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The Cloth Hall

Krakow, Poland
4.8 / 104
“Cloth Hall” is a shopping gallery that appeared under King Boleslav V. Over the next centuries, the complex was rebuilt several times, overgrown with decorative elements, loggias, arches and columns. The building acquired its modern look at the end of the 19th century.
Address:Rynek Główny 1/3, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 433 54 00



Nagham El Rais
A landmark in the middle of the main square in krakow which hold an internal market of art fact and jewelry for souvenirs. Upper floors hold an exhibition of paintings 🖼️ and sculpture .. and there is a museum of underground at the end of it.
Ashlyn Armstrong
The Cloth Hall is right in the middle of Krakow old town square. A walk way in the middle to the open end at the other side with stalls lining each side. A lot of the stalls are hand made items which makes them quiet unique. It’s super clean an.. Read more »
Robert Chomicz
The cloth hall is one of the most recognizable structures in Krakow, and one of the more recognizable ones in all of Poland. It is worth visiting just for that. It is, simply put: an icon. It is also home to 3 restaurants, 2 coffee shops, 2 museums, .. Read more »
The Sukiennice is one of the city's symbols. It has existed since the 13th century, but initially looked completely different. Still you can buy some things there, mostly souvenirs.
Mate Auck
The Kraków Cloth Hall dates to the Renaissance and is one of the city's most recognizable icons. It is the central feature of the main market square in the Kraków Old Town (the historic center of Kraków), which since 1978 ha.. Read more »
The Simple Travels
A very important part of the square and very historic. Take time to visit the underground tour to see even this historical side of it. From end-to-end, there are plenty of shops to get souvenirs from. They range from the mass produced trinkets to ha.. Read more »
Beth K
Beautiful building with a great indoor market selling all kinds of souvenirs: from woodworking to pottery. Definitely worth a visit when visiting Krakow. I challenge you to leave without buying something!
Rafał Saadé
This is a must see when you visit Kraków, no matter how many times you have been, you will always notice something new when you visit again. If you need to buy souvenirs or gifts for family and friends, I recommend this place, Sukiennice, as i.. Read more »
Angus Thornborough
Really beautiful market hall that is open all week round until late. There are a variety of stalls including glassware, jewellery, magnets, toys, souveneirs and wooden items. It was a little bare in the morning so it's best to wait until mid aft.. Read more »
Our World Around
Kraków Cloth Hall is the most important and colourful place in the city ! It also has rich and deep history... Here you can buy almost everything - from sweets to jewelry. Despite of being so small in comparison to modern Krakow shopping cente.. Read more »
Daniel wonderley
Lovely place right in the main square follow the crowds to the vanilla colour arch. Outside these several shops selling toys. But inside these markets selling Russian dolls wooden trinket boxes and these history inside with plaques dating from centur.. Read more »
Mikhail Preobrazenskij
It’s pleasant to have a walk here, there are many restaurants, shops and historical buildings. The surrounding area was very lively and there was a free breakdance show.
Catherine Pennington
Fun to walk around and see all the tourist trinkets on sale. The Cloth Hall has a very long history and displays the crests of many Polish cities. Definitely worth a visit.
Interesting mix of various styles presenting work of different artists. Overall, the museum is small. Tickets are available and can be used to enter few museum locations in Krakow. There is terrasse where you can enjoy ice cream.
Garrett Fagnou
Beautiful market in the middle of the square. Today you will find more tourist souvenirs then cloth. Definitely worth a walk through.
G. Dunn
I went here years before googole was invented. Krakow is a beautiful city. This building is no exception,stunning arcitecture, lovely shops inside with quality items and gifts. Any one who has not been to Poland SHOULD...sometimes overlooked.l been 4.. Read more »
Robert Chomicz
The cloth hall is one of the most recognizable structures in Krakow, and one of the more recognizable ones in all of Poland, it is worth visiting just for that. It is, simply put: an icon. It is also home to 3 restaurants, 2 coffee shops, 2 museums, .. Read more »
Jeff Busby
So much fun to walk around and buy souvenirs at. And a lot of food places to eat at and all the food tastes good.
