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The Magic Fountain

Barcelona, Spain
4.7 / 89
The color music fountain in the square in front of the National Palace, which is located on Mount Montjuic. The fountain was built in 1929 for the World Exhibition, renovated and updated in 1992 in preparation for the Olympics. The lighting system of the structure (about 5,000 light sources in 3,600 water flows) creates interesting visual illusions during operation, which is why the fountain was nicknamed “magic”.
Address:Plaça de Carles Buïgas, Barcelona



The magic fountain is something much recommended to everyone. I didn’t have much expectation, but it surprised me how thorough it all was and how beautiful it looks. Remember to not stand next to it if you want the best views, go further up.
What an amazing view. Sad that the fountains were under construction and I couldn’t experience them. Overall a nice walk up and a beautiful spot to experience a sunset
Although there was no water due to the drought it was still incredibly amazing to see & walk around. Definitely recommend. Be prepared for lots of stairs!
The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc truly exceeded my personal expectations. Its captivating water and light displays were absolutely mesmerizing. The synchronization with music created a magical atmosphere, leaving me in awe. The way the fountain sh.. Read more »
The view from both bottom and top was breath taking. Could get a very nice view of the city. Unfortunately could not see the fountain show because the Fountain was temporary closed. But definitely worth visiting especially when it gets dark in the ev.. Read more »
A fun thing to do at night. The kids enjoyed and there was even very entertaining street performers there that kept everyone entertained until the fountain show started. It's recommended to arrive well in advance of the start of the show in or.. Read more »
Lovely place and a must visit one to everyone who comes to the city; the views are amazing and the atmosphere it’s magical. And if you have the luck that the fountain lights are on, this became brilliant
This is highly worth the visit to see the music and fountain. It starts approximately 8pm and finishes at 10 pm. You can get here easily by Metro, taxi or bus. I would highly recommend watching this for international travellers visiting Barcelona. Th.. Read more »
Very beautiful! Amazing water fountains and lights with music that plays! Different songs played during the whole show! A must see during the day and at night! A lot of people in the crowds, though many spots to get a view, go in earlier for front ro.. Read more »
Great fountain show with music and colored lights along with other cascading fountains - an hour long show from 9:30pm to 10:30pm, until end of Sept - much better than the Bellagio in Las Vegas or the one in Dubai
Water show taking place in Barcelona. Night lighting is also very successful. That view is mesmerizing. At the same time, the waters dance according to the sound of music. It is possible to come across concerts and events from time to time around.. Read more »
Lovely area to walk around and take photos during the day. Recommend seeing the water show but get there early and get close so you can hear the music! It goes on for about 20 minutes, different songs and displays.
Brilliant experience. Try to get there 20 minutes early so we can get a good spot. The fountain is fantastic and the music is varied. There is security there to help with crowd control so I would recommend it to young adults as well as families. The.. Read more »
Absolutely out of this world!Unlike anything I have ever seen. Brilliant choreography, starting with Barcelona by Freddy Mercury. Show is superb and will definitely go again. For those who haven't been, photographs will not display all. You have.. Read more »
It is really beautiful and definitely recommend to see when in Barcelona. Unless you’ve already seen enough of this. Mind you it closes at 10pm Prompt. It gets quite crowded but there’s definitely a place to stand or watch. I was there a.. Read more »
This was very beautiful and easily accessible. The fountains weren't running for some reason, so I was disappointed, but it was a good time regardless. At the top I recommend sitting on the steps and having a drink. I found it very relaxing and .. Read more »
You should definitely come here. It’s the best fountain show I’ve ever seen. From Thursday to Saturday at 9 o’clock. I suggest you should come earlier to find a good place.The first 5 minutes is the essence of the whole show. Don&rs.. Read more »
Don't miss it. Check the fountain working time online to make sure go there when the fountain is working. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it works from 13 to 15 and from 21 to 22h ( this schedule is for April) to make sure you go the correct time.. Read more »
The view from the top was breath taking. Could get a very nice view of the city. Unfortunately could not see the fountain show. But definitely worth visiting especially when it gets dark in the evening!
Fantastic place. Wonderful fountains. Escalators for going up part of the way. Very dramatic looking buildings etc. All free outside too. Great photo opportunities. Get off the metro at Catalunya.
Beautiful fountain. Great to go at sunset..... were there in December so able to see the colors changing in the waters mixed in with the colors of the sky. Because of Covid hours of operation is shortened and they didn't bother to open up all of.. Read more »
Great place for a stroll and a workout climbing all the stairs. The rewards are worth it because the views you get are wonderful. Beautiful grounds and relaxing atmosphere takes you out of the bustling hive of activity that's is Barcelona. It .. Read more »
This show is a program that should not be missed during a visit to Barcelona! Dance of water and light! The show starts at about 9 pm and lasts for about an hour and a half. If you want to find a seat, you should come here at least an hour earlier. B.. Read more »
This is definitely something you do not want to skip! Start time was around 9pm, ending by 10:30pm. There are places to sit, but you need to be there early to get a seat. There are lots of stairs and grass areas to sit down. The colors in the night s.. Read more »
Beautiful spot. Wide plaza surrounds the fountain with a sweeping set of steps up to a gorgeous building above. Well worth a visit. Great place to sit and watch the world go by.
Visited today which is Easter Sunday and the fountain and waterfalls are worth visiting and it's all free. It was quite busy with people but still plenty of space to move around and you wouldn't think that you were in the heart of Barcelona.. Read more »
Worth a visit if you’re in Barcelona. Lovely architecture of the fountain and excellent view once you get to the top floor from museum. If you like to take photos for Instagram you will have a wide selection to choose from. Nice place to have a.. Read more »
Beautiful place to visit. It presents to the visitor some peace and calm in the middle of the busy city of Barcelona. It has a lot of walking paths and you can feel like being outside the city
I love the Magic Fountain and I miss the colorful night shows we were used to before Covid-19.
Great views of Barcelona and what an impressive setting. Worth an evening visit to experience the creative mixture of water, light and music. Check the exact times so that you get to see the show, not just the fountains.
This is the vest place ever Where you can come with your family and friends and enjoy the magic of this fountain. Offering a wonderful show with lights and water and lovely music.
Check the timings online for the fountain before visiting.
A spectacular show! Great atmosphere...however very poor sound quality
Nice place to have a view of most of the city from this elevated location which gets equally complimented with a park and stepped water stream, filling the fountain with water.
I cannot write whole my experience here. It's beyond words. You should go there and experience it. Magic fountain is nothing compared to Dubai fountain. But it's different and love it.
Just one word: amazing! A must see in Barcelona. Music, water and light. .. and a lot of people also - but that's Barcelona
A very beautiful show, which attracts a large number of tourists, it is better to come early to take comfortable seats and enjoy the view. But don't forget to ask stuff in what time fountain starts sing... I was here with my parents and sister .. Read more »