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The Centre Pompidou

Paris, France
4.6 / 109
A popular museum of modern art, built in 1977 by the French president J.Pompidou. It is a symbol of modernization and renewal of France. The original building design was proposed by the authors R. Rogers and R. Piano. The construction is unusual in that all engineering communications are brought out, and inside the maximum space is used for various expositions.
Address:Place Georges-Pompidou, Paris
Phone:+33 1 44 78 12 33



We had tickets, but still had to stand in line for the best part of an hour. And then again for the lockers which were all occupied when we came, and for the toilets too. The art is amazing, and the building is quirky, but it needs improvements regar.. Read more »
The Centre Pompidou is a great place to visit. It took a bit of time getting inside the place, but when you managed your way in, it's an amazing place. The entrance is like a big hall where you can go to the individual exhibitions. Some are free.. Read more »
There’s really not much one can say in a negative way about the Centre Pompidou. This is an exceptional piece of architecture was an exceptional collection of modern art. We did not have any difficulty gaining access to the museum, purchasing .. Read more »
If you like art then this is a great place to go. Open eyes and mind to some of the material on display but the overall experience on all the different floors is excellent. Love the escalator up the side and enjoyed all the art on display. Definitely.. Read more »
Amazing place, building is beautiful and has so many things inside, art gallery, museum, library, cafe, restaurants, shop, cinema. So much fun to go up the glass tube escalators. Parts of it free. Best of all are the two roof terraces with wonderful.. Read more »
Nice museum with 2 floors of permanent collections. It's free if you're under 25 and there is a nice rooftop terrace with a great view of the eifel tower. One of my favourite museums and a definite recommendation!
We had une bonne visite, but the art is slightly too modern and abstract for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, the amount of art is hugely impressive and there are some really good exhibits. Definitely worth a visit if you are into modern art.
fantastic center and fantastic Art! recommended by a friend, we had to check it out. Because of my disability, I had free access to all the exhibitions (free companion ticket if needed). The rainbow exhibition (August 2023) was stunning and just amaz.. Read more »
This museum of modern art is fantastic. It houses well known artists work, over several levels. The building itself is a work of art, with amazing views across Paris. There are a couple of shops and a café. I would like to come back soon.
If you like modern art, you’ll love this place. Their modern and contemporary arts collections were exceptional and captivating. The architecture was a cool addition, but wasn’t too remarkable. The view from the 5 and 6 floors was great a.. Read more »
We only visited the restaurant on the top floor because we have been in the art section before. The nice thing is you can go all the way to the top and to the restaurant without paying any entrance fee. It's fun to ride the escalators on the out.. Read more »
I always enjoy going to the Centre Pompidou. I love, love, love the art! They have an excellent permanent collection, and the Alice Neel exhibit was great. A must see! Make sure you buy tickets ahead of time. The lines can be insanely long. They also.. Read more »
Visited it twice for one week. Loved it! Good value for the money and it’s working till late (compared to other museums!). Plus - the view is gorgeous in the evening. My strategy was to visit other museums and after they close - to visit Pompid.. Read more »
So, if you like modern art, cubism, abstract art or anything that is different from old classical art, it's worth going. I like it, so I went. Many works of very good quality, be prepared for at least two or three hours to visit in a building wi.. Read more »
I loved it! If you like contemporary art and art of the XX century it's the place you shouldn't miss. I recommend buying tickets online to avoid waiting in line. The place is spacious and even there is a crowd it is not too overwhelming and.. Read more »
Summer days the outer stairs are hot and airless. Feels like a rat cage. The exhibition rooms are airconditioned. The top view is stunning: you can see all the major landmarks of Paris.
Ideal Outing to be vidited alone with friends or family for kids sections . U can stroll through the rooms see some art works , through time and across different countries. This hype new museum is Always full of beautiful surprises like the artisti.. Read more »
This is a perfect place to go for artists. The museum from the outside and inside is just amazing. The visit of the museum changed my point of view on art and is very inspiring. You can observe the efforts of the artists because of the many details. .. Read more »
That’s what a great organized art institution is! Loved it form the beginning till the very end. A lot of space so you don’t really feel the crowd, well thought through exhibitions that take you into the journey of exploring modern art. I.. Read more »
Only went in for the viewing gallery, but it's free and the view is great! Really chilled atmosphere, although it was a Monday. Probably be a little hell over the weekend. I'm sure the art and museum are also very good.
