the free day, but still not very crowded. Rooms are incredibly fancy. Most of the palace has damaged during WWII and restored after war. There were free lockers, that you can leave your bag or.. Read more »
I would recommend coming here, since the Royal Castle was a significant location in Polish history. There are about three exhibitions, the royal castle, and some art and temporary exhibitions. The ticket prices, however, are quite expensive compared .. Read more »
Walking distance from old town, without the need for previous reservations, this castle is a must visit touristic place. After buying the tickets, you are handed a free user friendly audio guide. Description of the rooms, statues and the general inf.. Read more »
I wasn't expecting such a marvelous experience after being told that the place was completely destroyed and then rebuilt in the 70's. Yet they did a fabulous job! The interior is magnificent and the stories that guides have for you will rea.. Read more »
One of the must visit places in Warsaw. The castle is located just nearby Warsaw Old Town, very close to tram stops and can be easily accessed. The place is really nice and beautiful, nice architecture, it has been rebuilt since the war. Walk around .. Read more »
Incredible experience!!! Me and my son loved the guides via audio device and we loved the tour, so much to learn, beautiful rooms, the stories of Great people occupied the space for centuries. Breath taking, must see.
I have visited many castles around the world, this is not the most exciting especially from outside, but there is plenty to see indoors and it has plenty of space to view with large crowds. They also have chairs for you to sit and admire if you need .. Read more »
This was a great way to spend a couple hours. The audio tour provided way more information than I could retain. It was remarkable seeing the craftsmanship that went into remaking this castle. Keep in mind, most of what you see is recreated since the .. Read more »
Impressive castle with exquisite reconstructions of all the rooms and furniture within. There are incredible intricate details everywhere, and the audio-guide describes every room with its history and everything that happened in the castle. I recomme.. Read more »
Great experience, audio guide in many languages is included in ticket price! This place is nice if you want to get an understanding of what traditional Polish royal palace looks like (because castles/palaces in other cities look quite similar). Grea.. Read more »
Most wonderful and Magical place during the holidays. So many happy and friendly people. Amazing food and old time building's has a fantasy, or a Disney story book feel. A must visit. Very romantic place to take your love of your life.. Read more »
I was super excited for this visit, as many friends recommended it to me. I definitely wasn’t disappointed. The castle is gorgeous and it’s located in the old town of Warsaw. I went durning the weekday, so I completely skipped queues and .. Read more »
Definitely a must-go place when visiting the Old Town. So sad that we came late on Saturday and had to visit without audio guide. Beautiful square with some lovely houses and buildings (some quite colourful). There are sometimes Buskers here singing .. Read more »
I was pretty impressed. It is a self guided audio tour. A lot of information. Many artifacts to see. Most impressive collection of art I have seen so far in Poland. Definitely worth it. Short wait to get in. You are not rushed at all. Take as long or.. Read more »
A nice and rather big palace. Definitely recommend getting the audio guide, we went on the free day, so it wasn’t included by default. As a history nerd, I liked it quite a bit but it’s definitely not for everyone. Furthermore, the design.. Read more »
Such a beautiful Castle. A must visit in Warsaw. Located in the old town with soo many boutiques around. We went on a Wednesday and it was a free entry. Very kind and helpful stuff there's also a place to put your coat in for no charge. From the.. Read more »
Really beautiful renovated castle. Amazing to see inside. Book cheap tickets online. Free audio sets are included. Do make a stop on the inside restaurant. Very professional staff and delicious coffee and liquors.
Its quite good for tourists. Quite unique polish historical heritage to view. I would highly recommend to book a free tour from freetour.com and then visit all the main places they will tell u history about everything.
Beautiful public place for fun. The architecture of this building is just superb. Lots of restaurants are here to enjoy food and sitting. An icon in old part of Warsaw one must visit.
Nice place to visit, it's located at the main square and easily accessible. Lots of nice restaurants to choose from. Go very early in the morning to capture nice pictures before groups of tourists flock and crowd up the place. Enjoy!!!
The castle is one of the „must see“ places of Warsaw. The tickets are cheap and I recommend the audio guide. The staff is friendly and the castle with all its rooms and the history behind it is just amazing. If you go there in the week ch.. Read more »
OMGOODNESS!!! Was the best decision of the day. The cashiers were informative and super helpful, despite any language barriers. The audio tour was in 2 languages and available for kids in Polish (if your children can follow). Guides on the floor very.. Read more »
When i saw there, it is fascinating and so interesting place. The garden and the indoor objects, goods, uniforms of the soldiers, and especially books are so attractive. I am interested in Polish history and that was perfect idea to going there. When.. Read more »
Magnificent and beautiful structure. The inside is almost as impressive as the outside. The castle tour is a great way to brush up on Polish history and I can tell that the whole complex is a source of Polish pride. Wonder is mixed with heart break a.. Read more »
Amazing place to start the visit to the old town. In this square there's a turist office, ice-cream shops, souvenirs shops, and street toilets (where you'll have to pay, though). You'll also find street markets where you can buy artist.. Read more »
The scenic beauty around this place itself is great. A good evening walk and weekends make it special with lots of actives happening in the town centre. Its a good place to get some nice pictures too.
The Royal Castle is a very gorgeous place where people will be able to enjoy to see nice garden, walking in mini labyrinth to spend their free time. There is nice restaurant that help people to enjoy their drink some food (some meal) and beverage (te.. Read more »
Presiding Warsaw’s Old Town a place that is a must. Now closed due to COVID but inside has a very nice museum that I recommend visiting. During Christmas the illumination on its facade is beautiful.
A beautiful building which, like most of the old town of Warszawa has been rebuilt using original plans. It's a shame all the wonderful and beautiful things which would have adorned the walls, rooms etc were all stolen during WW2 ??
The Royal Castle in Warsaw (Polish: Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) is a royal residence that formerly served throughout the centuries as the official home of Polish monarchs. It is situated in Castle Square, at the entrance to the Warsaw Old Tow.. Read more »
This place is filled with history, Polish and European, for all ages. Try to visit an exhibition, and remember that school-aged children from 7 to 16 only pay 1 zl for entrance to both the castle and temporary exhibits. A great place to start or fi.. Read more »
Greatly kept palace in good state. The gardens are quite small but look nice. Interior is beautiful and spacious.
Wonderful! Definitely a must to see place in Warsaw. It is very beautiful not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. In the winter, there is a big Christmas tree in front of it.
Here every Wednesday in the year 2020, it's free entry. Such a magnificent place. My eyes were blur because of the gold.
The staff was rude, especially ladies selling tickets. The arrows on the floors are misleading and very much not clear. Ridiculous rules of carrying back pack on the front. Why? The rooms are huge and there is no possibility to touch a thing anyway. .. Read more »
Nice to visit, and the day I went there the ticket was free. I really liked the sculptures and paintings, and I guess that the gardens are also beautiful if you are into flora.
Awesome palace, with hundreds of rooms/halls to see with original pieces. A must to visit in Warsaw. Some exhibitions were closed due to COVID-19, but the open ones were enough as well.