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The Round Tower

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.8 / 112
An ancient 17th century observatory and part of a complex of university buildings. Several centuries ago, the famous Danish astronomers P. Horrebou and O. Römer worked here. The tower is mentioned in one of the tales of G.Kh. Andersen. In the upper tier of the structure is a planetarium, where a wide spiral staircase leads. One of the engravings on the wall depicts Tsar Peter I, who climbed the tower on horseback in 1716.
Address:Købmagergade 52A, København
Phone:+45 33 73 03 73



I loved walking up the Round tower. Not for those who struggle with walking up steep slopes as the journey up the tower is as much part of the visit as the views from the top. Ticket was 40dkk (about £4.50) and on a nice day I would say it'.. Read more »
Ivana Matijas Petkovic
It’s not easy to climb, but when you’re on the top (terrace) you will not regret it. Take some time to savor the experience and enjoy it. Also, it would be nice to visit the church or at least see it from within the tower. You can make am.. Read more »
An affordably priced attraction that offers some great views of the surrounding area. The 17th century tower is part of the Trinity Complex: a church at the bottom, a library hall above (now an exhibition space), and the observatory at the top of th.. Read more »
Finailla Hackwood
This was a fun visit! Totally new way to scale a tower, with a completely smooth spiral incline all the way up. There was a HUGE tour group who got in just before us so there was a wait at the top to scale the remaining stairs to reach the viewing le.. Read more »
Leni A.
The best place to get a nice view of the city. After a short five to ten minute climb you approach the top, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city with maps explaining all the sights and places of interest. Bear in mind that before t.. Read more »
Evgheni K
The platform is all barred so done except much of thrill. Rather than that, a very nice tower, unique in a sense. Not expensive to visit
Irena Nadj
Quite a hike up to the top of the tower, but it’s a fun experience. The views of the rooftops are beautiful and it’s definitely worth the price and the climb. There was an interesting exhibition, which we also found enjoyable!
Looking at the city from above is always a show. At least once on the tower you have to climb. I would avoid very windy days, those who know the climate understand why. It pays to have a different point of view. Inside, a small, pleasant exhibiti.. Read more »
Giovanni Mauri
The Rundetårn is surely one of the most affordable monuments to visit in Copenhagen, since the ticket is around 6 euros. On the top of the tower you can enjoy a beautiful view on the city centre from a different perspective, with all its beauti.. Read more »
Baking Bar
A really interesting historic site. Well worth doing as it doesn’t take long to get to the top for amazing views. The walk up might be a bit difficult for anyone who struggles with slops. It is mostly a slope until near the top then it is a tig.. Read more »
Really worth a visit while in Copenhagen, great views of the city and the most amazing stairwell to walk to the top. It really can not be explained and so you have to visit. We visited on a very wet dark day and thoroughly enjoyed it, suitable for ev.. Read more »
Kailey Parks
This was a really neat visit! The entry fee was very reasonable, there were a couple spots to stop along the ramp to see an art installation and some historical artifacts, but the obvious highlight is climbing all the way for the top for a beautiful .. Read more »
Barbara Hinsley
A great way to have a fabulous view of the city and beyond. Yes it's a good climb to the top but it's a bricked ramp so it's quite easy. Toilets available. Good information panels. Two nice display rooms. Part of the city tourist ca.. Read more »
Ishaq Hussain
One place which can guarantee you the best view of Copenhagen. The Tower itself is an architectural Marvel. There is an Entry Ticket ? to the Tower. After the ticket, a spiral ? pathway leads the visitor atop the tower. The deck gives a 360 degree vi.. Read more »
Denisse D
We Went the the last hour before they closed in June. It was great. Cool spiral staircase. No crowds. It was quick. Nice views! I would recommend
Marketa Novakova
Very unique tower that doesn't have stairs (until very end) but a rotating path with an incline. It was easier to get up than expected with nice city views.
Iain Banks
The tower is really interesting, with great views over Copenhagen. Interesting features on the way up, and not having too many stairs is great! I appreciate walking up a slope instead
Ben Harapiak
For a taste of science history and a beautiful view of Copenhagen this tower is a must see. I saw all ages walking the spiral ramp up to the observation deck, and there’s a beautiful gallery to visit on the way up. The only difficult part is th.. Read more »
Bruno Henriques
This was a nice surprise. The view from the top is amazing. Make sure not to miss the observatory room when you reach the top. Along the way you can see the church, and the library room which is now used for exhibitions. And of course take a photo in.. Read more »
Kevin Hovis
Oh, this was built for Russian Czar so the horses could pull his carriage to the top. I wanted wheels to ride the ramp down (probably not allowed). The views from the top are extra ordinary. There is a small fee for entrance. It's worth it to he.. Read more »
Melanie Moss
Just €4 adult entry to walk up this unique tower. A few things of interest as you walk up and plenty of windows to see across the rooftops. The viewing platform at the top is wide and offers fantastic views over Copenhagen.
Katy Unwin
This place was an absolute delight and excellent value for money. Great view at the top and the walk up along the spiral walkway is a lot of fun. There are info cards along the way that explain points of interest. There are also very clean lavatories.. Read more »
Didi Annandale
The view from the round tower is amazing. Very organized with when you can go up or down (it's a tiny staircase fpr the last section.) one of the oldest telescopes is on top of the tower as well. Definitely worth a visit.
fredrik kock
Family friendly, nice place for quick drop in. You can choose to visit a small art installment before reaching the top. You're treated with a nice view of the city when you reach the outside. It can be cold if it's windy.