Very interesting museum but some parts were past interesting and more creepy. Contemporary art can go in many ways and is always changing which makes this museum always interesting but also difficult at times to understand. Worth the visit and only.. Read more »
One fantastic place to visit. The exhibitions are great on their own, but the building is breathtaking even after all these years. The tubed external escalators are great to see from the outside and a fairground attraction to go up! And the surroundi.. Read more »
I absolutely loved this museum and all of the Picasso work that they held! There are multiple floors with multiple pieces of art and you could spend a couple hours in here. They do have a theater, a kids area playground, and I believe a restaurant, b.. Read more »
Got in for free as I'm under 25 and I'm pretty glad. There's plenty to see and enough variation. The extra exhibits are at the very top and then you work your way downwards for 2 floors of the general museum. The second to top floor is.. Read more »
Great museum, terrible website and ticketing system that is unnecessarily confusing. If you buy for any expo, gives you right to the rest of the museum - that is not explained or clear. Also, website changes the date, so careful when paying. It'.. Read more »
Several floors, different changing exhibitions, modern art. Amazing views from the top. I think you can go there without the museum. It's simply breathtaking
Lovely Museum, one of my personal favourites in Paris. Great for anyone who’s in love with modern art. Even if you are not, the vast collection will surely provide with great insights in the world of art in the past century more generally. More.. Read more »
Definitely worth the visit! Take your time because the museum is really big and it takes at least 3 hours to go through all of it. The cloak room is quick and convenient, with no queues whatsoever, I really appreciated it. The views at the top of the.. Read more »
Fantastic art gallery in a really cool building with amazing views over the city from the top floor. The modern art collection is great, but the contemporary galleries is where it really shines. I loved the Dada exhibition. Nice cafe which could do w.. Read more »
A classic for modern/contemporary art lovers when in Paris. They have master exhibitions several times a year, really of excellent quality. The Georgia O’Keefe was excellent. If you can, book a guided tour (French, English, maybe more languages.. Read more »
Really cool spot! Less famous than the Louvre, but I enjoyed it every bit as much. The modern art can be a little hit or miss, but I loved seeing the evolution from early 20th century — contemporary present. And some of the art was really cool .. Read more »
I visited this place several times. It is quite big, so you need to cut your visit on 2 or 3 days or spend the all day there! Place is great and modern. I love the modern style of the inside. There is a small shop and a café on the ground floo.. Read more »
Good collection for contemporary art lovers and nice building both from inside and outside. It was closing at 10 PM, so I could walk around almost every floor. Outside of the building there are some shows at evening: worth watching!!! One of the mos.. Read more »
Great place, wonderful view and extraordinary exhibitions, probably one of the most impressive collections of our time. But please, what is wrong with your staff? Really, what is wrong with them? If it is their job to encourage visitors to go away an.. Read more »
Wonderful art museum. Great works. Different galleries on different levels - loved it. For me personally, one day is not enough. There is soo much to see. And the view over the rooftops of Paris is wonderful.
A very important place to see if you haven’t yet. Inside you have access to a museum and several exhibitions, shows and concerts, but also The Kandinsky library. You can find a place to eat inside and buy souvenirs. The diversity of what the Po.. Read more »
The museum is open for free to those who are below 26. And in the heat of the summer it's a nice stop to cool down. They have a vast permanent collection of various contemporary art movements.
My friend and I had a great experience exploring Centre Pompidou on one of our layovers in Paris. Definitely worth the trek! She had been before and was sure that I would love it as well. I'm an artist and try to visit as many museums as I can a.. Read more »
Amazing contemporary art museum, with an equally futuristic architecture to match. Great views of the Eiffel Tower at their top floor. Don’t forget to visit Atelier Brancusi next door from 2:00 to 6:00pm.
This is a classic modern museum that involves the visitors and world community with the art collection. It's worth spending a few day here. The plaza on the west side provides playful interaction with fountains and sculpture.
A masterpiece created by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano. The museum has a wide collection of world class modern and contemporary art. All the art work was curated in chronological order which helps visitors to navigate. They also have a very impressi.. Read more »
A perfect example of how a Modern Art Museum should be. Starting from the building itself, everything you see inside and out is very artistic and beautiful. No long-lines, and the view from the outside stairs is amazing.
It was amazing! You know how I complain that in some museum / historic place here in France have their description of ab items all written in french right? But here at the centre pompidou is also written in English so you can understand ever.. Read more »
Great museum for modern and contemporary art. Don't let the external size deter you, because the collection spans "only" on two floors. Pretty unique and iconic pieces, some marked as VIP (in Red). Guided tours offer a glimpse to the m.. Read more »
We somehow overlooked this modern art museum in the past. This time we reserved a full day to walk around. This was one of the best modern art museums we ever visited. Holdings are several times more than any other museum. This is a must see place in.. Read more »
Lots of collection but nothing is impressed me. Need 2hr for visit all.
Interesting place with a lot going on, went there for the exhibition on protestation and loved it!
Excellent place to have a drink with a splendid view on the best monuments of Paris. Service is great and the waitress are very nice. In a nutshell, a must go but be careful on the note... quite expensive.
Best contemporary art museum I’ve ever visited. Gives MoMA a run for its money! You can’t truly understand the grandeur of this place unless you are there yourself. Next time I am in Paris, I will be sure to visit Le Pompidou again. Also,.. Read more »
The Pompidou is a great place to visit as long as you enjoy modern art. I found a lot to enjoy. It’s well laid out and managed, staff helpful and friendly. Lots to enjoy.
In 2010, the Centre Georges Pompidou opened a regional branch, the Centre Pompidou-Metz, in Metz a city 250 kilometres east of Paris. The new museum is part of an effort to expand the display of contemporary arts beyond Paris's large museums. Th.. Read more »
Great museum. Very nice collection of modern art. Wish there was more information on the building itself.
Good collection of art. We showed up in time for our time slot but still had to wait 30min in line. Famous facade is currently under construction (August 2020)
Very extensive and modern collection of art here at the Pompidou. Worth a visit if you like Picasso or Kandinsky etc. Nice gallery space on the top floor, and you can go an sit outside on a bench or a deck chair during your visit. The floor below tha.. Read more »
Loved this bizarre building and extensive art. Annoyingly the small rucksack that everywhere else has been allowed in had to be left in the cloakroom and we were told no water bottles inside. An absence of refill stations isnt acceptable these days e.. Read more »