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The Motherland Monument

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.7 / 88
A monumental female statue with a shield and a sword glorifying victory in the Great Patriotic War. The monument is part of a memorial complex dedicated to the history of the Second World War (the official name is the Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II). This is one of the largest expositions in Ukraine. The height of the monument is 102 meters. When creating, it was assumed that the statue would last 150 years and be able to withstand during a major earthquake.
Address:Lavrska Street, 27, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 285 9452



Museum door guards very rude while we were in the lobby desiring if we go or not into the place. We leave and we did not get in. Interesting corner with a Soviet taste.
I enjoyed walking ?‍♂️ around took photo of all War trucks, plane and helicopter. But mostly I liked statue of motherland
Amazing structure, you can also pay like I guess 500 hrivna to go to the top and have a look of kyiv from birds view ? Highly recommended this place if u ever visit kyiv
It's incredibly imposing & it dominates the skyline for some distance to the west of the city. Beneath it is a museum, which I did not have time to enter. There are a number of imposing sculptures, relating to the Soviet struggle in WW2 - i.. Read more »
Highly recommended to visit if you are in Kyiv. Was impressed by modern installation of war, Holocaust and current eastern war. And it costs only 50 uah for adults. Unfortunately, city view place was closed, but anyway spending time there was very go.. Read more »
A must visit place in Kiev, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this place.. A nice and peaceful location to spend your evening.. Children would love to ride the tanks..?
One of the best places i visited in Kiev. It is absolutely amazing. You should definitely visit this place if you are anywhere nearby. There are also museums and WW2 army vehicles on display.
Monumental statue and park around offer great views of Kyev. Whole park is very clean and has breathtaking atmosphere. Everything is so large and you feel how small are you as a human being.
The motherland monument is just massive. And they have a nice military equipment exhibition outside displaying everything from tanks to ballistic missiles. The museum inside the motherland monument is okay. Pretty much everything are in Ukrainian exc.. Read more »
Wonderful World war museum and fantastic monument of Motherland which is 91 Mtr height just half the height of Sardar Vallabh bhai statue in Gujarat India. This is best place in Kyiv every one must visit and enjoy
The flow of the museum is a bit awkward. It zig zags back and forth instead of flowing naturally. My favorite part was the exhibit about the current conflict in eastern Ukraine.
Standing proudly over the Kiev skyline is the 340-foot tall, stainless steel Soviet Mother Motherland statue. Originally intended to be even taller, the sword of the statue was cut because it was higher than the cross of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra - ren.. Read more »
Nice tourist location, it’s explain part of Ukraine history, there is some guns and military vehicles from word war . Ukraine is very beautiful country and the people are very kind, in my opinion the government needs to focus more how to attrac.. Read more »
Really powerful and amazing monument Motherland. The stainless steel statue stands 62 m (203 ft) tall upon the museum main building with the overall structure measuring 102 m (335 ft) including its base and weighing 560 tonnes. The sword in the statu.. Read more »
The most amazing place in Kiev. It's a must visit destination in a traveller's list if he's visiting Kiev. The place is very well built and it displays all the war materials used in World Wars, it's just amazing and can only be fe.. Read more »
Beautiful place for chill and sunset. Short opening hours (summer 2019). Open till 21h at summer will be better for sunsets.
Of course one of unique attraction to visit - Museum underneath of the statue is amazing (WWI + ) you have to visit this museum in my opinion - it look like you can get to the top of statue but as we were late so we didn't go for it. Go and wa.. Read more »
A beautiful place on the hilltop can be visible from many places of city Monument is marvelous piece of craft ?. On its base u can explore war museum dedicated to its soldiers participated in World Wars 1&2 & Russia. Well maintained museum ? .. Read more »
Greatness and power are my first feelings at the sight of this monument. Good platform for launching a quadcopter. It is worth visiting if you are in the capital of Ukraine. Equipment on the street in good condition
Museum at the base of the Monument appeared brand new, head phones were available to hear in English. People were very nice!!!
Very interesting and well thought museum.
Quite big park with awesome outlook at Kiev and Paton bridge over Dnipro. You can find here old military equipment here like tanks, helicopters, planes of the time USSR. Also visit "Song field" at late spring, lots of flowers will be there.. Read more »
Great place to visit. It has huge area around it, good for photos and relaxing. Also it's one of the points on the amazing bike route.
You can pay and take a trip up the statue and go on the viewing platform with some stunning views. To go all the way up the top there are some very narrow ladders so be prepared, they do confirm with you at the bottom that you are fit and capable of .. Read more »
Huge (23rd tallest statue in the world) monument overlooking Kiev. Great views across the city from the area. It's part of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. I didn't visit the museum itself, was short on time, but there are plenty of e.. Read more »
"A GREAT DAY OUT" You can easily spend a good few hours walking around here, Looking at the huge selection of military hardware, statues and monuments. Best of all it's free 😱😱😱 You can pay for a ticket to go inside and behind the b.. Read more »
Very cool place. Very somber. The museum and monument are done perfectly, impeccable, lots of extremely interesting facts and items from WW2, all the way up to the conflict in Crimea. This is definitely a worthwhile stop. You must go to the top of th.. Read more »