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The Powder Tower

Prague, Czech Republic
4.7 / 108
An old Gothic building right in the middle of the street near the metro station “Destroy the Republics”. In its place once stood the city gate. In the XVIII century, a powder warehouse was located here, from where the name of the structure went. Nowadays, a photo exhibition is working inside and an observation deck is open, where you can take some spectacular shots. The Powder Tower reminds tourists of the dark years of the Middle Ages with all its appearance.
Address:Náměstí Republiky 5, Staré Město
Phone:+420 221 714 714



Jeremy Riley
This was one of the first towers we visited during our stay in Prague. There's a very steep set of stairs to the first floor and most of the history of the tower is here too, along with a knowledgeable guide. The view isn't the best in the .. Read more »
David Santamaria
Super. Nice view. Seeing the tower its a must have in Prague but going up it’s just a nice to have, great views indeed. Regarding tickets, I recommend buy it directly in the tower. There is not a big queque and it’s the way to pay just th.. Read more »
Roba Z
Enjoy the lovely view on top of this tower. Contrary to many other places in Prague, this wasn't crowded at all. Not too much to see on the inside apart from the building itself and a few sculptures, however, the view over the city makes visitin.. Read more »
Hsyn Shn
This is one of the 13 gates of the city. It is well know as most visitors walk through this gate towards the old town. You can climb the 186 steps inside the tower to reach the viewing platform at 44m, for views over the Old Town.
Ajay Kumar
The Powder Tower, or Prašná brána, stands as an iconic landmark that welcomes visitors to the historic heart of Prague. This magnificent tower serves as a gateway to the city's past, leaving a lasting impression with its str.. Read more »
Caroline Fawzy
Beautiful views! Nice landings in between stairs to get a little break with some nice pieces to look at. The stairs are very steep so be careful. I wish they had better signage/or more employees as when I went people went into wrong stairwells going.. Read more »
Benjamin Demetz
It's a impressively big tower where you can even drive underneath by car. Unfortunately we were not able to get on top of it, but I'm quite sure you can. And the view from up there must be spectacular
Smiley Videography
A beautiful bridge with views of Prague Castle in the distance if you approach from the direction of the Old Town. It was busy when we visited (mid morning) but not too busy and there was a fantastic live jazz band playing. Recommend trying to visit .. Read more »
Damian Zapart
It's not very crowded but offers nice panoramic view on the city. Staircase is very narrow which makes it even more fun to climb. Tickets are needed but are relatively cheap.
Kirsten Alana Photography
If you’re not very physically fit, parts of this tower might be one of the harder ones to climb in Prague. But the view at the top is worth it, the location is a good one for views over Prague and the architecture of the walkway around the top .. Read more »
Dr. Bahadur Singh FRAI
This tower was unusual as compared to the buildings around it. This looks like more older and didn't had paint, which is understandable as the building is has proper stone finishing outside. I was roaming the city and found many people in sport .. Read more »
Pretty Pretty
From this place in the old city you can usually walk around Prague. Better be free and visit every small streets cause many interesting you can watch. It's looks like small district but you need to have a lot of time to walk here, cause many exc.. Read more »
Etka Güngör
There is great view from the top of of the tower. There are couple of hundreds of steps but it is totally worth to effort. But, if you do not have so much time in Prague, you can skip there. View from the prague castle and from the tower of the chur.. Read more »
Viktor Miljesic
The Power tower is one of the most iconic landmarks in Prague. It has a very unique look. I highly recommend seeing it if you are anywhere near this area. There are also tons of restaurants and cafes in this area that are worth checking out.
Poet Nitin Chopra
Very iconic architecture l, A must visit place ♥️ the view of Prague from up is very beautiful
vishnupriya Pandey
Do visit it at the early bird hours. You get to visit then at half price. The city looks very pretty from up the tower and inside the tower, its restoration story at several floors is very interesting.
Anna Xu
Really neat square. Near the old town and also the quieter streets that have a lot to offer. We walked from the national museum through here to the old town. Lovely walk exploring a beautiful city.
Sourajyoti Datta
Great place to visit at the center of the Prague city. A bit of a climb, but the city scapes are worth it. The nearby square and malls are excellent too. Although, other than views, ther are no exhibitions when I visited, and was pretty empty inside.
