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The Moscow Kremlin

Moscow, Russia
4.2 / 98
The red towers of the Kremlin, crowned with stars, are an established brand, a symbol of Moscow. Since the 12th century, the Kremlin has served as a defensive structure, over the centuries it has been repeatedly burned and rebuilt.
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The most beautiful and historical part of my city
Vinutha Goutham
A Glimpse into Russian History and Architecture The Kremlin Architectural Complex beside Red Square, and it was an unforgettable experience. The entrance, conveniently located near the State History Museum, made it easy to access the treasures within.. Read more »
Steve Richardson
Amazing, a must see place. Have a tour that takes in the Cathedrals and the Treasury museum, spectacular. Finish it off by visiting Red Square in the evening, with everything lit up. Update Sep 2023 - that review didn't age very well!! 😲 Maybe .. Read more »
amira amer
Many people didn’t know how to enter it’s actually on the main road ; you can ask people for direction and they can advise . It’s 1300 for adults and kids 650- it takes you in the borders of the kremlin ; many historical cathedrals .. Read more »
Amira Fayez
Many magnificent cathedral and only one weapon museum .
nathan levin
If you wish to enter into the mausoleum, you'll have to endure the queue, especially at this summer period. The park benches are quite welcome for the tired tourist. Also no photography is permitted within Lenin's mausoleum,as a mark of res.. Read more »
Raghav Bansal
While you take a stroll here you see the spectacular walls and buildings of the Kremlin. It is an empowering feeling while you are here. This place is full of history dating back many decades. The square is full of people walking & clicking pictu.. Read more »
Mahmoud AlAli محمود العلي
Don’t miss this tour even if you are not a fan of museums .. believe me it worth it , don’t forget your ID to inter . I think it’s one of the best things you can do it in Moscow
tejas kotwal
Must visit. 3 things to see- the bridge while entering the Kremlin, cathedral square, go up the tower, and armoury. If short on money skip the armoury. Washroom is free inside. Small snacks available. They are strict about closing times.
Edith Reynoso
It looks sick! Looks awesome! It looks so cool! I hope some Russians know how to speak English or at least to understand it cz I'm looking forward to maybe one day visit this cool looking place.
Charlie Tink
absolutely spectacular, also when did they flag change from red and yellow to blue white and red. anyway, Hope Vladimir is doing well. Have a great day.
Igor Bogush
Absolutely beautiful, especially for someone like myself who was originally born in Moscow. It was raining but that let me take beautiful people-less shots! Highly recommend buying the full access pass, but only if you like Russian history. The cat.. Read more »
Hayel Khojah
What a lovely and beautiful place. Full of historic churches, heritage, and nice landscapes. A must visit destination along with Red Square
ariya Radan
Moscow Kremlin Square One of the most beautiful squares in the world Very majestic and glorious A combination of the past history of the Russian Empire and the new generation and the beautiful church that characterizes this magnificent Pegah In this .. Read more »
Ojo Emmanuel
This is a place whoever visit we never forget in life. The symbolic monument of Russia is must see for everyone who come to Russia. Here is the Kremlin, the saint Basilica and Gum mall and other historic Places. It is always a lively place where tho.. Read more »
Ojo Emmanuel
This is a place whoever visit we never forget in in life. The symbolic monument of Russia is must see for everyone who come to Russia. Here is the Kremlin, the saint Basilica and Gum and other historic Places. It is always a lively place with thousan.. Read more »
epic man
Wow! This place was so great! I love it so much! I'm not being held at gunpoint right now! Wow, I sure do love this!
Really too good example of Russian architecture... It gives us a essence of how rich the Russian architecture is... Very fine carvings in the wall of the building... Many national events are held here periodically.... Vlamidir Putin also comes here o.. Read more »
Robert Evans
This is a very important landmark and historical location used by the Russian government. My favourite period is the Soviet era which presented a country as a world superpower and was led for 29 years by Stalin, which was both praised and criticized... Read more »
Kavan Luke
Absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've been to! I love Russia so much! I came to visit family and I traveled to multiple cities. This was one of my favorite! Definitely will go again!
Aim_Pratch Excursion
Kremlin Moscow is so great. Located opposite GUM department store and easier to walk in the palace just buy ticket a few minute. Important palace.
Gandharva S Murthy
This historic fortress is a symbol of Russia. Currently there are cathedrals inside it and it also houses the president. The armoury chamber here is a must visit for which you have to buy a separate ticket which costs around 700ruble
MaryAnn Pallitto-Warnick
Like ice cream castles in the sky so beautiful ? ?♾?♾?????✅. ?? Thank you for your help and love ?. FYI: please greet our newest club members FBI, CIA and KGB no one keeps baby in a corner! DOWN with the billionaire boys club millionaires next ?✅.. Read more »
Vasilis K.
I guess visiting Moscow without visiting the Kremlin makes no sense. A must see! The churches in the Cathedral Square are unique monuments. Don't forget to see the Tsar's Canon and the Bell! Get your camera ready for LOTS of photos. The tic.. Read more »
Emma Louise
One of the must seen places in Russia. Its beautiful here any time of the year. However i was amazed by its beauty on winter at new year
Giorgia Pgg
Worth the long queue and the quite pricey ticket (extra charge to see the diamond caveau),it is an immersive experience through Russia's history and art . You can admire clothes,transports,objects and armours and learn a lot through the descript.. Read more »
Jeet Gujar
The Kremlin sits on Borovitsky Hill, rising above the Moscow River in the center of the city. Its first white-stone walls and towers went up in 1367-68, and a rebuild little more than a century later employed skilled artists and architects from acros.. Read more »
Noah Keenan
United forever in friendship and labor, Our mighty republics will ever endure. The Great Soviet Union will live through the ages. The dream of a people their fortress secure. Long live our Soviet motherland, Built by the people's mighty hand. L.. Read more »
Dominic Lee
One of the must sees of Moscow - lots of history and good views of the city. Good museums contained within too, worth paying for all.
Manorish Gupte
I have never ever experience such an amazing place till now my whole life you have to visit the Kremlin Square if possible once in your lifetime it should & must be a part of your bucket list. It is so peaceful once you have seen & felt this .. Read more »
Hamid Saifi
This place is always filled with people Perfect touristic place. It has its beauty in winter it's breath taking In summers it's so much beautiful In evenings dark blue sky and red walls around Black grey road. Makes it the most beautiful lo.. Read more »
Anastasia Zelenin
Beautiful place with a rich history, energized atmosphere, and incredible architecture. Highly recommend the tour of the inside of the Kremlin, where you can visit cathedrals dating back to the 13th century. Great place to be anytime during the day, .. Read more »
David Zambrano
A place full of history, the churches, and gardens are well worth the visit. Its impressive how this place is so well maintained. You can see the cannons left behind by Napoleon. You can also see iconic buildings from Russia's history although t.. Read more »