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The Palace of students

Dnipro, Ukraine
4.1 / 7
"The Palace of Students" is a venue that is both beautiful and has a great location with ample parking spaces and a large area. However, the interior of the hall is in a terrible state, showing signs of neglect since the days of the Soviet Union. It is evident that nothing has been updated or renovated. This is particularly disappointing for events like dance competitions, as the only suitable hall is small and overcrowded, leaving little room for spectators. On a more positive note, many visitors have had the opportunity to explore and learn about the Potemkin Palace through guided tours. The director and staff are praised for their friendliness and interesting stories. The experience is enhanced by the magical music and the exceptional creativity of the violinist. The suggestion of treating visitors with wine and inviting them to watch a detective performance about Mozart and Solieri is also well-received. The grandeur and strength of the Potemkin Palace make a lasting impression on visitors. The desire to walk along the beautiful steps and explore the estate is strong, despite its eventual collapse. It offers a chance to travel back in time to the days of noblemen and grand balls. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the park and immerse themselves in the beauty of both past and present. Overall, "The Palace of Students" is a perfect place with a pitiful building. Its potential as a good venue for students is evident, but its current state leaves much to be desired.
Address:Shevchenka Square, 1, Dnipro
Phone:+380 56 744 8137



Very beautiful
Great location, lots of parking spaces, large area. It's all. The hall is in a terrible state, everything inside is dilapidated. Nothing has changed since the days of the Soviet Union. For the dance competition, only a small hall approached, whe.. Read more »
They have visited the Potemkin Palace several times. But thanks to the excursion we saw and learned a lot of new things. Many thanks to the director and friendly staff. Interesting stories. Magical music. The violinist is super creative. And how it s.. Read more »
The place of the "Potemkin Palace" is very impressive with its grandeur, its strength .. I would like to walk along the beautiful, but eventually collapse steps into such a beautiful estate .. .... Travel back to those times, times of noble.. Read more »
Perfect place
What a pitiful building
Good place for students