Via D'Agostino
With the city card, definitely worth the visit. Without it? The view from the Church of Our Savior was better. But it was pretty cool to walk in the room where the library used to be and see someplace Hans Christian Anderson once frequented. A nice p.. Read more »
Sevil Coskun
It is very special tower definitely suggested if you come to Copenhagen. You can have great Copenhagen view on top of the tower, and after that you can enjoy/experience Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale universe in the Library Hall where the.. Read more »
Emer Kelly
Great way to view the city. Around 5euro entry for an adult. An easy climb up to the top too. We were lucky enough to see the sunset from the top! It was beautiful
Diwakar Pant
The round tower is a quintessential part of the Copenhagen experience, one which I was lucky to experience. This place is considered ground 0 for Copenhagen, making one feel as if standing in the center of this vibrant city. It has exhibitions going.. Read more »
Sally Horobin
Reasonable entry cost. Tower clean and tidy, excellent traffic light system at the narrow spiral staircase at the top to avoid any blockages. Fantastic views across Copenhagen from the top. Interesting leaflets and exhibits.
Martina Vyhlídová
Right in the city centre, each part has its own small leaflet with its history. Nothing too overwhelming. The stairs to the top tower are very narrow so they added a traffic lights with a timer so the stairs don’t get overcrowded.
Lhyn Garcia
Its a fantastic place to go.. its beautiful upstairs you can see the roofs of the colorful houses and church. I recommend that you go when its good weather.
Tilly Star
So worth going!! Lovely view up the top, not too strenuous of a walk up. A mostly flat walk with stairs at the last part to the very top, and windows all along the spiraling hallway up with lovely views too. Halfway up there was a large room with an .. Read more »
Suresh Singh Panwar
The Tower of the King The Round Tower is one of Denmark’s best-known and most visited edifices. The foundation stone was laid on 7/7 1637 and five years later the Round Tower was finished as the first part of the Trinity Complex, which was des.. Read more »
Selin Gürlemez
No stairs until the top, therefore it's easy to go out. View is nice but it's not very pretty because of the iron railings. Ticket is almost 5.5 Euro.
Katarzyna Warchałowska
I've never seen a steep floor inside the tower instead of the stairs! Tickets for the tower are very affordable and the view of the city is beautiful. On two floors there are interesting exhibitions, permanent - about the historical aspect of th.. Read more »
Thorben Menne
Well maintained with a nice view over the city, which is unfortunately blocked a little by a quite massive fence. The glass floor over the hollow core is a small highlight. The view into the attic on the intermediate floor could be a bit clearer or t.. Read more »
Sabine K.
My kids didn't wanna go and were complaining but once they started going they loved it. Easy climb, interesting insides in the history of the place and great view of the city.
Sander van Dedem
Interesting place with fantastic 360 degrees view of the city. Pity you cannot see the telescope. Thrilling stand in the middle on a large glass plate looking 25m down.
Shai Ghelberg
Very lovely experience! I feel super fit after climbing this tower, it took us about 5 minutes on the way up, and much longer on the way down since we focused on that direction. Lots to do, great view on top, great breeze. There's a nice galler.. Read more »
Calla Bjorklund Jarvie
Very cool spot! We got a great view of Copenhagen from the top and visited a gorgeous art gallery on the way up.
Jeff Fuller
Although the site isn't fancy or offer a variety of things to do, I thought it was a worthwhile stop while visiting Copenhagen. The story and history behind the ramp and tower, plus the views at the top, made for an interesting experience.
Jorge Andrés Dezzutto
Beautiful place! On the top you have a 360° view of Copenhagen which it's specially nice if it's a sunny day. I recommend it!
Румяна Стоянова
One of the most popular sights in Copenhagen. The tower was build by king Christian IV for observatory and a library. It offers great 360 degrees views to the city. The climb is easy - by a spiral ramp, only in the end there are some stairs. The obs.. Read more »
Rolf kivisalu
Neat place with a great view of the city from the observation deck. There was an exhibition with a space theme when we were there. There are a few nice surprises on different floord. Well worth the visit.
Maryla Scotlery
Great views of Copenhagen all round and good information regarding the history of the tower as it stands today. This was a fun experience. A must to visit while in Copenhagen.
Lina M.
This tower has a really nice view and also good exhibition with enough descriptions. I recommend taking a wind proof jacket with you :)
Martin Thomsen
Unique place. Must see
Adaku Asonze
It looks amazing and in good position for people to go in and see.
Must visit when exploring CPH
Choi Cheung
Interesting exhibition inside the Library hall. Amazing views over the city at the top
Toess Tal
Great, interesting exposition about Hans Oersted, also, great view on top of the tower.
Dominik Najberg
Well, it was definitely round.
Joshua Formentera
Nice place to experience and see . There is nothing much fancy to see around and if you want to see the nice view of Copenhagen from above coupled with a sunset specially late at night this is a place to see. The entrance cost 40kr per adult. The pla.. Read more »
Peter Engkjær
I haven't been up the tower since I was a kid. Going up there as an adult was a fun experience. The walk is not that bad, the view is great and it feels very safe due to the large gates. A must to visit in Copenhagen.
Ani Serobyan
The best place to see the city from above. The view is amazing. There's also a very interesting science museum inside
Joe Hyde
Great local attraction - one continuous sloped access ramp all the way to the steps to the viewing deck. Great views of Copenhagen all round and good information regarding the history of the tower as it stands today.
It was very interesting to walk inside. The view on the top was amazing despite the rain. There are many interesting things inside on the side as you walk up. I highly recommend. It's a must see!