Lee D
Meh. Beautiful building filled with touristy items. You can get better memories elsewhere. That said the plaza is well worth the trip. Find a table, get a beer and watch the hordes go by!
Robert Chomicz
The cloth hall is probably the most recognizable structure in Krakow and one of the more recognizable ones in all of Poland, it is worth visiting just for that. It is, simply put: an icon. It is also home to 3 restaurants, 2 coffee shops, 2 museums, .. Read more »
Jodie Byrne- Withey
There are so many options for unique souvenirs going down both sides of the hall. Lots of Amber jewellery, teddies, magnets and loads more. Really nice to walk through and the building is absolutely beautiful.
Aaron M
Special historical place in the centre of Krakow...woman selling rosaries was wonderful and very kind. Good workers here.
Sin Fong Chan
The Cloth Hall in the Old Town of Krakow Visited on 27/9/2019 A cloth hall or linen hall is a historic building located in the centre of the main marketplace of a European town. The Kraków Cloth Hall or Sukiennice dates to the Renaissance an.. Read more »
Marcin Krupski
The Cloth Hall was one of the most important institutions of the city, for it was where trade was concentrated. The original Cloth Hall, built in the 13th century when Kraków received its city charter, consisted of two rows of stone stalls for.. Read more »
Douglas Quinnell
A gorgeous historic building in Krakow, still in use today. Little stalls inside selling lots of different things. Even better is the trip underneath to see the history that lies beneath the main square.
Jim Ta
Great little market with affordable prices if you want to buy a souvenir to take home ! The place is also beautiful and all around with more little shops ! A must do in Krakow
Raddad Aljohani
It is an amazing place that I have been visited. Everything there attracts your eyes. The atmosphere is great, and I really recommend people to visit it.
alicorn 772
There are crests of all the state flags of Poland above the souvenir stalls. The stalls themselves sell amber and beaded jewelry. All sorts of music boxes, I remember seeing harry potter and star wars theme, as well as the classics by Beethoven. Ther.. Read more »
Philippe Damoiseaux
Great place for souvenirs. I ended up buying a snow globe for 2 euros which is a good price. It is also nice to know the history behind the building!
Valerie Williams
A brilliant place i think i went in every shop and then and around the cloth market some fantastic things to buy, amazing. And then we went to the underground Museum, i read so much about yr history which was very good i loved it here
Lynn George
Not just the Cloth Hall but the whole of Krakow has to be seen to be believed at Christmas even down to the salt mines. It may be cold but the people are lovely, very helpful. You want to see a beautiful Christmas market this is the place to go.
Bardh Lipa
Although the visit there took around 15-20 minutes, it was certainly very enjoyable.
Kuba “Scarface” Qiu
The building is a beautiful piece of architecture and a must see in Kraków. The stuff inside, though, is a mixed bag You can find beautiful amber, some local goods but also cheap Chinese stuff.
Tymoteusz Bieszczanin
A lovely market place with a lot of local goods and souvenirs. If you're an amber enthusiast, it's a place for you. Sukiennice (The Cloth Hall) in general is a beautiful building with a lot of eye-catching features, which include Coats of A.. Read more »
mat and
nice central location, +clean +architectural buildings +lots of nice places to shop, souvenirs or grab something to eat +a lot of small merchants have POS -it can get crowded
Vadym Polishchuk
A comfortable and beautiful place. Guests of Krakow will find here original souvenirs from different parts of Poland.
Denisa Ungureanu
Cool place to buy souvenirs or just walk around and see what the vendors have on display. Tip: look up, it’s pretty.
Centerpiece of the stunning public square in Kraków. Beautifully structure, lots of interesting trinkets and souvenirs to purchase inside of it. A must visit.
Frederike Schneider
I thought you could buy towels here but it was more commercial than traditional. Definitely, you should to be there.
Susie Clark
Lots of lovely items. Many similar stalls. Be careful of the prices as you can get stalls with exactly the same item and it be up to £20 difference. Have a good look round.
Fakhar Abbas
Had an amazing experience. Great building once you will enter market it will take you back in time. Many many shops inside you can buy different kind of stuff. The night view of building is just incredible. It looks more beautiful in night. Lots of r.. Read more »