Nastja Prodanic
Since I visited The tower of Saints Vito‘s Cathedral and many more viewpoints this tower didn’t have a special view for me. From the outside the tower looks really powerful and it is a place worth seeing. Near the tower is check national .. Read more »
Bourgeoise Curdlesnoot
Amazing view from the top! There are metal plaques that help you recognise all the major buildings of the city. It's so fun to pinpoint them. Great experience. The stairs are narrow so you have to be careful when it's crowded.
sai suneel bondada
Nothing much too be amazed. I mean not a must visit place. But nice to see it. Prague is the most beautiful city
Giannis Michalakopoulos
Beautiful piece of a past era in the town but i don't consider it as a must in your journey (i mean to enter it). You can find high spots around the town and admire the beautiful city of Praha.
Michael Bays
I walked under this tower several times and it was a landmark I used to get around. Then I found out you can go to the top. Highly recommended as you get a 360° view of Prague. It is 150 Kč or roughly $7. Well worth it. Amazing views with plaques.. Read more »
Junshan Liu
I got to visit this landmark of Prague in a quiet afternoon of September. I was the only one at that time. It has a spectacular view to the old town from the top. The entrance is about $5. I wish the exterior of the structure could be cleaned and was.. Read more »
Birgit Hardaway
A must see when you're in Prague. Sit right by the coffee shop next to it or enjoy the shops down the street for some great shopping. You will fall in Love with Prague. The architecture is stunning!
Paul Ciprian
An old tower with beautiful architecture (there is another tower with similar architecture in Prague, the Old Town Bridge Tower). The gate at its base was one of the entry points to the medieval city. The facade is very beautifully decorated. The asc.. Read more »
Saloni Verma
Didn't go in. But it's really unique and pretty from the outside. The view I'm sure would be good.
Rody Figueroa Quijano
One of the best places to have a coffee or a piece of cake in the morning. In the afternoon you could have a fancy dinner and later on, a concert or an opera
Alireza Pandkhahi
here always remind me of the movie The Lord of the Rings , really like this place , always musician play songs here .
Ju st
The entrance is hidden, but the ticket box is finally easy to find. One is inside and the other one below the arch. Stairs are narrow as you would expect. With is nice and worth the fee.
Hoa Moc Lan
Powder Tower (Prašná brána) is on Republic Square, Old Town, Prague 1, Czech Republic. The Powder Tower can trace its origins back to the 11th century, when the original gate tower was one of 13 entrances to Prague's Old To.. Read more »
David Dancey
A darkly beautiful Tower marking the entrance to the Old Town This was the beginning of the Royal Way, where the king would travel up to the castle on the hill to be crowned. It is a beautiful Gothic building.
hebe kuha
Just walk through and have a nice experience. The Powder Tower is one of the original 13 city gates in Old Town, Prague. The tower was intended to be an attractive entrance into the city, instead of a defensive tower. It is one of the original city g.. Read more »
Incongruent Malopropic Pa
The old powder tower of the city. Used to be the city limits, the edge of the wall into the old town. Gorgeous.
Ronald Werner
I visited Prague in 1993 in connection with a mineral show, and find it a marvelous city. The beer was the best I ever had, even better than anything in mGermany.
Ti Nü
Want to see the old weapon exhibition (recommendation of my travel guide). Payed to much money for a nice look over the roof. Tourist nap.!!!!!
Mark Bunker
Amazing city. Warm and full of culture. Architecture is breathtaking. Everywhere is immaculate and clean. Time and great care has been taken to keep this great city at its best.
Marco Fossanova
This is one of the 13 towers of the middle age Prague wall, the first & only one to be built not just effective but attractive too. It was damaged quite heavily during the XVIII & restored one century later. Now it is a must to visit in Pragu.. Read more »
Ayhan Bulut
It is really good historical place. you can smell the history., ...but too crowded
Nina Dibb
Prague is amazing architectural city to visit. I just love Prague at any time of the year.
Barbara Smith
The tower is nice, while u r there check out the municipal house as well and huge shopping centre Palladium - its all on one square so..
Randall Cummings
I enjoyed the insight into the construction of this medeival tower. The view from the top is excellent.
Atanas Doychinov
Terrific gothic-style city entrance gate! It separates the Old town from the newer parts of Prague! It was built for celebrations and ceremonies, but eventually ended up as storage place for arms and ammunition, hence it's name - the Powder Towe.. Read more »
Ervin Rivera
Great atmosphere. From the top of the tower you can see the whole vity of Prague.
Lee Woodhouse
This impressive Gothic Structure is one of the many gates to the Old Town, and today, marks the division between the Old and New part of the city. It is called the Powder Tower because it was used to store the cities gunpowder. Its amazing how it .. Read more »
Van Thu Pham
The view is quite average but it does give you a nice 360 of part of Prague. Pretty steep steps too so please take care when you walk up there. There is little cover when you are up top so take a small umbrella with you when it rain.